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Qanat Qarnevale

A look at the Arabian Property Awards and International Finance Awards. Celebrating Achievements

6 Temba Arena Now Open

Qanat Qarnevale took place across various sites at Qanat Quartier. The festival was organized by UDC for the second successive year.


8 steps to boosting your career!

10 Fashion Style Checklist

14 Beach Clean-Up

Few tips that could help provide that much needed career boost this year.

18 Grab - and - Go Trucks



A guide on the latest footwear trends. Hook Your Feet Up!

Qatar National Sports Day

UDC Celebrates National Sport Day with GRSIA and Ashghal.

Recipes for a slimmer waist



28 Community Plan 2019

A quick list of tasty recipes to help you slim down.

UDC Cooking Shows

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Qanat Qarnevale

Qanat Qarnevale

esidents and visitors had fun taking water taxi rides on the canals and watching shows such as acrobatics, LED dance performances, music performances, glass blowing, water fountain and an outdoor cinema show. The festival combined arts, music and leisure activities which attracted families in an all-exciting atmosphere at The Pearl-Qatar, while introducing visitors to the newly opened shops, restaurants and cafés that are on offer. The precinct is a unique residential area of The Pearl-Qatar known for its magnificent venetian style buildings, beaches, canals, pedestrian-friendly squares, plazas and intimate experience. R Following the outstanding success of last year ’ s festival, this year witnessed a impressive turnout consisting of residents and visitors of The Pearl-Qatar. Qanat Qarnevale took place across various sites at Qanat Quartier. The festival was organized by UDC for the second successive year.


Pearl Qar Qarnevale Qanat

06 Temba arena now open


Temba arena now open


The inauguration ceremony took place on Qatar National Sports Day which was attended by residents, UDC and Ashghal officials whereby a friendly tournament involving all parties took place to commemorate the special occasion. The importance and consequent effect of this facility cannot be underestimated. Aside from being a world-class facility designed to fit all the confines of the modern game and ensure maximum satisfaction for its users, it also greatly embellishes the already present sports facilities such as the basketball and tennis courts providing a wider range of sporting activities to the residents.

t is with great pleasure to announce that on Tuesday 12 th February 2019, UDC’s President & Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ibrahim Jassim Al-Othman inaugurated the highly anticipated


Temba Arena facility.

The project marks a historic moment for The Pearl-Qatar as Temba Arena is the first community football facility to open on the island. This echoes the efforts made by the Community Services team to introduce new and exciting initiatives to improve the wellbeing of residents as well as provide a variety of different ways to stay engaged and keep fit.

We encourage all community members to take part in the fun. Remember to make a booking via Ittisal, by calling 800-6222. It should be noted that this facility is only available to the residents and their respective visiting guests. Temba Arena is located in Fanar Fayrouz adjacent to the tennis courts.


09 Raising the bar awards winner

Raising the bar awards winner









Fashion style checklist

Fashion style checklist


It is all about taking bold steps this year and few styles scream bold more than a daring men’s suit. This spring, men’s suits have taken a whole new level with sharper and edgy designs sure to drop jaws. We highly recommend you get yourself a couple. Edge Cuts 4

Flats 3

hroughout history, fashion has been fundamental in society. It remains to be the most revolutionary form of self-expression that continuous to touch people and 2019 is certainly no exception. Style analysts and fashion experts pre-marked that this year’s fashion trends will continue to seamlessly merge individuality with shapes and bold colors. From strap scandals to statement prints. It’s hard to keep up, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! T

It’s no secret that flat shoes have been taking heels to the cleaners for the past couple of seasons and this year is certainly no exception. With it’s simple elegance and practicality being among its most sought-after qualities, flats are currently the go-to footwear this season, with several amazing designs spearheaded by fashion icons Gucci and Balenciga to name a few.

Broad shoulders 1

Cowboy Boots 5

For a vintage to maintain its status-quo as being timeless, it must be truly special and that is the case with broad shoulder pieces. Making a huge comeback again this year, this style continues to come to life as the temperature continues to rise. Tapering into a narrower waistline, broad shoulders are one of the raves of the moment, with the legendary Giorgio Armani playing a part in bringing it back.

These bad-boys appear to be making a come back with new designs and a wide range of specs, make sure to get yourself a pair. Let your shoes be the center of attention for all the right reasons!

