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JUNE 2020


561.671.5995 | 954.272.6187 | 110 SE 6th Street, Suite 1700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 4440 PGA Blvd., Suite 204 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 AMessage to the Faithful The ‘90s were my formative teenage years. And like many teenagers of any era, music was my life. But in the early ‘90s, something changed. Music as I knew it was turned on its head as grunge moved out of Seattle and swept across the country. I was listening to everything from Nirvana to Pearl Jam. But of all the bands that defined the grunge movement, it was Pearl Jam that had the biggest impact on me. I loved their music, and I was constantly listening to their albums. The band was just one of those things that spoke to me as a teenager. As I got a little older, I graduated from listening to albums in my room to going to concerts. That grew into another passion of mine: seeing my favorite musicians live in concert. It’s just always such an amazing experience to see talented people doing what they do on a stage. It’s like seeing wrestling in person, which I’ve talked about in the past. There is something surreal about it, and of course, it’s always a lot of fun. In college, my friends and I would see Pearl Jam in concert whenever they were touring through the Midwest. If we could make it work, we would be there. Once I moved to Florida, it was a little harder to see Pearl Jam on tour as frequently, but I still got a few concerts in. At last count, I’ve seen Pearl Jam in concert 18 times in 8 different states. This year marks Pearl Jam’s 30th anniversary, and they released a new album, their 11th, entitled “Gigaton.” The album dropped in March, right in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since.

Over the past few months, as we’ve practiced social distancing, I’ve been alone in my office. It’s given me time to really reflect. I’ve been thinking about my 16 years as a sole practitioner, and my clients who continue to call me after all these years. I still have clients reaching out to me who first hired me 16 years ago. Sometimes they call me with a new case, sometimes they call me with a referral, and sometimes they just call to check in. It struck me how faithful they are. On top of that, my law firm has over 85 five-star reviews on Google. These reviews come from a variety of sources, including clients who hired me once, clients who have retained my services, and people who just called me for advice. I appreciate the time they took to leave a review. That’s remarkable to me, but it tells me that I must be doing something right. Going forward, I’ve decided to call our monthly review section “ Messages From the Faithful .” I think that really captures the spirit of these reviews. As I wrap up for this month, I want to thank my faithful for sticking with me throughout the years. Along with my longtime faithful clients, I want to thank my newer clients who more recently discovered us. Please know, that no matter what is going on in Florida, or in the world at large, I’m here to serve each and every one of you.

I bring up Pearl Jam this month not just because I want to share my appreciation of the band, but to likewise share my appreciation of my clients! What do I mean by that? Pearl Jam fans are referred to as “ The Faithful ,” in reference to their song, “ Faithfull .” Similarly, many of my clients represent my “ faithful .”


–Matthew Konecky

P.S. By the time you read this, our new website will have launched. I invite you to check it out and to browse all our resources, from our blog to our many informative articles. I also invite you to check out our new Facebook page at There you will find regular updates on what’s going on in the courts and the community. Look forward to seeing you there!


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Keep Your Brain Young


As we age, our bodies change, including our mental functions. Cognitive decline is one of the biggest fears of aging, but it’s not inevitable. Though we’re still learning new things about how our brains work, there’s a lot of scientific research that shows how to keep your brain young. If you want to keep your mind sharp throughout your lifetime, then follow this advice from Harvard Medical School. 1. Get a good workout. Exercising regularly helps all the muscles and organs in your body, even your brain! A good workout can lower your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levels, which help your brain and your heart. Harvard Health Publishing, a website of Harvard Medical School, also notes

Download these books today ! YOUR LEGAL RESOURCE 3. Stay connected. It’s not enough to focus on yourself. In order to maintain your long-term cognitive health, you should also focus on your connections with other people. According to Harvard Health Publishing, “Strong social ties have been associated with a lower risk of dementia, as well as lower blood pressure and longer life expectancy.” Make new friends, stay in touch with family members, and maintain positive relationships in your life. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is certainly true when it comes to your brain health. Do what you can today to protect your mental functions tomorrow. that “animals who exercise regularly increase the number of tiny blood vessels that bring oxygen-rich blood to the region of the brain that is responsible for thought.” 2. Pay attention to your mental health. Poor mental health can lead to impaired cognitive function. Chronic anxiety, depression, and exhaustion tend to cause low scores on cognitive function tests. But test scores aren’t necessarily a sign of future cognitive decline, and Harvard Health Publishing urges readers to maintain good mental health and get restful sleep, as they are “certainly important goals” for improving cognitive function and overall well-being.


When it comes to the legal process, you may have a lot of questions. Well, I have answers! Right now, I am offering my two resource books for free. ‘My Loved One Has BeenArrested’ The 2nd edition of my 1st book is now available for download. Inside the 2nd edition you will find out what happens after your case, how to remove mugshots, and what to do if you were the one arrested. If you want a physical copy, please contact our office today. ‘What You Must Know About Your DUI Case’ Being convicted of a DUI charge can drastically change your life. Learn what goes into a DUI case and what your first step should be. Head over to today for your FREE downloads!

