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Hiranandani Schools Hiranandani chain of schools is an institution by itself that has been an epitome of Quality schools aiming at quality education. They have always valued their commitment towards the community.

Hiranandani Schools are the future of the community, where future begins with learning and every student who is a learner, thrives to become an achiever.

Providing quality education within its community is a long standing commitment for any Hiranandani township. Hiranandani Schools have carved a niche for themselves and in doing so, have guided scores of students into the world of academia and achievement. Hiranandani Trust School, Panvel (HTS)

A Co - Educational School

Welcome to the Hiranandani Trust School at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel.

The school is designed for the students from pre school to higher schooling.

Our Founder & Our Trustee

Dr Niranjan Hiranandani Chairman, Hiranandani Trust Trustee, Hiranandani Trust School, Panvel

Late Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Our Founding Father

Through the chain of Hiranandani Schools it was our Founder Late Dr. L. H. Hiranandani’s dream to give the children the childhood that they deserved and thus give back to the society the chance for a complete life. Continuing his dream, Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, the Chairman of the Hiranandani Trust, aims at amalgamating the best of east and west, to deliver quality education and thus contribute to the society by providing the best education. Through Hiranandani Trust School at Panvel, he aims to nurture responsible citizens who will be making a positive contribution towards the society. As a trustee he also aims at providing access to knowledge that will empower and motivate the students. The students’ ultimate realization will be that the curriculum is only a tool to be used to achieve greater knowledge.

Our Founder Late Dr. L. H. Hiranandani had a dream to make a better tomorrow by providing the children with the childhood that they deserve and thus giving back to the society the chance for a complete life. To quote his vision, ‘‘We want our children to be constantly growing and the Hiranandani institutions shall make each child soar to new heights and we will set the benchmark of giving the best education to make our children excel”. His vision was: To quote Late Dr. L. H. Hiranandani, ‘‘We want our children to be constantly growing and the Hiranandani institutions shall make each child soar to new heights and we will set the benchmark of giving the best education to make our children excel”.


Together we learn and make a dierence

To create curious learners as responsible citizens, who in turn make a positive contribution towards the society. Vision To create a better future for all the children, by making learning a fun lled activity, thus developing curiosity through holistic, value - based, quality education that create leaders who have the capacity to translate the vision of, ‘contributing towards the society’, into reality. Mission


The objectives of Hiranandani Trust School are as follows:

To oer ICSE curriculum for the children residing in the vicinity and to cater to the learning needs of all the children.

To provide training in sports, music, drama, ensuring holistic development of the children.

To ensure inclusive education to be an integral part of the curriculum planning for the school.

To make learning a fun lled activity, aiming at learning together and making a dierence to the society.

To create a community of life long learners.

To educate children by stimulating their curiosity to learn and to provide equal opportunities to learn for all the children.

Hiramont Preschool of HTS Panvel

Objectives To develop the children as a whole, encouraging verbal skills and fostering service to the community. The whole child develops in an orderly manner by passing through stages of development, which occur in predictable sequential fashion according to his or her physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. To provide experiences in dramatic play, maths, art, science, music, language, pre-reading and pre-writing skills for the holistic development of the child. These experiences nurture and facilitate growth at each stage of a child’s development. To enhance the verbal skills through group discussions and through one-on-one conversations between the teacher and the child and amongst the children in order to develop interest and critical-thinking skills necessary for further learning.


Catch young whet curiosity through play

To evolve an egocentric child into a socio centric human being.

To create curious learners as responsible citizens, who in turn make a positive contribution towards the society. Vision

To emphasize on, play, thought and activity that will create interest in children and this in turn will develop curiosity to learn amongst the children.



Activities and Special Days at HTS (age specific)

ICSE Curriculum (Indian Certicate of Secondary Education)

• Sports Day

Subjects to be studied at the Pre school level:

Subjects to be studied at the Primary level:

• Picnic

• English

• English

• Annual Day

• Mathematics

• Hindi

• Master Chef of the Day

• Dance

• Mathematics

• Fancy Dress

• Environmental Studies

• Environmental Studies

• Parent’s Day

• Art & Craft

• Computer Studies

• Grand Parents’ Day

• Music

• Art

• An Awareness Programme

• Physical Education/Yoga

• Dance

• Talent Show

• General Knowledge

• Music

• Show and Tell Sessions

• Value Education

• Physical Education/Yoga

• Children’s Day

• Karate

• General Knowledge

• Festival Celebrations

• Value Education

• S.U.P.W.

• Karate

• House Games

• Science (Grade II only)

• Competitions

Parent - Teacher meetings will be conducted once in a month initially for better understanding of the children’s progress.

Methodology In pursuing these objectives, the major task and calling of the teacher is to nurture the self-esteem of each child. Through this our students will develop a strong sense of self-worth and will be transformed into a complete person who is ready to tackle any future learning activity.

Multiple Intelligence

Play Way Method Of Teaching

Play-way method of teaching is a means of the subjective and emotional development of the child, that is, development in terms of intellect, skills and feelings. Play-way method is structured on activity-based learning. It encourages creative skills and self-expression. Playing is the predominant factor in this method. The, play-way method is informal, child- centric and one of the best techniques of teaching which helps in the development of cognitive ,aective and psycho-motor domains of the children. In this way, the true aim of teaching is achieved and it is useful for both the teachers and the children.

