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IMGL Springing forward Marc Ellinger , President INTERNATIONAL MASTERS OF GAMING LAW I n the Northern Hemisphere, spring is now

an outsized role in technology, much of that relating to our industry. With this war of aggression against it, the country has been put back many years and we have an analysis of its impact on the wider world and European gaming specifically. Meanwhile, Our London Conference committee is working feverishly on our Fall Conference in London, September 14-16. This committee, chaired by Susan Breen, has reserved some truly amazing venues and constructed an educational program that will be second to none. The changing world means changes in regulations and our London agenda will heavily focus on regulators and the trends, both positive and less positive, in regulation and gaming. Clear your calendar now, as you won’t want to miss this conference. I also encourage you to mark your calendars for other upcoming IMGL and partner events including our reception at G2E in Las Vegas on October 11, and the many IMGL Masterclasses across the planet. Please look at pages 13 and 29 for a complete list of events in 2022 or go to our website, Do remember our sponsors who make the IMGL Magazine a possibility. A full list is contained on the back page and our sincere thanks go to all of them. If you enjoy this magazine and would value the platform as well as wanting to support the IMGL, please consider your own sponsorship. It would help us move forward our primary purpose: education in gaming. On this mission, the IMGL has never wavered, please join us! Until we see each other again, enjoy this edition of the IMGL Magazine. Слава Україні! Marc

well underway. Just like the clocks, the IMGL is turning the hands forward. This time, our Spring Conference is dedicated to technology. The two full days in Seattle, (April 28-29, 2022) will focus on the ever-increasing role that technology is playing in our gaming industry. But the IMGL doesn’t just bound forward in conferences, our publications also lead the way and this edition of the IMGL Magazine is no different. Editor in Chief Dr. Simon Planzer and our Head of Publications, Phil Savage, have once again put together a selection of articles at the cutting edge of gaming developments across the entire globe. This edition of the IMGL Magazine also addresses and discusses public policy and regulatory updates from Singapore, Philippines and Ireland. Showing our truly international scope, we discuss an interim report on what to expect from the UK government white paper on the amendment to the 2005 Gaming Act from Regulus Partners. Also look out for a discussion of the regulator’s perspective from Birgitte Sand. As I noted above, technology continues to be a real focus of the IMGL… because it is a focus of our industry and society writ large. This edition has a challenging article on the legality of influencer-promoted social media lotteries and two fascinating pieces on NFTs and virtual digital assets in gaming from IMGL lawyers in India and Mexico. The gaming industry is not just a regulatory world: “real world” events have impact on what we do, too. Many of us will know people who are suffering in Ukraine and I’m sure we all keep Ukraine and its people in our hearts and minds. As many know, the country had


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