Sandler Training - December 2018


bookkeeping for our remodeling business while raising four kids, she sometimes needed to engage with others in her casual clothes. She noticed a significant decline in the way she was treated based on what she was wearing. If you can’t be too formal, and you can’t be too casual, but you also can’t wear your company polo, which should be right in the middle, then what’s the solution? You need to match your attire to the industry. When I went to the marketing company, brimming with civility, my attire did not match, and therefore, they assumed I could not relate. The client I coached benefited from understanding whether a professional approach or causal approach would connect with their ideal demographic. If we’re spending time qualifying our prospects, you can believe they are doing the same. People want to be related to, and one significant way we can do that is through how we dress.

The best part about an ugly sweater Christmas party is the level playing field. No matter whether it’s extravagant or straightforward, everyone commits to being silly, and there’s no right or wrong way to do that. From all of us at Sandler Training, we hope you have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! –Jim Stephens FEELING THE PAIN OF PRODUCTIVITY? TRY OUR NEW 6-WEEK COURSE

We all know the age-old adage that what got you here won’t get you there. This concept has never been more evident. Many of us have felt the growing pains associated with a booming economy and a busy year. While extensive growth is often accompanied by the joy of success, it also shines a spotlight on our deficiencies; sometimes the talents of our team are limited to the outdated systems we employ. Many leaders blame themselves, but in

actuality, the added work on their plate can become so substantial that they forget the importance of continuing education as a means to provide professional growth. This year, we’ve built a new curriculum focusing on the six critical skills that can take your supervisors or project managers to the next level. The new rubric is built from the communication skills that Sandler offers, ensuring we make teams that focus on productive communication and quantifiable results. Our six-week course will start on Jan. 15 and take place every two weeks until March 19. Enrollees of this class will learn the communication skills necessary to effectively interact with staff, ask the right questions, increase performance, and teach coaching concepts on time management and personal productivity. If you’re looking for a way to provide additional support to the key people in your organization, reach out to us to set up a conversation. Our team believes wholeheartedly in this course’s ability to get the results you need.


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