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MUSIC TO MY EARS It’s great to wander around, see old friends, and take in all the sounds or listen to acts while enjoying a picnic of ribs and a beer.

Music has always been an essential part of my life. My parents were both musicians who shared their passion with my brother and me. My wife, Rose Ann, and I have continued the tradition. We always had music playing in our home, and both boys played trumpet and piano, one even through college. June 21 marks World Music Day, so it seems the perfect opportunity to share music’s role in our lives. Rose Ann and I are usually pretty frugal people, but the one area of our lives where we don’t hesitate to spend is for live music and fine arts. For us, it’s the ideal way to spend our money. We enjoy traveling to see bigger events like Dave Matthews Band and Bela Fleck, Why I Love Being in a Concert Crowd

We even love attending the local school concerts in Kalispell. All of our schools in the valley have excellent music programs — even the middle schoolers put on a great concert. Both the orchestra and band teachers at KMS are incredible. How do they take a bunch of kids that have never played and make them sound so good in eight weeks?!

The annual citywide combined orchestra concert involving local high and middle school students recently happened. Somehow, the instructor finds just the right pieces of music that allows brand-new sixth graders and seasoned seniors to play together and make

and old bands from our younger days like the B-52’s, OMD, Berlin, and ZZ Top or Steve Miller, Marty Stuart, and the Wood Brothers. We’re rarely the youngest in the crowd, but we’re younger than the band members! My kids listen to different music than we do, but both have attended concerts by Trampled By Turtles the last few years. We decided to jump on that bandwagon and are seeing them this summer at the Kettlehouse Amphitheater, one of my favorite places for live music. My dad caught wind of it and decided he wanted to go, too! He has no idea who Trampled By Turtles is, but I expect we’ll have a great time.

good music. A local service group sponsors a jazz night including 7-8 jazz bands from around the area. Some of the high schoolers have been together for years and are incredibly passionate about what they do. Watching the older kids play and seeing the younger ones realize they could sound just as good someday is rewarding. The skill of these kids and their teachers make listening to them a joy, but I also think it’s crucial to support students in their artistic endeavors. For children who might struggle socially or with math, reading, or athletics, music is often an outlet where they can shine and be successful.

While we’re not shy about shelling out for must-see acts, we also like festivals. We love attending smaller performances by musicians of every genre. One of my and Rose Ann’s favorite musical events is the annual Montana Folk Festival in Butte. This free festival is three days long and acts come from all over the world. In addition to folk, you can hear rockabilly, gospel, blues, zydeco, Latin funk, Irish, bluegrass, and much more.

Just as importantly, these school programs can help build a lifelong love of music. My family is a testament to that. Someday, these kids might be among us in the crowds soaking in folk and oldies. – Dr. Jevon Clark



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Monkey Around This Summer

I didn’t always want to be a veterinarian; I originally wanted to be a wild horse running through a field. When my childhood friend and I realized that wasn’t possible, we decided our options were horse trainers, jockeys, or veterinarians. I didn’t own a horse to train, and I’m too tall to be a jockey — so, veterinarian it was! WHY I’M EXCITED TO JOIN THE Pleased to

My name is Dr. Denise Steele, and I joined the Animal Clinic of Kalispell in March. I am incredibly lucky to do something I love that presents new challenges

Check Out Some of America’s Best Zoos

daily. I also feel fortunate to join a practice like this one that aligns with my philosophy of animal medicine and values continued education and improvement.

Summer is one of the best times of the year to travel. Kids are out of school and want to do something fun every weekend, which can be difficult to accommodate if you’ve already exhausted your local options. If you’re looking to travel, you can visit a beach, take in the sights and sounds of an amusement park, or spend some time with animals while visiting a zoo. Nearly every state in our country has a handful of zoos or aquariums, but some stand above the rest.

Considering my original dream, it’s probably unsurprising that I practiced equine medicine and surgery directly from veterinary school. I did that work for around 10 years, then took a sabbatical to raise my children. Since both my children have allergies, and one is particularly allergic to horses, returning to that line of work couldn’t happen. I’m passionate about horses but much more passionate about my kids! So, when I returned to work, I decided to do small animal medicine.

Here are three of the best zoos you can visit in the U.S.

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska, is consistently ranked as one of the top five zoos in the world. It prides itself on hosting rare, endangered animals you can’t see elsewhere. It has the world’s largest nocturnal exhibit, and one of the major highlights is the Desert Dome, an 84,000-square-foot indoor desert that maintains an authentic desert ecosystem. This is a must-visit for any animal lover in your family. The Bronx Zoo You don’t usually think about seeing exotic animals when you visit New York City, but the Bronx Zoo is one of the best places to view animals in America. Opened in 1899, the Bronx Zoo is responsible for many of the advancements relating to animal captivity. This was one of the first zoos to ditch cages for natural environments and create an animal hospital. With over 6,000 species, there’s an animal for everyone at the Bronx Zoo.

Squeezable Cat Tre

If your cat needs extra hydration this summer, consider making your own puréed cat treats. They’re just as good as the squeezy tube treats you can get at your local pet store.

Inspired by

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens While the San Diego Zoo is often boasted as California’s largest and best zoo, another zoo is worth checking out. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens outside Palm Springs has entertained visitors for decades. There are events at this zoo every day, one of the most popular being the keeper connections and animal encounters, where you get up close and personal with the animals while learning more about their habitats and lifestyles.



