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Undergraduate Course Offerings

ANTH 2000/ILC 2150 [GLBL, INTC]/SOCI 2000 Greek Cuisine ANTH 2100/ RELG 3050/ PHIL 2080 Mysteries & Philosophy of Antiquity ANTH 2100/ ARHS 2350 Greek Art & Archaeology ANTH 2100/ HIST 2090/ILC 2150 [GLBL, INTC]/ SOCI 3000 Olympics…The Origins ANTH 2100/HIST 1010/ILC 2150 [GLBL, INTC]/SOCI 3000 Olympics….and the Origins ANTH 3000/POLT 4100/SOCI 3000 Modern Greek Society, Politics, and Migration ANTH 3100 Archeological Sites of Greece: The On-Site Experience

Summer Semester (May 25-July 17) Summer I (May 25-June 19) Summer II (June 22-July 17) Fall Semester (August 24-December 18) Fall I (August 24-October 16) Fall II (October 26-December 18) Spring Semester (January 11-April 29)

MDST 2100 Media Literacy [SSHB/CRI] MDST 2800 Media, Diversity & Society [SSHB/INTC] MDST 3150 News & Science MDST 4200 Media Research MEDC 1050 Introduction to Media Writing [WCOM] MNGT 2100 Management Theory & Practices MNGT 3280 Business Law MNGT 3320 Business Law: International

MNGT 3500 Marketing MNGT 3510 Advertising MNGT 4570 Marketing Research PBRL 3150/POLT 4300

Spring I (January 11-March 5) Spring II (March 8-April 29)

Lab Fees Apply

1Credit Hour

Martin Luther King Jr., Civil Rights & Public Relations PHIL 2080/ RELG 2030 Greek Mythology & Religion PHIL 2300 Social and Political Theory POLT 1070 Introduction to Political Theory [ROC/CRI] POLT 1060 Introduction to American Politics [SSHB/CRI] POLT 4750 Advanced Statistics PSYC 1100 Introduction to Psychology [SSHB/CRI]

BIOL 1010 Human Biology [PNW/CRI] BUSN 3100 Advanced Statistics BUSN 3850 Enterprise Systems BUSN 4110 Operations Management BUSN 4990 Business Policy CSIS 1500 Introduction to Business Technologies ENGL 1044 [ROC/WCOM]/PHIL 2080 Greek Olympic Image thru Literature & Music

ANSO 3100/ ILC 2150 [GLBL, INTC] Modern Greek Society & Culture ANSO 3110/ENGL 1044 [ROC/WCOM]/POLT 4100 Traces of the Ancient Athenian Democracy ANSO 4110/HIST 4100/JOUR 3190/MDST 3700/ PBRL 3150/ POLT 4100 The Ambassadors’ SocPol Forum

“It was valuable to see up close the culture that influenced so much of the modern world and draw comparisons between the Greek culture and my own culture. It changed the way I see many aspects of my own culture.” TROY LUGAR Washington & Jefferson College

PSYC 2300 Lifespan Development PSYC 3125 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 3475 International Psychology PSYC 4300 Health Psychology

ENGL 2030 Major British Writers II [ROC, WCOM] ENGL 2050 Major US Writers I [ROC, WCOM] ENGL 3130 Contemporary Drama ENGL 4500 Literary Criticism HIST 2020/ ISTL 2550/ POLT 1000 Modern Greek History & Politics HIST 2020/JOUR 3150/MEDC 3150/POLT 2610/SOCI 3000 The Defense Attaché Lecture Series ILC 1090 Elementary Modern Greek I [GLBL/INTC] ILC 1100 Elementary Modern Greek II ILC 2150 [GLBL, INTC]/JOUR 3150/ MEDC 3150/PBRL 3150/ SOCI 3000 The Cultural & Educational Attaché Seminar INTL 1050/POLT 1050 Introduction to International Relations [GLBL/CRI] INTL 1500 The World System Since 1500 [GLBL/CRI] INTL 3800 International Security INTL 4600 International Relations Seminar HLSC 1300 Open Water Diver

SCIN 1030 Science in the News [PNW/ETH] SOCI 3000 Community Service Learning ANSO 3100 Community Service Learning SPCM 1040 Public Speaking [ARTS/OCOM]

WBST 2000 Career Exploration WBST 2300 Personal Branding WBST 2700 Career Management Strategies WGST 1020 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies [SSHB/OCOM] WRIT 1010 The Craft of College Writing [WCOM] WRIT 2000 Advanced College Writing

“I am glad I had the opportunity to study away from my home campus in Leiden. Greece is a beautiful country with amazing food. Having the chance to learn about the culture while being immersed in it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.” BRILEY YOUNG Webster University Leiden Campus

Click here for a list of Signature Courses frequently offered at Webster Athens.

KEYS 4005 Global Gender Rights MATH 1430 College Algebra [QL]


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