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Dear Readers, It’s awesome that you’re taking the time to read Connected . This issue is all about Compass in the Community, and when you read Connected , you are showing that you care about our Morrison-Crothall community! Why? This magazine is our way of sharing news across the company, so that you become part of what is happening with our teams all over the nation. Belonging to a community like ours, you will naturally be eager to know what your neighbors and family members are doing, the challenges they regularly face, and the great solutions they are willing to share. That is the mission of Connected ! The community in which we work and live day-to-day is also essential to support. We don’t exist in a vacuum, and certainly our business is very dependent upon the well-being of the community around us. The Be-A-Star Star 2: Compass in the Community activity is designed to encourage community involvement as an annual goal for our teams. Better yet, we are prepared to award the

best community initiatives our teams are undertaking if they complete the extra submission requirements for the National Compass in the Community Award . See our feature article to find useful information on what qualifies for this prestigious award. In addition, if you are a Crothall team, you can help us celebrate our “25 Years of Caring” by submitting your video and form for the CITC national award… which will qualify you for both awards! Thank you for your daily contributions to the people, teams, and communities that inhabit your world. I know you will find your efforts in this area are also returned as blessings many times over. Take the next step and complete an outreach project, and let me know if I’m right! Please enjoy this edition of Connected , and as always, contact me using the link on this page if you have any thoughts you’d like to share with me.

All the best,

Bobby Kutteh, CEO Compass One Healthcare



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