Advanced Wellness: Physical Therapist's Guide To Obesity

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“Medication Is NOT The Only Option For Pain Relief! ” Physical Therapist’s Guide To Obesity

Physical therapists can help people who are obese to be more physically active and fit by teaching them to exercise in pain free and fun ways. Physical therapists can also help individuals address any underlying reasons for their unhealthy behaviors; they are trained to identify any barriers to developing healthy habits, setting individual goals, and sticking to the program. Your physical therapist can help you: Improve cardiovascular fitness. Your physical therapist will design a “heart-healthy” aerobic exercise program for you, to elevate your body’s metabolism and burn more calories. Improve strength. Building strength in muscles can help burn calories, make daily activities easier, and relieve joint pain. Improve flexibility and posture. Your physical therapist will determine if any of your major muscles are tight, and teach you how to gently stretch them. Good posture can make difficult activities easier and less painful, and even improve your breathing. Increase activity levels. Your physical therapist will discuss your activity goals with you, and design your exercise program to address your individual needs and goals. Your physical therapist will help you reach those goals in the safest, fastest, and most effective way possible.


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