Questions For Your Doctor: Ocular Melanoma Follow-Up Care


• What do you recommend in terms of scans and visits for follow-up care? • Can you show me how to read my scans? • Are there changes to my diet or lifestyle that will make a difference in my cancer battle? • Should I seek a second opinion? Questions Regarding Adjuvant Therapy: • What does adjuvant therapy mean? • Will adjuvant therapy decrease my chance of developing metastatic disease? • Are there clinical trials for adjuvant treatment? • Do I need scans on a regular basis? If so, what type of scan do you recommend? MRI with contrast? CT scan? Ultrasound? Bloodwork? • What would a “regular basis” look like? Every 3 months? 6 months? Annually? • After my treatment, should I continue to follow- up with both an ophthalmologist and a medical oncologist? If so, how often and what tests do I need? • Will I be able to continue my normal daily life?

Following primary treatment, you will likely make a follow-up plan with your healthcare team. These questions can help guide that discussion. Follow-Up Questions for Your Oncologist: • What is metastatic disease? • How does ocular melanoma spread, and where is it most likely to spread? • How will you determine if the cancer has spread to a different part of my body? • Are there any symptoms I should be aware of that could signal that the cancer has spread? • Given the details of my case, what is the risk of having the OM spread beyond my eye? What are the ways to help determine this risk? • Are there any preventative treatments for metastatic disease I should know about? • If the cancer in the eye responds to the treatment, can it still grow back? Should I look into genetic counseling? • What is the likelihood of recurrence? What are those treatment options? • Can ocular melanoma develop in my other eye? What are those treatment options?

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