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Undergraduate Course Offerings

Summer Semester (June 1-July 24) Fall Semester (August 24-December 18) Fall I (August 24-October 16) Fall II (October 26-December 18) Spring Semester (January 11-May 29)

AFCS 2500 Origins and Development of Pan-Africanism AFCS 3000 Topics in Africana Studies ANTH 2300 Culture and Communication [ROC/INTC] ANTH 2500 Peoples and Cultures [GLBL/INTC] BIOL 1030 Biology of Plants [PNW/OCOM] BUSN 1000 Business Spreadsheets BUSN 3400 Human Resources Management CHIN 1090 Elementary Chinese: Level I [GLBL/INTC]

INTL 4600 International Relations Seminar KEYS 4005 Global Gender Rights MDST 1010 Media Foundations MDST 2100 Media Literacy [SSHB/CRI] MDST 2800 Media, Diversity and Society [SSHB/INTC] MDST 3260 Global Media Practice [GLBL/INTC] MDST 4260 Senior Overview/Thesis MEDC 1050 Introduction to Media Writing [WCOM]

Spring I (January 11-March 5) Spring II (March 15-May 29)

COSC 1550 Computer Programming I COSC 1560 Computer Programming II COSC 1570 Math for Computer Science COSC 1580 Logic for Computer Science COSC 2610 Operating Systems COSC 2670 Network Principles COSC 2810 Systems Analysis and Design

Lab Fees Apply

1Credit Hour

MEDC 2200 Ethics in the Media MEDC 4100 The Law and Media MNGT 3450 Organizational Behavior MNGT 3800 Introduction to Business Law MNGT 4100 International Management

ACCT 2010 Financial Accounting ACCT 2025 Managerial Accounting ADVT 3150 Topics AFCS 1000 Introduction to Africana Studies [ROC/INTC] AFCS 1500 Survey of African History AFCS 2200 Globalization and Contemporary Africa

MNGT 4900 Managerial Policies and Strategies MUSC 1070 Topics in Music [ARTS/WCOM] POLT 1070 Introduction to Political Theory [ROC/CRI] POLT 1080 Introduction to Comparative Politics [GLBL/INTC] POLT 2550 Politics of the Developing World POLT 4100 Advanced Studies in International Politics PSYC 1000 Learning Strategies PSYC 1100 Introduction to Psychology [SSHB/CRI] PSYC 1800 Careers in Psychology PSYC 2200 Child Psychology PSYC 2750 Introduction to Measurements & Statistics [QL] PSYC 2825 Introduction to Research Methods PSYC 3025 Psychology and Ethics PSYC 3900 Introduction to Counseling PSYC 4300 Health Psychology PSYC 4925 Senior Capstone SOCI 2575 Urban Sociology [SSHB/OCOM] SPCM 1040 Public Speaking WGST 1020 Intro. to Women and Gender Studies [SSHB/OCOM] WRIT 1010 The Craft of College Writing [WCOM]

COSC 3050 Data Structures COSC 3100 Data Structures II COSC 4110 Database Concepts COSC 4210 Database Applications COSC 4810 Information Systems ECON 3020 Intermediate Economics ENGL 1044 Topics in Literature [ROC/WCOM] ENGL 2180 Creative Writing: Nonfiction [ARTS/WCOM]

FINC 3210 Principles of Finance FINC 3600 Financial Management FINC 3800 Financial Markets FINC 4210 Financial Investments FINC 4220 Financial Statement Analysis

“Studying abroad in Accra, Ghana last summer in short changed my life. There’s something about flying alone to an entire other continent that gives you confidence like never before. Personally, I learned that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to. I learned that human connection is more important than whatever we have going on in our lives at the moment. Most importantly, I learned more about who I was and what I cared for in this life. “ CHRISTINA PRESMY Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

FINC 4300 International Finance FINC 4610 Advanced Investments HIST 2360 Refugee and Migration Movements HRTS 1100 Introduction to Human Rights [SSHB/ETH] INTL 1050 Introduction to International Relations [GLBL/CRI] INTL 1500 World Systems Since 1500 [GLBL/CRI] INTL 2030 International Law INTL 2700 Methods of Political Inquiry INTL 3800 International Security

WSBT 2000 Career Explorations WBST 2300 Personal Branding



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