IBV Brochure of Plant Cultivation Luminaire

The plant growing LED luminaires are ideal for newly constructed greenhouses, for foil tents, vertical farms, experimental laboratories, black boxes, green wall lighting and sport stadiums. What sort of plants do you want to grow?


 seedlings  vegetables

 hemp (cannabis)  herbs & chili peppers  ornamental plants, flowers  green wall lighting  experimental plant cultivation  turfing sport stadiums with grass

 salads (e.g.: lettuce)  fruits (e.g.: berries)  mushrooms  micro-vegetables, wheatgrass

Vegetables (e.g.: tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers)


Seedlings in general can be grown in greenhouses, foil tents and vertical farms and even in black boxes with no natural light, using grow lights. We recommend Toplights for greenhouse cultiva- tion of tomatoes. The colourful / purple is ideal, but the white can also be used.

In the first stage of the plant’s lifecycle, we recom - mend Toplights. Similar to seedlings, purple or white or a combination of both may be used. However, as soon as the stems of the plant grow and rich foliage is developed, Interlights are recommended due to their increased efficiency. The light produced by Interlights hits more of the leaves than Toplights due to the foliage. As these plants develop further, Interlighting becomes the primary lighting method, while Toplights can be used for additional illumination.

Salads (e.g.: lettuce)

Fruits (e.g.: berries)

Various kinds of salad can be grown in greenhouses and foil tents and vertical farms. Lettuce is also extremely well-suited for black box cultivation. Toplights are recommended for greenhouse cultiva- tion. Toplights provide plenty of light in foil tents and can be mounted much easier. For vertical farms and black boxes, PhytoLED Interlight is the perfect fit – it works quite well with the shelves in such systems.

Berries of all kinds can be grown in greenhouses, foil tents or in vertical farms. We recommend using Toplights for greenhouse and foil tent cultivation in addition to natural sunlight. The rate of growth can be increased with the Toplights, and the crop quality is guaranteed to be excellent. For year-round operating vertical farms and black boxes, a combination of Toplights and Interlights are recommended to ensure sufficient amounts of light for the plants.

Herbs & chili peppers

For growing chili peppers and herbs the application of Toplighting technology is advised.



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