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Many Memories of My Grandparents

On my desk, there’s a small box full of handwritten recipes. This box belonged to my maternal grandmother and it’s something I cherish. At home, I have a Remington 1898 10-gauge shotgun. My grandfather shot his first deer with that gun and after his father passed away when he was just 11, my grandfather used that gun to get food for his family on their farm during the winter months. I feel very fortunate to have these family heirlooms and even more fortunate to have so many stories about the people who owned them. Growing up, I got to see a lot of my grandparents. Though my father’s parents moved down to Florida when I was 4, they came up to visit us every summer for a couple of weeks. I remember how much I looked forward to their visit because Grandma Clara always brought me grape Hubba Bubba bubblegum. After my grandfather passed away, Grandma Clara came back up here and lived with my parents for a few years before moving into an assisted living facility. I was in college at the time and my dad and I would visit her to play cards, watch “Jeopardy” and just talk. On my mother’s side, I only had Grandma Eleanor. My mom’s dad passed away when she was 18, but my grandmother lived in town and we got to see her all the time. We’d go over to Grandma Eleanor’s house every Sunday after church for pancakes. Each Christmas and Thanksgiving was spent in Grandma’s dining room. In fact, the very first Thanksgiving dinner I ever cooked was prepared using the tiny 24-inch stove in her kitchen.

Not long ago, I shared a photo on the October Kitchen Facebook page I’d taken of a “Dear Abby” letter from the local paper. The brief letter, signed just “Wise woman in North Carolina,” spoke of how valuable time is to our elderly relatives and how a call means more than we’ll ever know. That post has been shared over 340,000 times. The message deeply resonates with people because we’re all guilty of getting caught up in our own lives and forgetting to reach out to our parents and grandparents. Over a year ago, I lost my father and it’s a pain I’m still recovering from. I wish I spent more time with him when I could. Today, I’m trying my best to keep in close contact with my mom, visiting on the weekends and making sure she’s doing alright. I don’t want to have those same regrets with my mom. The memories I have of my grandparents mean so much to me today and I imagine those times meant a lot to them, too. It’s interesting to revisit these memories now that my wife and I are on the cusp of becoming grandparents ourselves. Audriana is about to get married and I imagine it will only be a few years before we get that phone call. When we do, Ali is going to be hard-pressed not to fly to her side immediately. Hopefully, we’ll be at a point where we can make those sudden departures, because we plan on being a huge part of that next chapter in life.

“I feel very fortunate to have these family heirlooms and even more fortunate to have so many stories about the people who owned them.”


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