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opening 25x 12cm



Acryl 3mm

Your protection -for your health I Order now!

The bestway toprevent the transmission of viruses is toavoid direct contact „face to face“.A reduction of social contacts is very important, but it is not possibleto prevent them completely.Nevertheless, visits to the doctor,shopping, etc. must bemade. Here a sneezeguard is a goodsolution. This is simply placed between the conversationpartners. Thehygieneprotection wall can be placedon thecounter, the desk, or at the cash desk. Sneezeguardswith and without opening

01 ISneeze guard 60x 28cm I H 98cm opening 25x 12cm no. 9800089,00€

02 ISneeze guard opening 25x 12cm 98x 28cm I H 65cm no. 9800198,00€

04 ISneeze guard without opening 75x 18cm I H 48cm no. 9800349,00€

03 ISneeze guard opening 25x 12cm 75x 18cm I H 48cm no. 9800254,00€

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