Path to Success

Fast Track Enhanced Earn more by focusing on your leadership ranks. As you grow, so does your income! Level Rank Requirement* Percent fast track financial independence options

(pays monthly)

Payout Per Level

$ 28.00 $ 134.40


Level 1

Product Advocate Sharing Partner Trainer

Level 2 Level 3 TOTAL

12% 23% 45% payout

$ 1030.40 $ 1,192.80

Achieve leadership rank of Sharing Partner for level 2 payout. Achieve leadership rank of Trainer for level 3 payout within the monthly commission period. See page 22 for more information

Fast Track Generational Bonus Fast Track Generational Bonus is a powerful bonus that allows you to earn beyond the 3-levels Fast Track pays commission on. By allowing you to get a percentage of sales of your entire organization down three generations. Once you achieve the leadership rank of Executive this unlocks your first Fast Track Generational Bonus, down to the next Executive ranked Product Advocate in your downline. When additional Product Advocates within the same leg achieve the leadership rank of Executive it continues to unlock deeper Fast Track Generational Bonuses.

1 st

2% CV

2% CV

2% CV


2 nd 3 rd

2.5% CV

2.5% CV


3% CV


Achieve leadership rank of Executive. See page 22 for more information


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