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Oasis p h o n e b o o t h

Space to think

Oasis of calm


The way we work has changed. Privacy can be difficult to find in a modern open plan office. The Oasis Phone Booth provides a stylish, flexible and cost-effective solution. Providing a peaceful environment for phone calls, video conferences and a silent retreat for uninterrupted work, the booth is designed with your office in mind. Equipped with top of the range acoustically absorbent materials, ambient lighting and an air circulation fan, the space is practical yet comfortable. Unlike other systems the Oasis Phone Booth has no base and stands directly on the floor of your office, making it safe, quick to install and easy to relocate.

Calm stimulates the mind and brings clarity to our thinking



In modern, busy, open plan offices it can be impossible to make important calls and participate effectively in video conferences.

Space to focus.

The Oasis Phone Booth provides the perfect space for this communication to take place, while ensuring that all conversations remain private. Carefully selected acoustically absorbent materials lower the level of your voice as it travels out of the booth by taking advantage of the noise levels around it. Unlike many other products on the market we recommend using two adjacent sound absorbing walls to stop noise bouncing around inside the booth, creating a comfortable acoustic experience for those inside.

Whether participating in a video conference, making a crucial phone call or working on a task that requires your full attention, the Oasis Phone Booth gives you a space for clear thinking when you need it.

With a hydraulically closing door that quietly seals behind you, acoustic fabric interior panels, ambient lighting and an air circulation fan, all conversation and concentration is yours.



Crafted to meet the demands of your office.

The Oasis Phone Booth works within the space available to you whether that be a large open plan room or a narrow office space. Where there is a space there is a way. Our products are designed to standard specifications but remain versatile. Do not fear if you have something in mind that you cannot see in our designs – the modular construction design means that most bespoke demands can be met.

Frem are committed to creating a better environment, and wherever possible we aim to manufacture products using recyclable and sustainable materials.

Frem are also FSC™ certified, meaning that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Worldwide distribution

Global Headquarters:

Frem Group Concept House

Upton Valley Way East Pineham Business Park Northampton NN4 9EF United Kingdom

+44 1604 756567

Sales Office:

Frem Group Screens 20 Rookwood Way Haverhill Suffolk CB9 8PB United Kingdom

+44 1440 712700




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