Sensory Education

Enquiry Based Learning

Curriculum Basis

Learning By Doing

Play Based Learning

Project Based Learning

Chi ld Centric

Yoga Based Learning

Learning by Doing & Activity Based Learning

Enquiry Based Learning and the KWL Chart

KWL charts can be used with students as young as pre schoolers, who use pictures to ll in the boxes. This is a practice for young learners in organizing new information and connecting new learning to prior knowledge.

Students learn better when they are actively engaged in the learning process .

Students will want to know more when they need to know more

You never know what problems will need to be solved

The chart begins with the students explaining what they already know . Then the student continues to explain what they want to learn. Lastly the student explains what they learned .

Give students the space and they will nd the learning

Here is what the KWL chart can look like:

Infrastructure I fr tr t r


Child friendly outdoor and indoor play equipment Child friendly outdoor and indoor play equipment

Clean and hygienic environment Clean and Hygienic environment Child friendly furniture Child friendly furniture Stimulating environment Stimulating environment Air conditioned classrooms Air conditioned classrooms

What we know What we want to know

What we learned

• Evolution occurs very slowly, taking thousands or in extreme cases, hundreds of thousands of years • Yes, humans have greatly aected the process of evolution

• Charles Darwin developed the theory

• Are humans inuencing the process of evolution?

of Evolution and natural selection

• How long does evolution take?

Well equipped library Well equipped library CCTV surveillance CCTV Surveillance

• Organisms come from a common ancestor • Fossils are a part of Evolution • An adaptation or variation in organisms can help them survive and reproduce in the struggle of survival

• How can the evolution of one species aect the evolution of another? • Can humans evolve into a new, separate species?

Transport Facilities Available

Transport facilities available


Documents to be attached are

• Aadhaar copy of the child

Admission Notification

• Child’s original birth certicate

• Two photographs

Admissions are open for the Play Group, Nursery, Jr KG, Sr. KG, Grade I & II classes for the year 2020-21. Hiranandani Trust School gives equal weightage to academic learning, life skill development and individuality of each child.

• Address proof of the parent

• Previous year’s report card

• Parent’s passport size photo

The Admission forms are available at the School Oce Address - Hiranandani Fortune City, Bhokharpada, Taluka - Panvel, District - Raigad, NH-4, Maharashtra - 410206.

The admission will be on the rst come rst serve basis.

Age Criteria

• Play Group, the child should have completed 2 years before 30 th September 2017 • Nursery , the child should have completed 3 years before 30 th September 2016 • For admission to Jr KG, the child should have completed 4 years before 30 th September 2015 • For Sr. KG the child should have completed 5 years before 30 th September 2014 • For Grade 1, the child should have completed 6 years by 30 th September 2013



DOB Before

30 th September 2017

Play Group

2 Years

30 th September 2016


3 Years

30 th September 2015


4 Years

30 th September 2014


5 Years

Grade 1

6 Years

30 th September 2013

The Principal

Principal's Desk We are proud to announce the successful commencement of the Pre School ‘Hiramont’ and the Grade 1 section of Hiranandani Trust School for the academic year 2019-20 at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel. The school has been designed for the students from the Pre Primary to the higher schooling, aiming at providing the learners with stimulating environment that will create interest in them and in turn develop curiosity to learn, thus creating leaders who would be responsible for making positive contribution towards the society. The Education department has given permission to run the school upto the XII grade. The main school building is getting ready on 8 acres of land which will be coming up in due course of time. With every passing year we will be gradually progressing to a full edged Senior Secondary School. Each child encounters the creative space that allows them to experience and discover, which in turn activates their imagination. We share with them the joy of growing and developing their own abilities & capabilities. At HTS, we aim to provide a welcoming and appropriate learning opportunity for all the children. Teachers at HTS Panvel, believe in touching the lives of the students forever, making the child’s world better, above and beyond the call of duty aiming at a partnership with the children in discovery.

Ms. Rupa Choudhury Principal, Hiranandani Trust School, Panvel Considering the vision of the Trustees, the Principal Ms. Rupa Choudhury of Hiranandani Trust School, Panvel aims at making learning a fun-lled activity by stimulating curiosity and interest through play from the formative years of life. i.e. the pre school years and continuing to make learning an interesting activity all throughout a child’s school education. The prime focus will be on ‘Learning by Doing’ and ‘Creating Curiosity and Developing Interest’ in learning by maintaining a symbiotic relationship between the teachers, the parents and the students and hence making a dierence to the society at Hiranandani Trust School, Panvel..

Motto of the Hiranandani Trust School is: Together we learn and make a dierence

For the students the school is their door to the future where they enter to learn and leave to achieve.

Technology based learning modules prepare the students with the required skills to be successful in the modern world.

They are taught to soar towards excellence by getting hooked on to learning not only in academics but in all spheres leading to a holistic development. Keeping in mind that Multiple Intelligence as given by Howard Gardner and not Intelligence Quotient (IQ.) alone is the base of the teaching - learning process.

Here, we understand the race for excellence has no nish line and it is just the place ‘To Be’ for the students.


Hiranandani Trust School announces the commencement of it’s Pre-School ‘Hiramont’, Grade I & II Classes, following the ICSE curriculum from june 2020-21.


Hiranandani Fortune City, Bhokharpada, Taluka - Panvel, District - Raigad, NH-4, Maharashtra - 410206.

To know more:

Call: +91 2192408100 | Email Id: enquiry@htspanvel.com | Web: www.htspanvel.com

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