Get yours now at

Yellow! The colour of happiness

Reptiles 6


Who'd have thought yellow will turn out huge this year? Well, it has. The official color of summer, yellow has been styled into literally every possible wear and accessory there is, allowing for a plethora of options for your outfit and accessories. By either rocking a pair of Hermes slippers or that alluring handcrafted micro bag by Per Lei Couture, you are sure to draw a lot of attention sporting yellow this season.

It’s not the first time and probably not the last either that you will find that trendy person pulling off one of the show-stoppers of the summer. Yes! These reptile skins are one of the most impossible garments to pull-off, but if done correctly, you’ll definitely look like the most stylish person in the room.

Enough said. Peace!

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8 Steps to boosting your career

8 Steps to boosting your career


o we are at the midway point of the year and it brings with it the promise of brimming potential to end on a great note. The professional world is vast and ever changing, and in order to keep up with this change and gain some traction and eventual success you need to make sure you are at the top of your game!

8 steps to boosting your

Here are a few tips that could help provide that much needed career boost before the year ends:

Know yourself 1

Set Targets 2

By now, you should know everything about yourself. Know what you can handle and what you can't, strengths, phobias, capabilities and frailties. Only you can discern the things you can and can't deal with. In our opinion, you probably don’t realize, but you can deal with a lot more than you think!

The saying "one day at a time" cannot be better applied here. Plan your day and know how to prioritize your activities on a scale ranging from most urgent to trivial. Have targets to help you examine your growth over certain periods of time.

Develop your skills! 4

Be more focused 3

Stagnancy is a slow poison which halts career progression. It is important for you to always be open to broadening your knowledge. Don't shy away from seminars and conferences, acquire books to expand your knowledge or even take on short courses. Job requirements are ever changing, so it will be in your favor to always be on top of things.

Learn how to weed out the distractions from work in order to execute tasks efficiently and meet targets more swiftly. Being focused also entails the ability to discover previously unknown grit to be able to grind out tasks, however difficult they may seem to appear.

Rise above gossip 5

Steadfastness 6

One of the key ingredients to success is being sociable. Always be ready to participate in social functions where there is a potential for making new allies and acquaintances. Learn how to deal with newly met people with the desired level of respect and enthusiasm. Who knows what doors may open for you? Network, Network and Network some more! Indulging in gossip can prove to be an agent of discord and distrust among colleagues. Learn how to put work first and distance yourself from colleagues that are infamous for interwindling in the grape wine.

Don’t be a doubting Debbie. Be firm and sure in the decisions you make and always be ready to stand by them. Importantly, know the negative aspects of your life and work which shunt your progress and deal with them accordingly.




Finally... You don't need to be married to your work in order to be successful. Learn how to take time-off for yourself. Indulge in hobbies and activities that help to alleviate stress and ease the mind. At the end of the day, you can only progress if you keep your mind healthy.



Beach cleanup

Beach cleanup

n line with our environmental commitment, we recently launched the beach clean-up event which was attended by a number of residents and staff with the purpose of doing their part to reduce the affects of global warming and harm to the ecosystems which we so heavily depend on. The clean-up included a collective team effort to remove plastic bottles, food wrappers, cigarette butts and a number of other loose and potentially harmful material from the community beaches, rock revetments and nearby shores. I

We would like to use this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the volunteers and supporters of this noble cause! Your efforts are truly appreciated and we look forward to welcoming you, your family and friends to our next environmental awareness event.

! National sports day



UDC celebrated National Sports Day at The Pearl-Qatar with a series of sports-related activities in cooperation with General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority and Ashghal.

Temba Arena has been officially inaugurated by UDC President & Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ibrahim Jassim Al-Othman, along with the company’s senior officials and employees. On this occasion, Mr. Al-Othman said: “The opening of the latest football pitch at The Pearl-Qatar, Temba Arena, reflects our commitment to national and human development by supporting and encouraging sports-related initiatives and activities that fall in line with UDC’s social responsibility efforts”. Mr. Al-Othman concluded, “Through its participation in this unique day, United Development Company seeks to promote sports and raise awareness about the importance of exercising and adopting a healthy lifestyle. With these initiatives, UDC is contributing to the human development pillars that lead to a healthy society”. Every year, UDC hosts public sports-related events across the island to encourage residents and visitors to take part in sports activities. The Pearl-Qatar remains an ideal location to lead a healthy lifestyle with plenty of open spaces, green landscaped areas, sea-facing facades and a variety of amenities and facilities to support a broad range of indoor and outdoor recreational activity throughout the Island.

celebrated National Sport Day on Tuesday, 12 th February 2019, in cooperation with General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA) and Public Works Authority (Ashghal).


