Pezzano Mickey & Bornstein December 2018

Dan’s Pro Communication Skills Are on the Job

As a legal assistant at our firm, Dan’s role features a lot of communication in all forms, something the English major is happy to do. His work for attorney Wendy Bornstein involves communicating with clients, preparing correspondence, and helping Wendy stay connected to clients. “I enjoy making her job easier,” Dan says. firms before finding his home at Pezzano Mickey & Bornstein, where he’s been able to learn and grow his skill set through increased responsibilities. Studying English gave him the perfect foundation for crafting clear emails and helping clients understand some of the processes in their cases. “I’m glad that my education has given me this opportunity,” he says. Previously, Dan honed his communication skills at other law

Dan credits his coworkers for creating a friendly work environment at the Flemington office, noting that Wendy sets the tone with her positive demeanor. “She’s very nice, fun to talk to, and makes it a friendly work environment,” Dan says. It’s the communication piece, but specifically the helping piece, that Dan enjoys most about his job. “I enjoy speaking with clients and connecting with them,” he says. He looks forward to helping more people in the years to come. Learning about the legal field and building his knowledge base is also something he enjoys, and he’s excited to continue to grow in this area. Verbal and written communication aren’t the only skills Dan brings to the table. Outside of work, you’ll find this talented musician practicing one of the many instruments he’s played since he was a kid. “I play the guitar, bass, trumpet, and some others — those are the ones I’m good at,” the humble musician says. Once or twice a year, his band gets together to play a show at a local venue.

We are so glad to have Dan on our team at the Flemington office. Say hi next time you stop by!


looking out at the Hudson. Thanks to two incredible artists, there’s a portrait of that scene in the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. Getting into service work with my dogs was a new frontier. It was during an obedience class with Rusty’s dad that I met someone from Therapy Dogs International. They noticed my dog’s good behavior and calm demeanor. “You have a great dog. Have you thought of having him be a therapy dog?” From that referral, I took Rusty and then Storm to join a group of therapy dogs and their owners who provide comfort and companionship to people.

have pets, so it’s really special for them to have a visit from my dog and me. The responses we get from these folks and from children who are handicapped or in treatment are very rewarding. We tend to do a lot of visits to hospitals, schools, and other facilities where people can’t have pets of their own. We have been going to a lot of grade schools, too, and the students really have fun with him. There has been a lot of good that’s come out of it, both for us and the people we interact with. I never had children, so these dogs are my kids. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have that comfort.

When I got my new puppy, Princess Leia, in May of this year, I brought her to visit Wendy and Lisa. We had a wonderful time with the dogs, and their staff gave Princess Leia a beautiful package filled with toys and different dog biscuits. I can tell you Princess Leia was very happy. She is 8 months old, and I’m training her to do the same thing that Rusty did and Storm continues to do for people: bring comfort.

Especially when we visit a patient in a hospital or retirement home, the presence of a friendly dog really sparks memories for people. People living in these establishments can no longer 2


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