IBV Brochure of Plant Cultivation Luminaire

Interlighting for plant cultivation

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The PhytoLED Interlight is a horticulture all-year production system. In modern greenhouses the Toplight fixtures are placed very high above the plants, and it causes difficulties for gardeners to get adequate light to the lower parts of the plants. With Toplighting, only the leaves near the already ripe fruits get enough light. However, PhytoLED Interlight is a perfect solution for this problem. Our plant growing Interlight LED luminaires are suitable for 2 m column spacings in greenhouses and foil tents. The installation of these extruded profile fixtures is very quick and easy . The luminaires contain 3-phase through wiring , so it is enough to connect them to each other by using standard electrical cables. The material of the luminaire is strengthened PMMA , which is chemically

Dust and waterproof plant growing LED luminaires with extruded plastic body

Horticulture LED Solutions for all year production

and impact-resistant , retains its excellent optical properties in long term use. The endcaps are fixed with non-removable gluing, so excellent ingress protection and sealing is ensured even in high-pressure washing.

YOUR MAIN BENEFITS  Production boost: LEDs on both sides of the products ensure light to two rows of plants at once (The more the light, the more the yield!)  Easy and quick installation: ’Plug and Go’ system  Perfect energy and light efficiency, as well as well-balanced light distribution  Cost-effective Interlighting module (RG1) to minimize energy consumption  When applying PhytoLED Interlight, we have calculated a yield increase of at least 2-3% for every 1% of additional light invested  Long lifetime: up to 50.000 operating hours FIELD OF APPLICATION  Used to provide light in between the plants – without unwanted heat generation  Additional light source for tall greenhouse vegetation  Used to increase yield and to improve the crop quality  Improves the taste and nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables  Ideal choice for lightweight construction foil tents , or greenhouses with low ceilings (where Toplighting is not recommended)  Excellent choice for growing tomatoes, eggplants, and cucumbers  Optimal in vertical farms above the crops (with no rows but shelves instead)



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