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Alphabetical Course Listing Please note that schedules are subject to change and not all courses are guaranteed to be offered every semester or every year. Consult the Office of Study Abroad website for the most up-to-date course offerings for each campus. A full listing of Undergraduate Course Descriptions can be found online here.

STUDY ABROAD COURSE DISCIPLINE CHART This chart is meant to aid students and their advisors in identifying where different academic disciplines are offered on Webster study abroad programs. This chart is intended as a helpful tool, but as courses and schedules are subject to change from year to year, this should only be used as a general guide. This chart does not guarantee a campus or program will have specific courses at any point in time. It is only representative of courses that have been offered at some point in the past few years. For the most up-to-date information on study abroad course offerings, please contact your academic advisor and the Office of Study Abroad.

KEY GREEN indicates the major is offered in full.

BLUE indicates some classes in the major are offered. YELLOW indicates non-major classes are offered (1000 or 2000 level equivalents).

ANSO 1085 Human Origins (3) (VIE) Explores the evolution of humanity and culture through concepts and mechanisms of evolution, Homo sapiens’ place among the primates, and human variation. GCP Coding: (PNW) (CRI) ANSO 2015 Issues in Society and Culture (1-4) (ATH) Acquaints the student with various social and cultural issues in contemporary societies with an emphasis on concerns of living in globalized, industrialized, urban societies. Compares complex societies to gain an understanding of issues that confront their members. Guides students through the application of various sociological and anthropological approaches to a special topic of interest. May be repeated for credit if content differs. ANSO 2060 Culture and Communication (3) (GHA, LEID) Begins with the concept of culture as a means of communicating with others; not only through language but with manners, etiquette, dress, rituals and ceremonials, gesture and movement — the entire system of symbols and signs that provide meaning for human behavior. Explores a variety of issues in cross-cultural communication, language use, and symbolic systems. GCP Coding: (ROC) (INTC) ANSO 2070 Introduction to Sex, Gender and Sexuality (3) (THAI) Provides an introduction to sociological and anthropological perspectives on sex, gender and sexuality. Includes historical and comparative trends; legislative responses to people on the basis of sex, gender and/or sexuality; social inequality and social mobility; and work and labor force participation. Includes major sociological and anthropological theoretical perspectives on sex, gender and sexuality (such as functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism, feminism, post-colonial theory and intersectionality). May be repeated for credit if content differs. ANSO 2200 Peoples and Cultures (3) (GHA, VIE) An introduction to the ways in which diverse cultures or specific geographic regions respond to some of the stress points of the contemporary world. Issues we will examine include:

violence and warfare, ethnic conflicts, environmental degradation, economic inequalities, cultural imperialism and social change, human rights and the role of governments, and the many conflicts between “traditional” values and modernity. The course is designed to broaden the student’s understanding of the processes taking place in the contemporary world, utilizing the lenses provided by anthropology. May be repeated for credit if content differs. GCP Coding: (GLBL) (INTC) ANSO 2300 Social Movements (3) (VIE) Provides an analysis of social movements and related themes. Topics include, but are not limited to, theories of movement formation, diversity and equity in movements, and examples of movements (e.g., women’s rights, civil rights) both here and in global context. GCP Coding: (SSHB) (OCOM) ANSO 2720 Introduction to Measurement and Statistics (3) (VIE) Designed to aid the student in learning how to “make sense” of a body of numbers: how to summarize and extract information from numbers; how to detect, measure, and use relationships between variables; and how to use statistical aids to the decision-making process. Course covers descriptive statistics, correlation and regression, and inferential statistics such as the t-test and analysis of variance. GCP Coding: (QL) ANSO 2760 Urban Sociology (3) (GHA) The course examines space as an object of social inquiry, paying attention to the cultural, political, and economic processes that transform space into meaningful place. Building upon this theoretical foundation, it explores some central themes and concerns in the study of urban spaces, in particular, the “city” as cultural construct, the “city” as the site and object of local and global social struggles, and the “city” as part of the cultural imagination of the social, inequality, justice, and the “good life.” The “city” is an object of contention, complexly entwined with class, gender, race, ethnicity, and the “market.” This course will equip students to understand, among other topics, the formations of ethnic and racialized “ghettos,” suburbanization, policing of space, global cities, and

ACCT 2010 Financial Accounting (3) (GVA, GHA, LEID, THAI, VIE) Introduces accounting with an emphasis on the relationships between business events and financial statements. The primary objective is to develop students who can explain how any given business event will affect the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. This objective also includes an understanding of the accounting cycle, accounting terminology, collection of accounting data, data entry into the accounting system, and the basic financial accounting statements. ACCT 2025 Managerial Accounting (3) (GVA, GHA, LEID, VIE) Managerial accounting emphasizes the use of accounting information for planning, control, and decision-making purposes in all types of organizations. This course explores topics in the areas of cost behavior, cost-volume- profit analysis, relevant cost analysis, cost accumulation and assignment, activity-based costing, profit planning and control, performance evaluation, responsibility accounting, and product costing systems. Prerequisite: ACCT 2010. ADVT 1940 Introduction to Marketing Communications (3) (VIE) Students learn the major communications tools available to promote a product or service to target customers. In the course, students learn marketing communications definitions, concepts, and theories of promotional communications and the tools used - both traditional approaches and emerging technologies. ADVT 3150 Topics (1-3) (GHA) Topics courses are offered periodically to feature topics in advertising not covered by regularly offered courses. May be repeated for credit if content differs. Prerequisites: Vary with topic. AFCS 1500 Survey of African History (3) (GHA) Provides an historical survey, continent wide in scope, of the experiences of Africa and its people from prehistoric times to the present. AFCS 2200 Globalization and Contemporary Africa (3) (GHA) This is an interdisciplinary course designed to study the various dimensions by which globalization

impacts the challenges and opportunities facing the African continent in its struggle to overcome the burden of underdevelopment. This course will critically explore the ways in which the socio-economic and cultural life of Africa is affected by, and affects, the intense global integration of people, governments, economies and technologies. AFCS 2500 African Diaspora Experiences (3) (GHA) This course provides a critical overview of the African Diaspora. Its main purpose is to give students a firm understanding of the historical, political, economic and cultural experiences of those persons of African origin who were torn away from the African homeland during the European slave trade. It also looks at the contribution of the African Diaspora to the formation of new and vibrant cultures in the Americas. AFCS 3000 Topics in Africana Studies (3) (GHA) Provides a focus on a particular subject matter within the field of Africana studies. Its particular content, different from the subject matter covered in the other courses in the minor, will be based on an area of specialty around which the instructor decides to center the course. ANSO 1000 Introduction to Sociology (3) (GVA, VIE) Intended primarily for students who wish to gain a broad, general overview of the field and its area of study, methods of inquiry, and conceptions and analysis of society. Students will learn about core concepts in sociology, including sociological perspectives on culture; social structure; socialization; social institutions; personality and the self; prejudice and discrimination; the significance of race, class and gender; political and social change; demography; human ecology; and crime and deviance. GCP Coding: (SSHB) (WCOM) ANSO 1060 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3) (GVA, VIE) Explores the concepts of culture, universals and diversities of humanity, transmission of culture, and the role of the anthropologist in modern society. GCP Coding: (ROC) (INTC)

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