Path to Success

three core wealth structures

$ RETAIL SALES Commissions earned from product sold to your using their account with Be Young or your replicated shopping cart

PARTY / CLASS Commissions earned from at a party, or a class

UNILEVEL Commissions earned from sponsored Product Advocates in your .

*All commissions are paid based the commissionable volume of the product (CV). Commissionable volume is calculated at 65% of the wholesale price of the product. Please see page 26-27 for of terms you may not be aware of. generate wealth your way network marketing as it should be

Be Young Total Health Life Rewarding plan has been developed into two options throughout each of the core wealth structures:

Getting Started

getting started option of the Life Rewarding plan is more generous than any other compensation plan in the industry. is accomplished by taking a zero (0) breakage approach, and by paying you the highest percentage of commission early on. If you keep your account active by product each month, you will earn on all three core wealth structures no questions ask.

Financial Independence

Financial Independence option is a way to get even more from the same effort. bonuses are very generous, are based on overall sales of your group, and can provide a quick way to take your week night and weekend hobby of building your Be business into a thriving residual income. of this as your performance bonuses.


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