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Faculty Led Programs: Connecting Coursework to the World

Webster University faculty bring their expertise to the classroom and beyond; to offer a number of unique international courses. Faculty- led programs are short-term travel experiences (normally 1-6 weeks in length) that engage students in site visits, cultural tours, interviews, research and more. Webster faculty lead students through coursework before, during and after travel. They create a safe and enriching environment for students to apply their international experience to the learning objectives. Each year, Webster’s expert faculty offer a range of programs over Fall Break, Spring Break and summer. Many of these courses are hybrid programs that combine online work with travel.

"Experiencing Costa Rica was the adventure of a lifetime! We explored the mountains, beaches, cities, villages, and everything in between. We were able to meet with so many different locals running various kinds of coffee plantations and really got to see the effects on the environment firsthand. Having two professors with me the entire time was amazing because we got to learn from them, as well as learn with them. I would recommend a faculty led program to anybody!"

KAMRYN MOORE Webster University St. Louis

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Spring Break San Jose, Costa Rica ETHC 2050: Inequality and in the Environment: Coffee

Quito & the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador BIOL 1030/1031: Biology of Plants with Lab

This program is an introductory-level, interdisciplinary experience that is focused on the theme of "Inequality and the Environment" and provides students the unique opportunity to visit Costa Rica over spring break. The course will involve tours, visits to organizations, guest speakers, as well as daily reflections, designed to help students see first-hand the ways in which social, political, and ethical issues intersect with environmental ones. Students will learn about the injustices, as well as the economic opportunities, related to coffee production by talking with people who grow, sell, and harvest coffee.

During this program, also known as Plants and People, students will learn about the unique and interesting plant species of the Galapagos Islands, thirty percent of which are found nowhere else on earth. The group will look at various topics surrounding plant growth and development, including how plant growth influences our food, and ancient and modern uses of plants by humans. Each participant will create a public service announcement related an environmental issue. While in the Galapagos, field trips will allow for an up-close and in-person investigation into a variety of plant species. Quito & the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador BIOL 2011: Evolution Lab During this program, students take a journey to the land that inspired Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: The Galápagos Islands. Students will learn first-hand how evolution drives patterns of biodiversity through this semester-long course punctuated with a study abroad component during spring break to the Galápagos Islands. Before the trip, students will develop their knowledge of key evolutionary theories and design an observation research study. While in the Galápagos, field trips will provide invaluable experiences with the organisms and patterns described by those theories.

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Accessibility Webster encourages all students to study abroad including those individuals who have disability or accessibility challenges. With the proper planning, study abroad can be a wonderful experience for all students. We encourage students to start a discussion with their study abroad advisor and their Academic ADA Coordinator early in the study abroad planning process to assess needs and talk about setting up any on-site accommodations.

Taos, New Mexico SCIN 1800: Living On/Off the Grid



This hybrid travel course investigates on-grid vs. off-grid living toward complete sustainability. The program examines how on-grid systems within traditional homes supply water, process waste, generate power, and maintain thermal comfort, and compare these to alternative sustainable systems (black water, grey water, solar power, thermal mass, catch water, etc.) in off-grid homes.


November 15

February 28 • March 15

• Short-Term Summer • November 15


November 15

March 30 • April 15

• Fall Break

• March 1



June 15

September 30 • November 15

• Spring Break

• September 1

Bangkok and Cha-Am, Thailand INTB 9950: Thailand: Business and Life


“Based on my time [in Athens] here, I would say that there is no way to be truly prepared to study abroad, because it will surprise you. From the friends I’ve made to the excursions we’ve been on, I feel truly blessed to have gotten the chance to be here, especially at the age of 21. I never imagined I would have this opportunity and it turned out to be better than my wildest dreams.” DANA RUE Webster University St. Louis

This program is a unique opportunity to learn about Thailand’s emerging economy and key social issues and then travel to the country to observe them first-hand. Topics will be framed in the context of Thailand’s historical, cultural and religious traditions. Information sources include academic books and journals, multimedia sources, seminars, and visits to NGOs, companies, and other organizations in Thailand. Special attention is devoted to the evaluation of Thailand's public health philosophies and policies in response to previous and current pandemics (including COVID-19).

Beijing & Shanghai, China ILC 2150: Contemporary Chinese Pop Culture

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This course examines the rapidly developing cultural scene in China from the onset of the "reform and opening up" policies of the late 1970s to the present. The course hopes to showcase the drastic historical transformation of the cultural landscape from the revolutionary era to the contemporary period, but also situate the urban experiences of the two Chinese cities in the context of globalization and trans-culture interaction.



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