Columns Monthly - February 2023

Russian Billionaire: We’ll Run Out Of Money In A Year Russia Prepares To Take Over Slow Producing Arms Makers What Does DC Know About China We Don’t?

Australia Will Refine Lithium, A Major EV Supply Chain Change (wsj$1) Tesla May Have The Only Reliable, Comprehensive Charging Network Today Army Building 20,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs) Biden Wants All Asylum Immigrants To Use New App With A Showstopper Problem (nyt$1) – SnApp™ U.S. Military 12 AI Use Principles For Human Accountability Tesla Begins Recall Of 362,758 Cars Due Full Self-Driving Beta Dangers Tom Sizemore Dies At 61

Columns™ Monthly – February 2023 “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” — Theodore Roosevelt

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Source: SpaceX Texas Plans Huge Public Space Investment & $350M For Texas Space Commission

Source: Phil Foster /WSJ Bring Back Unbiased, Politically Balanced, Professional Journalism – Columns™

Source: DGI Top Dividend Stocks 1Q23 – AOF™

Source: Meropy Farming Robot Covers 50 Acres Of Crops Per Day

Source: CHEVROLET GM Unveils AWD Hybrid Electric-Powered Corvette Warren’s Annual Letter To Shareholders




Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Neuroscience, And The Beta 3AGI™ Project

$3,000 A Week Part Time For ChatGPT & Tome Pitch Decks – YLabs™

Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s)

Austin Has Fastest Growing Centimillionaires & Millionaires – 3AI™ SPF609

When ChatGPT Will Become Really Useful

Smart Agriculture And Production Practices In Japanese Large-scale Rice Farming – AGRICULTURE – AI AI Offers ‘Paradigm Shift’ In Study Of Brain Injury – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Supply Chain Management Using AI And Microsoft 365 – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Meta’s AI Bot Learns APIs For External Functions – ENGINEERING – CS – AI ChatGPT, Copilot, Generative AI Massively Increases Productivity Of Some Software Engineers – Demand For AI App Developers Outstrips Supply

Google Fiber And 5Gb Service Alive & Well

Why Would Anyone Pay For Facebook?

Source: Reuters India Discovers Huge Deposits Of Lithium, Perhaps World’s #7 Reserves After U.S.

Source: AFP U.S. Govt: Wuhan Lab WAS SARS- CoV-2 Origin (1M Americans Dead) 3 Years Late Lancet: Natural Covid Immunity Equals 2 mRNA Doses

Offshore Wind Power 30GW By 2030, 15GW Floating, IRA – BJYEnergy™

Nauticus Robotics – Undersea

Zuckerberg Copies Competitors And Always Worried Facebook Will Be His Only Great Idea

Parent Rights & No Prejudicial Teaching Are Pub’s Top Priority

Source: Defense One France Pushes Unified EU Air Defense & Anti-Nuke Missiles


California’s Water Reservoirs Make A Comeback By Storms

Office Building To Work-Live-L5 Conversions & REITs – BJY™ Communities

AI Tools Rapidly Transforming Work & Society

Digital Markers Almost Perfect Predicting Dementia

Artificial Intelligence And Patient Medical Records Predict Alzheimer’s Disease – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Artificial Intelligence And Robotic Vision In Food Industry – BUSINESS – AI Predicting ALS Disease With AI Methods – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Configurations Of Human-AI Work In Agriculture – AGRICULTURE – AI

Why American Teens Are Feeling Hopeless & Depressed – What To Do – 3P™

Source: MIT MIT X-AR System’s “X-Ray Vision” – Visor™

People With Autism Process Illusory Shapes Differently

Source: Scribd India Should Emerge As An Economic Superpower – We’ll See How India’s Business & Non- Tribal Interpersonal Practices Work

Source: Bluesky Jack Dorsey Launches Twitter Alternative Bluesky – SnApp™

Source: Knobloch Lab – UNIL How To Generate New Neurons In The Brain^

Most Covid Border Closures Ineffective, Likely Illegal

Lifetime Opportunity – Ski LA

Promising Alzheimer’s Drug Leqembi Likely FDA And Medicare Approval This Summer

Source: Samsung U.S. Building 3 Massive Chip Hubs: Austin, Phoenix, New Albany, OH U.S. Will End Up Owning Europe, Again – My How Fine Our Two Oceans And Two Neighbors Are

Source: Huawei Huawei Watch Holds Earbuds

Risk Of Diabetes Rises 58% After Covid, Even Omicron (2)

Source: Florence Lo The Future Belongs To Those Who Learn ChatGPT And Other AI Say Top Universities And Gates – YLabs™

Again, Elon Becomes World’s Richest Man

DOD Rescinds Covid Vax Requirement

Stick Shift & Drivers’ Cars Resonate With 20 Somethings

Lawyers Using Generative AI – BUSINESS – Law – AI

The Ukraine War Is Our Fight (op.)

Warren’s Berkshire Posts Large 2022 Loss

Copilot Coding Productivity

Switzerland Is The Surprise Obstacle To Ukraine Resupply

Nader Attacks Elon (Nader’s A Yahoo – Ed.)

AI Decision-Making Framework For Business Value Maximization – BUSINESS – AI B2B Firms And AI-Based Customer Relationship Management – BUSINESS – AI ChatGPT – Reshaping Medical Education And Clinical Management – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Texas Education Agency Taking Over Houston ISD Due To Poor Academics – What Is TEA’s Political Teaching Agenda?