Events took place simultaneously in Costa Malaz and Porto Arabia districts, whereby employees, residents and visitors of all ages took part in a variety of sports, entertainment and challenging activities. The activities included a football tournament, walkathon, outdoor gym area, obstacle games, wall-climbing, foosball, ping-pong, health-related quiz games and other related activities. The President of the General Retirement & Social Insurance Authority and UDC Chairman, H.E. Mr. Turki bin Mohammed Al-Khater, urged participants to embrace sports as a lifestyle, noting that it will help protect them against chronic diseases and its dangerous implications.

Qatar National

Left: UDC President & Chief Executive Officer Ibrahim Jassim Al Othman Center: UDC Chairman Turki bin Mohammed Al Khater Right: President of Ashghal Dr. Saad bin Ahmad Al Muhannadi


Grab and go trucks


s we continue to energise the island’s offerings in so many different ways, towards the end of last year we launched the Grab & Go, a unique food truck concept located behind Woqod gas station.

Essentially, these are individual stalls/food trucks that sell a variety of quick bites and drinks such as a wide range of your favourite hot and cold beverages, burgers, chicken, pastries, pizzas, hot dogs, cookies, chapatti’s and sandwiches. The concept is a unique concept here on the island allowing motorists and cyclists to drive/ride by a number of stalls, place an order and be on your way within a few minutes. It’s perfect for people who are in a rush, or people who prefer not to sit down at restaurant and are after a quick bite.

If you’re a fan of excellent fast food (who isn't?), visit Grab and Go today and have your fill at a fraction of the price!



Hook your feet up

Hook your feet up

Hook Your Feet Up! A man’s guide on



ents, Summer 2019 is here! Say goodbye to Spring wardrobe rollercoaster and say hello to fresh and light Summer wardrobes.

Make your sunny summer more stylish! Match your chino shorts with your flip flops.

This is the time of the year that makes getting dressed the easiest task ever. Fight the summer heat by wearing light weight clothes. When it comes to getting dressed, no choice is more important than the shoes you decide to wear. That's why we're zooming in and panning down to give you thirty days of shoe advice for your most unstoppable, un-soak-able, and, of course, stylish summer ever. So get your feet ready to look trendier than they ever have before.



Low tops Converses

Designer lace ups


High tops


Penny loafers

Oxford brogues




Cooking shows

Cooking shows

ospitality Development Company (HDC), a subsidiary of United Development Company (UDC) and one of the leading hospitality and fine dining companies in Qatar, commenced the first-of-its kind live cooking show at The Pearl-Qatar Island, at The Amphitheater, 30 La Croisette, Porto The first show was hosted by Qatari Chef, Aisha Al Tamimi, took place in March, where she prepared some of her signature dishes and shared some of her exquisite cooking secrets. H Arabia...

In the second show which took place on a Friday, Lebanese Chef, Richard Khoury interacted with the audience taking food enthusiasts through an inspirational cooking journey. These shows attracted families and food enthusiasts who were able to interact with both Chefs. In addition, two other lively culinary shows were hosted; one by the leading Indian Chef "Vineet Bhatia" on March 7, 2019 and the last show by popular Kuwaiti Chef "Fawaz Al Omaim", on March 8, 2019.



Slim down recipes

Slim down recipes




It won't be at all farfetched to deduce that most of the resolutions made by a lot of us this year is weight loss related. Many are looking to cut out the accumulated fat of the previous 365 days, and while this is an enviable goal, talk is cheap and weight loss can be a grim and grueling experience. In order to help in the little way we can, we have put together a few quick recipes of foods that can help one in slimming down: I

Healthy egg-less pancakes

Simple avocado salad

Ogbono soup

Chicken and mushroom stir fry.

Mango-Coconut Sorbet

Coconut hot chocolate







To prepare, get Whole wheat flower, baking powder coconut oil, honey, coconut milk, water and salt. Mix ingredients with batter into a bowl. Oil a skillet, place batter in the middle and form pancakes.

