IBV Industrial Brochure


n CUSTOMER FOCUS The customer is the focus of all our activities. Our goal is to meet our customers’ requirements at the highest level of quality. We primarily consider those risks and opportunities that can affect the conformity of products and services and can influence customer satisfaction. n ENVIRONMENT In addition to the quality of the product, our company also places special emphasis on the protection of the environment and the development of an environmentally conscious way of thinking. n CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT We identify our weak points and improvement areas by analyzing and evaluating our activities and processes. Our goal is to prevent occurance of errors, ensure the stability of our processes, the quality of our service activities as well the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. n COMMITMENT We are committed to the professional development of our employees and to the training of their quality and environmental awareness, enabling us to work at an ever-improving quality efficiently, economical and on an environmentally conscious way.


IBV Hungaria Lighting and Plastic processing company was founded in 1993 in Kiskunfélegyháza (120 km south from Budapest) as a subsidiary of the German IBV Holding GMBH. Our 2 main activities are the production of our own developed industrial luminaries with high IP-rating for fluorescent tubes or equipped with LED modules, as well as the manufacturing of GRP-based (glass fibre reinforced polyester) products designed in cooperation with our partners from different industry areas. More than 95% of our production volume is sold on international markets in more than 60 countries of 5 continents. Feedback from our customers continuously acknowledges the excellent price-performance ratio of our products, proving the high level of competency of our staff. During the last years several multinational companies transferred their plastic processing acitivity to our site. We satisfy the high expectations from our clients both in thermoplastic and thermoset technology.



4500 T

30 Mio €

35.000 m 2


Foundation of IBV Hungaria Lighting and Plastic Processing Company as a subsidiary of IBV Holding

Machine capacity increase in thermoplastic production

Silicon sealing technology launch

BMC (Bulk Moulded Compound) technology naturalization









Investments: • 9000m 2 plant extention 2000t press machine CNC controlled PUR sealing equipment

P.I.M.C technology launch

6.600 m 2 plant extention

Further investments in machinery

Machine capacity increase in thermoset production

Large workspace plastic milling machine Injection machine Profile co-extruder machine

Thermoplastic technology start



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