Johnston PT: Correcting Knee Pain For The Avid Runner





Spring has sprung! Thank God for the break from the brutal ice, cold and SNOW! That was a lot of snow. With the break in the weather, it has been great being able to get back outside for fitness, for fresh air- for sanity. This time of year we see many injuries with return to higher outdoor fitness activities. If we prepare appropriately, we can reduce the risk of injury –which keeps us on the road. A few years ago, I gave up more consistent running as I was hurting- knees, hip, back, but most significantly my neck. When my symptoms would get bad, I would work with my different therapists- and they were always able to give me good short-term relief keeping me on the road. I was looking for the quick fix- I would often switch therapists so they • Correcting Knee Pain For The Avid Runner • Relieve Hip Pain In Minutes • Patient Success Spotlight • Staff Spotlight • What Should I Do Now?

would not know that I was still hurting. The good news is- I didn’t give up. So why wasn’t I getting all the way better. I felt like I was chasing problems around- trading knee pain for hip pain, then on to neck or back pain. I was doing my work, maybe not all the time. Full of excuses- I was busy running a business, three kids and my wife that I had to keep up with. “Was this genetic, actually stress or am I just getting too old”? What was interesting was my attitude. I knew “best” what I needed to do. Certainly, I was not as consistent as I would expect my “patient” to be. Doing just the parts I wanted to do of what my therapists recommended.Yet, Iwasconvinced I was doing enough. Or was I? I was challenged by one of my therapists (who will remain nameless). They asked: “What are you really doing? You are too weak, too inflexible and not stopping when your symptoms indicate you should”.

So, I stopped masking symptoms. I stopped self-treating- and listened. I started training with purpose. Harder, heavier, more frequently. Better diet. More sleep. And listening to my body and my therapist. I actually would tell you I hurt worse for 2 or 3 weeks- as I ACTUALLY DIDTHEWORK. Not just saying I was doing the work. But recording it so I knew how much I was doing. It was good for me to experience- I preach this stuff all the time. If we accurately diagnose your issue and you do the work- we can almost always, not only help you reduce your symptoms, but get you back to what you want to do. I have become an even bigger believer in what we do- and hopefully a better therapist because of it. Most importantly, I’mstronger, more flexible, doingmore than ever and don’t have the pain that kept me down. If you are struggling, consider letting one of our therapist see if we can help!


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