Farmingdale PT: Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Pain

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By Joe Cottone

“Since I was young I knew I wanted to help people, I just did not know which path of medicine to pursue. Although I had heard of physical therapy when I was younger, I did not know as much about it as I did with other medical professions. When I was 17 I started working as a physical therapy aide at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West. Coming into this job I did not know what to expect, as I had never had a job of this caliber before. Even though I was not as well-rounded in physical therapy, I kept an open mind and continued to work hard and learn from all of

the therapists and aides in the facility. As I learned more about physical therapy, I became extremely interested and shifted my studies to Health Science. During my final semester at Hofstra University, I decided to apply to physical therapy school. After an intensive interviewing process, I was accepted to the Physical Therapy program at NYIT. The program will last three years, and I am excited and prepared to begin my schooling and career as a physical therapist.”

- Joe Cottone

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