Peel and dice apples and then squeeze lemon over diced apples. Ensure to stir with a spoon. Peel and dice other fruits and properly mix with the previously diced apples and lemon. Put in fridge to allow to cool and then serve.

A very popular Nigerian delicacy enjoyed by all ethnicities within the country, this soup is made of varied mango seeds fabled for their amazing weight loss properties. All that is needed for preparation is your meat of choice. You put in some ground Ogbono, crayfish and palm oil and let it boil. Then you add some seasoning cubes, the okra and some fresh green leaves and viola, ogbono soup with okra. The soup is better enjoyed with low Fiber starch such as fufu. To prepare, onion is first fried to a light brown color, tomato then added along with seasoning and celery, followed by the shrimps. After stirring for a while, veggies are then added and allowed to simmer for a few minutes. Food is then ready to be served. Shrimp and stir-fry vegetables

Heat up some extra virgin olive oil in a pot and put in your chicken. Let it fry. The chicken is done when it all white to the core and slightly brown on the outside. Add mushrooms with soy sauce, garlic and ginger. This is followed by vegetables and onions. Seasoning is then added and food is stirred for a 3 minutes. It is then ready to serve.

Peel the mangoes and dump into a blender together with the coconut milk and honey. Blend until smooth and freeze for 6-8 hours overnight.

Add honey to a teaspoon of chocolate powder. Next, add two tablespoons of water and heat for thirty seconds in a microwave. Then mix together the cocoa powder, honey, and water until smooth. Add coconut milk and a drop of vanilla extract, heat and stir for 2 minutes and enjoy.

Ginger drink


Famous for its distinct peppery after taste, ginger drink is one enjoyed by many. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is also known to reduce cholesterol levels. Needed is ginger and sugar or preferably honey. To prepare, you skin and clean the ginger, after which they are cut in tiny pieces (to increase permeation and diffusion) and placed in a pot of water to boil. It is usually left for around 2-3 minutes, after which it is strained, sweetened and served.

Lemongrass tea

Goat meat pepper soup




This special tea is quite important in weight loss, as it helps in digestion, quells insomnia and induces detoxification. Making has never been easier. All you need to do is chop some leaves and put in a kettle of water to boil. One can feel free to add sweeteners such as a little sugar and honey and it's ready to be served!

Goat meat is known as the leanest meat. This is because it is very low in fat. To prepare, meat is first rinsed, placed in a pot where water is added. This is subsequently followed by seasonings and allowed simmer on medium heat to allow the meat become tender. It is then cooked and served.



Community plan 2019

Community plan 2019

2019 Community Plan

Redevelopment of Grand Park There has been talk of a redevelopment of grand Park for a while now, and this year is finally the year. Grand park, located centrally between Viva Bahriya and Woqod will be renovated to allow families on the island together for a nice picnic and relaxation. A New Community Clubhouse A new clubhouse is among the proposed improvements for our community this year, designed primarily to serve residents of the Qanat Quarter. The clubhouse will serve as a recreational area for residents of QQ, with a lot of facilities in place to ensure that maximum satisfaction is delivered.

Playgrounds Make-Over! One of the key areas we will be seeking to improve is that of the children playgrounds. It is paramount that children are able to have fun in an area that is safe and secure. The plan is to acquire new and safe equipment, along with shading and also an area reserved for family picnics. Playgrounds are important to help sharpen the minds of children through constructive fun activities. They also provide an avenue for the interaction of children with peers, helping to instill a sense of friendship and belonging, both key in there prospective lives.

New Bus shelters with A/C With the current 777 bus route serving only parts of Porto Arabia and Medina centrale, new routes are being proposed which will serve residents and visitors, to reach more destinations such as Qanat Quarter. New Beach Volleyball Court Having seen the popularity of this fun activity among beach enthusiasts in the island, we’ve installed two brand new volleyball courts, complete with new high level international standard to ensure residents enjoy a very good volleyball game with family and friends.

Medina Centrale Junction Make-Over

After careful observations we have determined that the widening of the central lane inMedina will help to greatly reduce traffic which has become linked with the area recently. Therefore, we have made it one of our priorities this year to undergo improvement works on the junction, with pedestrians also being catered for with wider and accessible walkways.



Retail Stores of 2019

Retail Stores of 2019


32 Your Shared Moments

Your Shared Moments 33

Courtsey of @sheena_pramod

Courtsey of @candice_nassif


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