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YOU WILL ENJOY READING THESE E ICLA B C C I t i The following volumes are not only intensely interesting and instructive, but also spiritually helpful. Biola Books are books of the better kind— safe reading for young and old. Order some o f these volumes for your own library and for gifts to your friends. The Patmos Vision By George W . Davis Jesus, the Prophet, Priest, King The Mark of the Beast By Sydney W atson A thrilling

Every Christian should read this splendid contribution to the literature pertaining to

By Dr. R. A. Torrey A wonderful series of sermons which present an exceptionally beautiful and unique picture of our Lord and at the same time reveal this great preacher’s strong religious convictions and re­ markable eloquence. Dr. Torrey takes up the Prophetic aspect o f our Lord from the Old Testam ent; His Priestlv aspect in the present generation; and His Kingly aspect during the millennial period. Cloth 75 cents; Paper 50 cents In the Secret Place By W . B. Percival Since prayer is the divinely ap­ pointed means of carrying on the Lord’s work, Christians need contin­ ually to be stirred up to exercise this grace, and this volume is well calcu­ lated to accom plish the desired result, as it contains an amazing amount of information about prayer and will in­ spire the reader to a more faithful min­ istry of intercession and enable him to pray more intelligently and with greater faith and fervency. Cloth $1.00 Cynthia Stands Fast By Florence Nye Whitwell This intensely interesting, character­ building book, contains a purposeful message for Christians who are timid about ‘‘standing fast” and letting their lights shine for the Master. There’s help, encouragement and inspiration in this charm ingly written romance, which ends with Cynthia’s marriage to a fine young m issionary. Be sure to order this book— you will want to read it over and over. Cloth $1.25; Paper 75 cents Wonderful Names of our Wonderful Lord By T. C. H orton and Chas. E. Hurlburt The authors of th:s work have com ­ piled a splendid book for daily d evo­ tions which centers the mind upon the matchless beauty and glory o f our Lord. It contains 365 names of Jesus Christ as found in the Old and New Testaments— one for every day in the year— and a daily meditation upon each name. Cloth $1.50 Mysteries of the Kingdom By W . C. Stevens In this volume the author has sum ­ moned both the Old and the New Tes­ tament to tell a story about the Lord’s Second Coming that will open the eyes of both young and old Christ'ans to a new and fuller appreciation of the blessed hope of His glorious appearing. Cloth $1.00; Paper 50 cents

piece o f fic­ tion, but the story cleaves close to Scrip­ ture and gives a startling,

o u r L o r d ' s Second Com ­ ing and kin­ dred themes. T h e earnest seeker after truth will find here much in- f o r m a t i o n about the pu r­ pose o f God concerning the Jews, the Gen­ tles and the C h u r c h of G o d , during the .age which confronts us.


realistic and a w e-inspiring picture of the reign of the Antichrist and the horrors of t h e g r e a t T r ib u la t io n . Don’t fail to read this fas­ cinating book. Cloth $1.75 Mary Ellen’ s Diary

Cloth $2.25 Paper $1.50 The Bible and Spiritual Life By Dr. A . T . Pierson One will :be well repaid spiritually for having made this book h:s own. It contains fifteen splendid addresses in which Dr. Pierson clearly shows that the Book of God is the exact provision, satisfaction and guide for all the re­ quirements of man’s moral and spirit­ ual life. 483 pages; Cloth $2.50 Why I Believe in the Virgin Birth o f Jesus Christ By Dr. Wm . Evans For a better understanding of the truth of the Virgin Birth o f Jesus Christ, and for sound, convincing an­ swers to the critic’s arguments on the subject, we heartily commend Dr. Evans’ splendid book which answers each argument fully with the Sword of the Spirit, and clears away all doubts. Cloth $1.00; Paper 60 cents Fine Gold By Josephine H. W estervelt An illustrated book of travel, de­ scription and m issions, as w e l l as a vivid narra­

By Mrs. H. S. Lehman It is a pleasure to commend th:s book as it appeals to readers of all ages, and not only tells a good story in a m ost unique manner, but also shows what an ‘‘on fire” evangelist can do in the way of breaking up stony hearts and winning souls for the Mas­ ter. This is a story you will not want to miss. Board 75 cents The Summarized Bible By Keith L. Brooks This is a guide to daily devotional reading— com piled for the purpose of stimulating Christians to pursue a sys­ tematic course of Bible reading. It comprises a com plete summary of the entire Bible— chapter by chapter— and if the “ Calendar for Bible Reading” is followed it will take the reader through the entire Bible in one year. Cloth $1.75; Paper $1.25 Knowing the Scriptures By Dr. A. T. Pierson

i This volume with || clearness and ¡1 authority the i| p e r p le x it ie s [| which b e s e t t h e student, Sunday-school teacher a n d layman, in the study of the W ord. It will g i v e you a n e w interest in Bible study and help you o b t a i n the best results. reveals

tive descrip­ tion of m od­ ern m issionary life in Rome- c o n t r o l l e d South Am er­ ica. To lovers of travel and m issions and to workers in m i ss i o n a ry meetings and m ission study classes t h i s alluring v o l­ ume will be a real delight. Cloth $1.50

the ^ ^edptiafes

460 pages; Cloth $2.50

i BIOLA BOOK ROOM BibleInstitute,LosAngeles,Calif.

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