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International Partnerships and Exchanges Webster’s international partnerships offer students the opportunity to combine the study of language with the study

level courses. We offer programs that suit both students who are looking to enhance their language proficiency or those students simply interested in exploring a new culture outside of Webster’s international network of campuses.

of culture, immersing students in new ways of communicating and expanding their horizons. Though not all programs require students to take language courses, many students choose to take advantage of introductory

Guadalajara, Mexico Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara Students can enroll in the Spanish and Culture program through Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG), Mexico’s oldest private university, where they receive language instruction based on cultural content. After an initial placement exam, students are assigned to courses that match their proficiency level. Students who study at UAG will live in a homestay which further broadens students’ cultural and linguistic experience in Mexico. LATIN AMERICA



Trier, Germany Universität Trier

Beijing, China Beijing Language and Culture University Webster’s Semester in China program is aimed at students with an interest in Chinese culture. The program is offered in the fall semester and courses are delivered in English. All courses use Beijing as a living classroom, and weave excursions, independent projects, lectures and group work together into a comprehensive experiential learning environment.

Brussels, Belgium Université Libre de Bruxelles For students interested in increasing their proficiency of French, Université Libre de Bruxelles offers a spring semester exchange program. It is open to undergraduate students who have advanced proficiency in French. Classes are not conducted in English.

Trier University thrives as a young, dynamic university with a focus on research and robust international networks. The exchange partnership with Trier was developed for students to become immersed in the German language and culture. Students can study at Trier for a full spring semester, or an academic year.

Rightly nicknamed “the Crossroads of Europe,” Brussels is a truly cosmopolitan city of more than one million people. Brussels is a center for European culture with nearly 90 museums, parks and restaurants, boasting cuisine from nearly every country imaginable.

Trier is located in Western Germany on the banks of the Mosel River and has a long tradition of being a university city. Trier’s cityscape is a fusion of history and modern lifestyle; it is a beautiful place to live and study.

Osaka, Japan Kansai University

Guadalajara is Mexico's second largest city and is home to many historical elements of Mexican culture, such as Mariachi music, while also being a modern global city and major tech hub.

London, England University of Roehampton

Kansai University is located in Osaka, Japan, a city that boasts modern life and old world sites, including Kyoto. The Kansai Region is known for its history and tradition in harmony. The program is open to students with various levels of Japanese proficiency and students studying at Kansai University will live in the International Dormitory. Tokyo, Japan J.F. Oberlin University Oberlin is located in Tokyo, a brilliant, modern city with fine fashion and cuisine that is also home to some of the world’s tallest buildings and incredible historical sites, such as the Imperial Palace. This program is open to students with various levels of Japanese proficiency. Students studying at Oberlin have an option of living in a homestay with a Japanese family or in the student residential hall.

Florence, Italy Kent State University Florence When you study at Webster Florence you’ll live in one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Europe, while getting the feel for both modern and 13th century Florence. Academic courses are provided by our WINS affiliate, Kent State University, and all majors are welcome to study in Florence.

The University of Roehampton, located in London – the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, is a friendly, modern academic community with a growing international reputation for high quality teaching and research. All majors are welcome to study at the University of Roehampton.

“My favorite part of being abroad was that I was able to experience the history, culture, and language first hand. It was cool to actually see the things we’ve learned about, it makes the experience on a more personal level. There was never a dull day in China for me. I think what made my experience unique is that I was able to travel to other huge cities in China. Not only was I able to experience traditional Chinese culture in Beijing,

Students will have a wide selection of courses in various subject areas, along with all levels of Italian language. Students live in apartments throughout the heart of Florence, giving students the true experience of living as a local.

By choosing to study abroad at the University of Roehampton, students will live and study with students from over 140 countries, benefit from the university’s excellent facilities and enjoy access to London’s world-class museums, libraries, and galleries. Oxford, England Oxford Brookes University

I was also able to see modern, international China in Shanghai. “

Oviedo, Spain University of Oviedo The University of Oviedo is one of the oldest universities in Spain. More than four centuries old, it is an academic institution of repute, offering a broad range of degrees, as well as providing a large variety of cultural and athletic activities. Students can study at the University of Oviedo during the full spring semester or a two-month summer term. All courses immerse students in Spanish language and culture. Homestays are facilitated for students for the duration of the program.

ARIA LANGER Webster University St. Louis

Webster University students have the opportunity to study abroad at Oxford Brookes University, one of the UK’s leading universities which holds an international reputation for teaching excellence and innovation, as well as strong links with business and industry. Undergraduate courses vary from traditional academic disciplines to more career-oriented subjects.

“I thought I would return with an understanding of all things British. I was wrong, I returned with an understanding of British culture, myself, friendship, America, contentment, and also outlook. Friendship, or mates, is very important to the British. It’s a community sense of everyone working together to achieve goals… I now have a thriving passion to learn more about the world [and] I look at situations and relationships differently.” TYLER WOODS Webster University St. Louis

As one of the world’s most famous university cities, Oxford is a privileged place steeped in tradition and history, and with its large student population maintains a vibrant and youthful atmosphere.

Oviedo is the capital city of Asturias and is situated in a delightful setting of natural beauty among mountains and valleys.




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