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After 50 Years Apart, 2 Love Bird Say I Do NEVER TOO LATE

she had to get her degree. Their relationship ended only months after it began.

In 1961, Prentiss Wilson met Janice Rude in the

cafeteria at Occidental College in Los Angeles. When he saw her, Prentiss’

The two recovered from their heartbreak in time and went on to marry different people. Janice and Prentiss never forgot each other, but they went their separate ways. Then, after Prentiss’ mother passed away in the late 1990s, he found a newspaper clipping of his and Janice’s engagement announcement in his mother’s belongings. Unbeknownst to him, Janice found the same clipping in her mother’s wallet after her mother passed. The two women had never met each other, but they both knew Janice and Prentiss were meant to be. When Janice and Prentiss met again, they decided to get brunch. When Janice arrived, Prentiss looked at her and said, “Your pants are beautiful. They’re the same color as the outfit you wore at the Thanksgiving dinner in 1961.” And they picked up right where they left off. After 50 years apart, Janice and Prentiss were married at Occidental College just yards away from where they met for the first time. Though there were some obstacles, Janice and Prentiss proved it’s never too late to live happily ever after.

first thought was, “She’s much too beautiful for me.” But it turned out that Janice saw Prentiss too and they hit it off instantly.

When Thanksgiving came around, Janice didn’t like the thought of not seeing Prentiss for four whole days. She

traveled to Santa Maria and showed up at Prentiss’ house unannounced. Janice spent Thanksgiving with Prentiss’ family and they wandered around town together the next day. The couple shared their first kiss and by sunset, they knew they had to be married. Janice and Prentiss got busy planning their wedding, but everything changed when Prentiss met Janice’s father for the first time. Late that night, when Janice was back at her college dorm, her father called with an ultimatum: Either Janice would stop seeing Prentiss or her father would cut off her tuition. Janice was devastated, but she knew

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