IBV Brochure of Plant Cultivation Luminaire

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The PhytoLED SolveSun is a horticulture LED Solution for all year production. This plant growing LED luminaire is the result of 2 years of research, developed by our partner SolvE- lectric Technologies Kft. After examining and considering the needs of gardeners, a high energy efficient product has been created. With its special chimney heat dissipation system , it also provides the ideal operating parameters for LED chips with passive cooling – without the use of fans. As a Toplight luminai - re, it typically emits strong and vibrant light therefore it is suitable for greenhouses with high ceilings. YOUR MAIN BENEFITS  Extremely high energy efficiency: SolveSun achieves 65% energy savings (com- pared to sodium vapor (HPS) lamps)  Ideal for one-by-one replacement of (HPS) lamps  Low operating cost  Maintenance-free: Requires only periodic cleaning to maintain their light-emitting efficiency  Long lifetime: up to 50.000 operating hours

Toplighting for plant cultivation

Dust and waterproof plant growing LED luminaires with metal body

Horticulture LED Solutions for all year production

FIELD OF APPLICATION  Locations where crops would not receive adequate amounts of sunlight otherwise (in winter and during rainy and overcast weather)  Vertical farms and green walls  Ideal choice for lighting plants in greenhouses  Black box cultivation: Certain toplights, as the PhytoLED SolveSun can even replace the sun entirel y – they can be used to grow plants in rooms with no natural light! Plants grown with PhytoLED SolveSun can be completely isolated from the outside world and they could be raised in sterile conditions.  Excellent for growing seedlings, flowers, chili peppers, tomatoes, wheat grass and lettuce

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