IBV Brochure of Plant Cultivation Luminaire


Facts about LED based plant cultivation

THE ADVANTAGES OF LED BASED PLANT CULTIVATION  All-year production system (weather independece)  Production boost  Can be used in addition to sunlight  Optimized photosynthesis  Perfect and well-balanced light distribution  Outstanding eciency

 Easy installation  No maintenance  Low energy costs  Can replace inecient sodium lamps (HPS)

Wavelength (nm)

Plants use only about 4-8% of visible light for photosynthesis.

Both sunlight and artifical light are acceptable for plants. However, there is a range between 500-610 nm that isn't absorbed by them. By providing the right wavelength of light, the taste of vegetables can be

improved in addition to their yield! RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT

Our team of experts spent years researching horticultural LEDs. We were able to identify the exact compo- sition of light that plants need to be able to grow. Going further, we also identified that different types of plants have different needs. To better understand this spectrum, first we must look at the differences between artificial and natural light. Natural light is dynamically changing. The intensity of sunlight is always in flux as clouds pass by in the sky. One of the benefits of the artificial light that it is constant in its intensity. We were able to recreate the dynamic aspect of natural light with our LED spectrum. We conti- nuously keep finetuning our horticulture technology. We have kept a close eye on the various develop- ments and innovations of LEDs, always looking for ways to incorporate the latest technology in our own research. As a result, all of our horticultural luminaires are state-of-the-art, using advanced technology to

ensure you can grow your plants eciently, wherever you may be! IBV PhytoLED plant growing LED luminaires

Our PhytoLED product family, developed over years of active research and development is the ideal choice for providing light to plants both in greenhouses and film tents. Our goal was to develop energy-ecient fixtures and we succeeded! The PhytoLED product family achieved up to 65% energy savings compared to sodium vapor (HPS) lamps, which are often used on farms despite their ineciency. In fact, less than 10% of the light emitted by HPS lamps is actually used by the plants.

YOUR BENEFITS AT A GLANCE  Shortened growth cycles  Increased production

 Improved shelf life and taste  Colour and shape optimisation



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