“I have to say, Matthew is the greatest lawyer and magician I have ever met. He made my case vanish just like Houdini made an elephant disappear into thin air. Highly recommend him for all legal matters. He is my lawyer for life. And a great lawyer is a best friend for life. Thank you for everything your law firm as offered.” –Dino H.



Palm Beach Harvest Provides 1,000 Meals

In March, Palm Beach Harvest was designated as an essential nonprofit organization because they help provide meals for those in the community. Palm Beach Harvest is a food bank but not in the traditional sense. Unlike a typical food bank, they don’t store pantries of food. Instead, they take in more perishable food — food that hasn’t yet hit its expiration date but hasn’t otherwise been sold or consumed. They often get food from stores like Whole Foods and Aldi or restaurants like Olive Garden or Texas Roadhouse, then redistribute it to food banks, churches, and other nonprofits to get the food to those who need it most, including seniors. And in 22 years of operation, this approach of redistributing unsold food has worked like a charm. Recently, their focus has expanded to include those helping to fight the coronavirus pandemic, including first responders, police, firefighters, and health care professionals.

In March, Palm Beach Harvest went into emergency mode and established a community command center. They had one major goal: provide 1,000 meals per day. They connected with several nonprofits in the area to make it happen. The aim was to provide hot meals to those who need them and cannot otherwise get nutritious food, either because they don’t have time — such as first responders — or they don’t have the means, such as the elderly living on fixed incomes and kids who are out of school and previously relied on school lunch programs. Palm Beach Harvest volunteers, like Ricardo Delagarza, are working around the clock to make all of this happen. Delagarza is a full-time volunteer and facilitator, and he’s one of Matthew’s good friends. Delagarza is one of many volunteers who helps pick up and deliver food. He also helped put Palm Beach Harvest’s emergency plan into action and has since gotten food into the hands of countless people in need. If you would like to support Palm Beach Harvest, either by making a donation or volunteering, you can visit their website at or call 561-310-6641. Your support is appreciated!


Cooking With Ashley


If you’re tired of explaining to the meat eaters in your life that you can be vegan and still enjoy tasty bacon-like flavors, let this salad do the talking instead.


• • • • • • • •

1/2 tbsp liquid smoke 1 tbsp maple syrup

• • • • • • •

1/2 cup water

2 tsp agave

5 tbsp soy sauce (or tamari), divided

2 tsp nutritional yeast Salt and pepper, to taste

1 cup coconut flakes 15 oz extra-firm tofu

Lettuce of choice

1/2 cup coconut oil, melted

1/2 cup cherry or sun-dried tomatoes

2–3 cloves garlic

Croutons (optional)

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar



Heat oven to 350 F.

2. To make the “bacon” bits: In a large bowl, combine liquid smoke, maple syrup, and 1 tbsp of soy sauce (or tamari) and completely coat coconut flakes with the mixture. 3. On a prepared baking sheet, spread out the coated coconut flakes in a single layer. 4. Bake for 10–15 minutes or until the flakes are crispy. Let cool. 5. To make the dressing: In a blender, add tofu, coconut oil, garlic, 4 tbsp soy sauce (or tamari), apple cider vinegar, water, agave, nutritional yeast, salt, and pepper. Blend until smooth. 6. In a large bowl, toss the lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, “bacon” bits, and dressing. 7. Serve chilled.

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Harvard’s Tips to Keep Your Brain Young Hear From Our Clients

Getting 1,000 Meals a Day to Our Community Vegan BLT Salad

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3 Enriching Staycation Ideas

Turn Your Vacation Into a Staycation

3 Ways to Replace a Canceled Vacation V acations provide opportunities for families to spend time together in a relaxed environment, get away from the routines of everyday life, and Create a ‘Family Museum’ Many vacations include an educational aspect in order to enrich our understanding of the place we’re visiting, and museums are a great way to accomplish

activities, and history of the area, then create ways to experience them with your family. Cook a traditional meal, recreate a scenic location through photographs, or share a story about local lore and history. Your changed plans will no longer feel like a missed opportunity. Staying at home doesn’t mean your family can’t have the fun of a vacation. All it takes is a little creativity and innovation to build an experience that will bring your family closer together.

create meaningful memories. If you’ve recently had to cancel a trip but still want to create the experience of a vacation for your family, then a staycation is just what you need. TransformYour Backyard When you’re trying to recreate a vacation, the outdoor areas of your home present a variety of possibilities. You can turn a sandbox into a relaxing beach, complete with a kiddie pool “ocean.” If you have trees, then set up a zip line or obstacle course. You can even stimulate summer brains with a scavenger hunt around the backyard with hidden clues in the dirt or bushes. The ultimate prize can be something you would have purchased on your original vacation, like a souvenir you can find online.

that. If you’re confined to the house, then teach your kids about your own knowledge and interests and encourage them to get creative and make their own contributions, too. Have everyone create art, take photos, or write about their prized possessions. Display these masterpieces around your home and let their creators take you on a tour. Learning more about one another builds meaningful bonds. Bring Your Trip Home You probably chose your original vacation destination in order to experience new and different cultures and activities. But just because you’re no longer traveling to that location doesn’t mean you can’t experience some of what it has to offer! Research popular local cuisine,


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