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Session Sponsor: Speaker: Stephanie Haefner , VP of Interactive Marketing, Madison Apartment Group, L.P. Session Description: With mobile shopping increasing, tablet and smart phone use exploding and the integration between disciplines and platforms deepening, companies need to understand the dynamic and bring the shopping experience to the consumer now more than ever. Social, mobile and reputation management strategies have begun converging to form an extremely powerful method for generating leads and driving traffic to properties. With customers adopting new technologies faster than businesses can implement them, making an impact in the digital realm has never been more daunting. Join us as we explore where customers are headed and how the technology is meeting these needs .

7:00 pm Exhibitor Breakdown

9:00 pm – 12:00 am Networking Event at MIXX Nightclub MIXX Networking Event Sponsors:


Affordable Housing Forum

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Speakers: A panel of industry leaders and experts from state agencies and HUD Session Description: This session will provide will provide information and tools needed to be successful with the ongoing regulatory compliance and other current issues impacting subsidized and income restricted properties. Continual changes and updates to regulations and guidelines present a unique challenge to those managing Affordable Housing both at the site and corporate level.

Friday, February 21

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I REM Presentations Induction of New Members; Presentation of Member Anniversary Pins by Chris Mellen, CPM®, 2014 IREM Secretary/Treasurer

3:45 pm – 5:00 pm Keynote Presentation In the Music Box Theatre

10:30 am – 10:45 am Morning Break 10:45 am – 12:00 pm Keynote Presentation

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You Can’t Lie to Me

Speaker: Janine Driver , Speaker, Media Guest, Author, President of the Body Language Institute Session Description: Imagine how EXCITED you’ll feel when you’re able to easily power up your bottom line and boost your relationships with your community members, sales team, and support staff. Our keynote speaker, retired federal law enforcement officer and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Janine Driver will share her top-secret reading people techniques - direct out of the playbooks of the ATF, FBI, and CIA! Janine, who’s a monthly contributor to NBC’s TODAY Show and HLN’s Dr. Drew, will give you the tools to finally kiss good-bye second-guess- ing your gut instinct, when you hear, “The check is in the mail” or “I slipped on the floor in the lobby.” Wouldn’t it be great, if in those moments, where you think to yourself, “There’s more to the story here,” if you could decode verbal and nonverbal deceptive tells and unlock the truth? You may not work with gun runners, drug dealers or skin- heads, but you know what, you are doing something every single day, where the outcome is just as deadly. If you misread others or send a non-verbal message that doesn’t match your intent, deals are lost, profitability is destroyed, lives are shattered. But when you get it right, that’s where money is made, reputations are born, and business grows.

Strategies for Being a Successful and Outstanding Manager

Speakers: Michael Clark , Business Development Manager, Complete Property Restoration Services; Alfred Ojejinmi, CPM, President and CEO, Presbeuo Group Inc.

This session will focus on “tricks of the trade” that will raise the level of profes- sionalism for all managers, improve their time management skills and ensure ef- fectiveness to improve profitability. It will also focus on raising the bar on education, self esteem and self development and will change the mindset of the participants about the lies they have believed that have caused limitations to unlock the truths to propel them to greater heights.

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