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Philippines licensing policies

PIGO a Southeast Asian model? Southeast Asia is a unique and conservative region. In countries like Thailand and Malaysia online gambling is illegal for cultural or religious reasons but there is evidence they are looking at the Philippines PIGO program as a model. Two main factors are driving this interest: illegal offshore gaming and the appetite among their young population for digital-first entertainment. Some have experimented with fantasy games or mobile games as a soft entry to the market before taking the next step.

translate into less revenue overall for the government. Tax reductions can allow onshore operators to combat illegal bookies more effectively and, if their revenues go up, more tax is paid over. The other impact of tax variability by region is the barrier it presents to scaling up nationwide. Operators wanting to expand their physical locations need a letter of no objection from local authorities in each area before they can open. Adding, for example, sports betting to a casino offer requires a further letter of no objection making the scale challenge even greater.

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