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n GRP SANDWICH PANEL The fiberglass-reinforced plastic, hereinafter referred to as GRP is a multilayer prefabricated component consisting of a thermal insulation layer and / or load-carrier layers of different thicknesses and a GRP reinforcement around it.

n MANUFACTURING PROCESS At IBV Hungária Kft., we have been producing GRP sandwich panels since 2018. Colleagues with decades of GRP sandwich panel manufacturing experience are involved in the design and management of the technology and help our custom- ers find the most appropriate solutions. The process of sandwich panel production starts with cutting GRP sheets from rolls and sizing the core materials and integrated inserts. The prepared components are built on a 9 x 3 m vacuum table where a special 2-component PU adhesive is applied between the layers. Thereafter, a vacuum compresses the individual layers together until the adhesive has set, thus ensuring the flatness and uniform thickness of the sandwich panel.


High-gloss or mat in different colours

Surface structure can be smooth, squared fabric structure or anti-slip grinsor even carbon fiber


Very high tensile strength With special coatings: UV resistant, extra abrasion resistant or even antibacterial


PP Honeycomb Plywood birch Metal

n MACHINE PARK - Sheet cutting machine - Core and panel cutter - Vacuum table - 5-axis milling machine

n BENEFITS OF USING GRP SANDWICH PANEL The advantage of the GRP armored panel over the traditional metal armored sand- wich panel is the corrosion resistance and the increased load-bearing capacity char- acterized by different types of core materials. The structure of the sandwich panel can be 100% customized according to the functionality and the application way. The tensile strength of the GRP armament is several times higher than of the steel in terms of self-weight, so that is highly resistant to various forms of stress, weather and abrasion.


Automotive industry - Caravans - Vehicles with box body Logistic applications - Suitcases - Boxes

The GRP sandwich panel can be sized in the same way as wood with simple hand tools.

One-component MS Polymer adhesives adhere extremely well to the GRP surface.

Building construction - Side walls

Prefabricated e.g. glued application of corner profiles not only ensures quick installa- tion and aesthetic appearance, but also has an extremely strong bond. Tightening screws can be easily applied with wood, metal or PET reinforcements integrated in the GRP sandwich panel.

- Design of walls and surfaces with high hygienic properties



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