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S outhern N ew J ersey Hutchinson provided a free energy assessment to identify eligible equipment upgrades Flying Fish Brewing Company taps into Hutchinson for energy-efficient upgrades S ustainability is key at Flying Fish Brewing Company, the largest state-of-the-art in the 1960s,” he said. a comfortable environment at all times.”

running with energy efficient upgrades without any inter- ruptions to their business.” Hutchinson installed two high efficiency heating/AC units and lighting retrofit. Hutchinson also installed a “smart” thermostat, offering separate temperature controls for the “tasting” room which is open on weekends as well as the offices open during the week. Through the program, Direct Install paid 70% of the cost of energy efficiency upgrades. “Beer never rests,” said Gene, “so we need to maintain

Jersey and be served by one of the state’s publicly regulated electric or natural gas utility companies. Businesses not only save up front but will cut costs for years to come through lower utility bills. To l e a r n mo r e a b o u t Hutchinson and its energy ser- vice offerings, contact Dicoor- dinator@hutchbiz.com or call 888-777-4501 to schedule an energy assessment. Hutchin- son’s technicians are factory trained, NATE certified and are on-call 24/7 365 days a year. Visit www.hutchbiz.com for more information. n

Hutchinson, a participating contractor for Direct Install - offered through the NJ Office of Clean Energy - provided a free energy assessment to identify eligible equipment upgrades, including lighting and HVAC. “Our team worked with Gene and his staff through the entire process and recom- mended a plan that met their needs,” said Ed Hutchinson , president, Hutchinson Me- chanical Services. “Our goal is to get our clients up and

“The Direct Install savings was dramatic. Any business that isn’t taking advantage is missing a great opportunity.” Direct Install currently pays up to 70% of the cost of energy efficiency upgrades for busi- nesses and local governments. The program is created spe- cifically for small to mid-sized commercial and industrial facilities with a monthly peak demand of 200 kW or less and up to, and including 25-ton rooftop HVAC units. Build- ings must be located in New

of New Jer- sey ’ s c ra f t breweries. S o wh e n GeneMuller, f o u n d e r and general m a n a g e r , mo v ed h i s b u s i n e s s

Ed Hutchinson

from Cherry Hill to its cur- rent Somerdale location, he turned to Hutchinson Me- chanical Services . “Flying Fish is committed to sustainability - it’s not only good for the environment, but in the long run it’s good business,” said Gene. “We wanted to make the building as sustainable as possible and needed the highest en- ergy efficient program to fit into our initiative. Literally everything in the 44,000 s/f Somerdale building needed to be upgraded,” said Gene. “The HVAC equipment was Volunteer Union Carpenters in NJ reach out to the Visitation Home HAMILTON, NJ —When nonprofit, Hamilton, NJ- based Visitation Home asked Paul Belardo , council repre- sentative for Northeast Re- gional Council of Carpenters Local 254, if they might be able to help with a wrecked deck, he offered a quick an- swer: “We would be happy to take a look. Visitation Home didn’t use the deck because of previous damage, which included a bridge that led to a small prayer area and two ad- ditional decks on the site. “We’re going to complete the decks and the bridge for these wonderful residents who have special challenges,” said Belardo. “My carpenter team only wanted to cre- ate a nice setting for them and give them access to the prayer area. When we’re done, they’ll have more pleas- ant surroundings.” Union Carpenters fromThe Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters Local 254 in New Jersey went “Beyond Projects,” donating their time and talents by giving up their weekends to build the Visita- tion Home. n

“The Direct Install savings was dramatic. Any business that isn’t taking advantage is missing a great opportunity.” Gene Muller Founder, Flying Fish Brewing Company

Upgrade to energy efficiency with Direct Install and New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ will pay 70% of the cost.

Direct Install is brought to you by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

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