Advantage Rehab: Helping Arthritis Pain

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We Help To Lower Costs! As we all know, healthcare is very expensive. Many patients are now paying out of pocket for their services before their insurance pays anything. At ARI, we do our best to keep the costs lower and reasonable. We recently had a patient share that they were charged $800 at another facility in the area, after they had just two physical therapy treatments. The same evaluation and treatment would have cost that patient about less than half of that with our clinic. A $550+ savings on the same care. That’s a really big deal to a lot of people! We don’t feel this is right and it’s also excessive. Here, we accept insurances and NEVER turn anyone away. We will work with patients on an acceptable treatment and payment plan when needed. So, know that sending your patients to us they are not only going to get the best treatment, but also the best price in the area. MIKE SAVAGEAU, PT

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