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MY EXPERIENCE LEARNING ABOUT DRESSING, TURDUCKENS, AND PIECAKENS! After living in New Orleans during medical school, I’ve become a self-proclaimed foodie. My wife and I spent much of our time in the Big Easy taste testing every type of food we could find, and, since our move to Nashville, we’ve only fallen further in love with

adventurous restaurant experiences. While it was the Louisianian delicacies that really led me to expand my palate, there has never been a time when I didn’t love food. In fact, Thanksgiving was far and away my favorite holiday growing up. During my high school years, I couldn’t seem to find enough food, no matter how many times I ate my way through my family’s pantry. That’s why Thanksgiving was the best day of the year — I was lucky enough to partake in three large dinners in three separate locations! I would start out in the early afternoon at my mom’s or grandmother’s house. Afterward, I would drive to my then girlfriend’s house and have dinner with her family, and then I’d finish out the evening at my dad’s dinner table. As a teenage boy with a seemingly insatiable appetite, and who wanted to get as big and as strong as possible, nothing could ever beat Thanksgiving. While I grew up feasting in New Jersey, my experiences celebrating Thanksgiving in the South with my wife’s family taught me about all the unique differences regarding several staple holiday dishes. For example, I never knew about the relationship between stuffing and dressing. Growing up, I knew stuffing to be the tasty side dish prepared inside the turkey. But, when I started eating dinner with my wife’s family, they kept

asking me if I wanted “dressing.” Having no idea what their version of dressing was, I assumed they were talking about salad dressing, so I kept looking around for a bowl of leafy greens. Needless to say, my in-laws had a great laugh at my expense that year, and now, I always look forward to the oyster dressing my wife’s grandmother makes! Another Thanksgiving custom I learned from my in-laws was just how delicious fried turkey can be. In New Jersey, everyone I knew baked their turkeys. Because I eagerly sat down for three separate dinners as a teenager, I clearly wasn’t picky about how the turkey was prepared. But, after having fried turkey in recent years, I have to say it makes for an amazingly flavorful experience. I’ve since learned that fried turkey and oyster dressing were just the beginning. My Thanksgiving celebrations in the South also blessed me with the knowledge of what a turducken is: a deboned chicken stuffed inside a deboned duck stuffed inside a deboned turkey! In that same vein, I recently came across a dessert called a piecaken,

which is based on the same layering idea. You put three different types of pie inside a giant cake. I haven’t had the opportunity to try a piecaken yet, but I’m thinking this year might be the time to give it a whirl! As I start looking forward to celebrating this amazing holiday with my family and friends, I can’t help but feel grateful for all the blessings life has brought me this past year. I’m thankful to my wonderful staff who takes care of our patients in such a kind and supportive way. I’m thankful to my patients for trusting me with their health, beauty, and confidence. I’m thankful for my family for providing a solid base for my life and for giving me a “place” to call home. And I’m thankful to God for supplying me with so many amazing opportunities.

To you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

–Dr. Mike

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