I love working with cats and dogs, but I love the humans I meet just as much. My clients end up becoming family. I see them and their pets in beautiful moments and challenging times, which creates a bond. I love the human interaction in my work as much as spending time with the animals. E ANIMAL CLINIC OF KALISPELL o Meet You


This month, we continue our “A Day in the Life” series with one of our veterinary assistants. Mason Froyd shares how her average shift at the Animal Clinic of Kalispell looks below. When I started at the Animal Clinic of Kalispell almost two years ago, I knew virtually nothing about this line of work. I was first hired as a receptionist, but the clinic needed more medical staff. I was willing to try the veterinary assistant role, and I absolutely loved it.

During my appointments, I learn a lot about our clients, but I don’t always have the opportunity to share as much about myself. I have two children, Arwynn (15) and Wyatt (13). I love attending their sports functions, and the three of us enjoy getting outdoors together. I adore summer in Montana and particularly enjoy visiting Glacier National Park. Two Jack Russell terriers complete our family.

The Animal Clinic of Kalispell has a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere, and I’m so glad to be here with such an incredible team. Everyone has the right principles and prioritizes our patients’ care and our clients’ well-being. Having access to a lot of updated technology is just a bonus! I look forward to getting to know all of you — and your furry family members. –Dr. Denise Steele

The veterinary assistant team starts our day at 7 a.m. by preparing all the exam rooms. We ensure we didn’t overlook any cleaning tasks from the night before and

that all the supplies are stocked. We also study up on our patients for the day, confirm our care estimates are complete, and give the doctors a brief history of each animal they’ll be seeing. Once the clinic opens, we spend our day doing patient exams. The veterinary assistants accompany the doctors in the rooms and take medical notes. We also help control the animals during exams by holding, distracting, or feeding them. Once the exam is complete, we leave the room with the doctor to discuss a treatment plan before presenting it to the clients. Veterinary assistants also administer vaccines, perform nail trims, and complete other treatments during visits.



I have three dogs — a miniature Australian shepherd and two border collie mixes — so it’s probably unsurprising that interacting with the animals is my favorite part of this job. I love creating relationships with my clients and patients; having trust and rapport is essential. It’s also a lot of fun to watch the animals grow up. New puppy visits are some of my favorites because they come in every few weeks for several months, and I really get to know them. Whenever we have extra time in the day, we see how we can help other departments. We might assist the receptionists with phone calls or help the doctors catch up on their notes. I love the teamwork here. Everyone is always willing to help and support each other. We see our last patient at 5 p.m. and work together to close the office at 6 p.m. Being a veterinary assistant is hard work, and the days can be long, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

4 oz chicken (or your cat’s favorite protein)

4 tbsp water


1. In a large pot, bring water to a boil. Add chicken and boil for 5–6 minutes or until the center is no longer pink. 2. Once chicken is cooked, cut into small pieces. Add sliced chicken to food processor, then add 4 tbsp of water. 3. Purée the chicken and water together until it reaches a paste consistency. Avoid having any chicken chunks. 4. Pour the liquid cat treat into a plastic squeeze bottle.

Cut the tip of the bottle to make the hole bigger as needed, then let your cat snack! (You can put any remaining liquid treat in the freezer for use later.)

–Mason Froyd







A Longtime Clark Family Passion

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3 Squeezable Cat Treats

3 Inside a Veterinary Assistant’s Day

4 A Furry Hero in Mexico

Rescue Dog’s Legacy Lives On

Dressed in protective goggles, blue booties, and a matching vest, this incredible rescue dog became a symbol of hope in Mexico. Frida, a cheerful yellow Labrador retriever, was a devoted member of the Mexican Navy known for her search and rescue skills. Trained to find people trapped under rubble after earthquakes, Frida always worked hard to save lives. Frida became a national hero when a devastating earthquake hit Mexico City in 2017. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake took more than 300 lives and injured many more. While sifting through dangerous debris and aftershocks, Frida saved 12 people after finding them alive while uncovering more than 40 bodies during her lifesaving career. While the nation was devastated by the disaster, this smiley rescue pup brought worldwide attention to the tragedy. Frida’s dedication (and impeccable style) quickly made her an internet celebrity, and soon, murals of the lifesaving canine graced the walls of Mexico City. Even Captain America, aka Chris Evans, gave Frida a shoutout on Twitter, adding, “What did we do to deserve dogs?” HOW THE WORLD FELL FOR FRIDA

The hero dog then traveled the world, helping countries suffering from the aftermath of disastrous earthquakes. Frida saved lives in Haiti and Ecuador before retiring from her position in 2019 at 10 years old to live the rest of her days in comfort and love. Sadly, the Mexican Navy announced Frida’s passing in November 2022 due to old age. She was 13 years old. In her honor, a magnificent bronze statue of Frida, clad in goggles and boots, stands in front of the Mexican Navy office in Mexico City. On the day of her death, the Mexican Navy changed their Twitter banner to an illustration of Frida and spread the hashtag “#HastaSiempreFrida.” Frida will always be remembered for her lifesaving work and the hope she embodied for the entire world.



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