Some Of Warren’s Recent Thoughts

Source: Jason Drees Potential New Treatment For Covid Made From Plants

Make Use Of The 5% World (2)

Could Antidepressants Cause Treatment-Emergent Mania?

The Bing AI Chatbot Has Some Weird In It

Excess Weight, Obesity More Deadly Than Previously Believed

EV Battery Pack Second Lives For Solar Power – SUNz™ UFCU USDA

How AI-Based Technologies Impact Genomics – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Starlink’s $200/mo Global Roaming

Source: Vlad Karlov How Russia Keeps 467 Of 544 Airbus & Boeings In The Air

Impact Of AI Technologies On E- Business – BUSINESS – AI

Snapchat Unveils ChatGPT- Powered Chatbot My AI -SnApp™

Governance Of Trustworthy Medical Artificial Intelligence – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Voter Anger Over Crime Ending Dem Politician Careers (Austin’s Next – Ed.)

Partnership Between Human Beings And AI – BUSINESS – AI

Source: Mike Simons /TW

Migrants Flow In, Canadians Fume

Jim Inholf Resigns Congress, Long Career, Long Covid

Artificial Intelligence In Diagnosis & Management Of Heart Failure – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

Believe It! Oklahoma Wants To Be Texas

Apple Makes Major Progress On No-Prick Blood Glucose Watch

China, Belarus (Certain Losers) Presidents Call For Ukraine Cease-Fire

…0:48 Video

Dr. Greger: Fluoride In Urban Water May Affect Neurological Development

Source: Aventon Aventon’s Abound E-Cargo Bike

GM Cutting Hundreds Of Jobs To Reduce Costs

Study Finds Stanford President Tessier Lavigne Falsified His Research

Reuters Daily Audio Podcast For Apple Users

U.S. & Houston Regain Energy Clout

Source: MIT Artificial Intelligence-based Skin Cancer Diagnosis – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

New York Times Front Page

Brain’s Recycling System Breaks Down In Parkinson’s Disease

Wall Street Journal Front Page

New Way To Prevent Common Causes Of Vision Loss

Types Of Innovation And Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

More Than Half Of Covid Patients Suffer Long Covid Symptoms

Source: DW/YouTube Russia’s True Economy Is

Empowering Businesses With Analytics And AI – BUSINESS – AI Artificial Intelligence For Cataract Management – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

Unsustainable, Sanctions Are Devastating – Putin’s Numbers Are A Lie, Again – Yale Prof. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld 28:21

SF Bay Area, S California Snowing

Source: MacRumors Unopened 2007 First iPhones Sells For $67,000 – CarryOn™ Shades™ iRing™ Next USAF Fighters Fast- Designed Using Digital Twins – The iPlanes

ChatGPT-Style Search 10X More Cost To Google & Microsoft

Source: European Space Agency The European Plan To Grow Food On The Moon^

The GreenBean™, Wooglin Room, And Laurel Canyon Night^

Source: Alex Hollings U.S. New No-Pilot AI F-16 Dog Fighters 19:54

Source: WeatherBell LA Blizzard Warning, S. California Winter Storms, Details (2)

Watch Bot Farmers Harvest Leafy Greens – HerbMan™ BJYFederal- USDA

MIT Stanford Google Discover Hidden Way AI Learns

Zucker & Meta’s Ongoing Massive Reorganization

…Interactive Weather Map

20 Papers Define AGI Trajectory

Bank Of America 2022 Fines, Penalties, Settlements More Than $1.2 Billion

Why China Didn’t Invent ChatCPT – It’s Obvious (nyt$1)

Here’s How ChatGPT Works – Easy Read, Not Technical (nyt$1)

Source: Reuters UK And EU Strike Deal On Northern Ireland Trade

AI Integrated Partner Relationship Management (AI- PRM) In B2B Sales – BUSINESS – AI

Source: AP Portland Is Shut

Mexico Hobbles Its Election Watchdog Ahead Of Presidential Elections

Fructose & Sugar, The #1 Gout Cause, Breaks Down To Uric Acid – And The Best Diet For Gout (No Beer) AIDS HIV Stem Cell Treatment Cure (2)

Artificial Intelligence And Business Values – BUSINESS – AI

Source: Xiaomi Xiaomi Shows Off Its New Wireless AR Tech – Visor™

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Loses To Crime, Many Other Mayors Should Also

Preliminary Diagnostic & Triage Accuracy Of The GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence Model – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Artificial Intelligence In Breast Ultrasound – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

SCOTUS Expected To End Affirmative Action – Schools & Colleges Cannot Consider Race How Arming Ukraine Validated U.S. Munitions & Supply Critical Flaws 8:40

NIH: Exercise Prevents Gout Attacks

Harvard: Gout Treatment Is Usually Highly Effective

AI-Enhanced Hybrid Decision Management – BUSINESS – AI

Source: Nokia Nokia New Logo Signals Strategy Away From Phones

Amazon’s Employee Revolt

Supplement Reduces Alzheimer’s Biomarkers In The Brain

Readiness And The Organizational Journey Towards AI Adoption – BUSINESS – AI Artificial Intelligence, Biomarkers, Genetics And Redox States – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Expectations And Attitudes Towards Medical Artificial Intelligence – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Putin’s Repression About The War Becomes Draconian

Causative Pathway Between Gum Disease And Rheumatoid Arthritis

Reduced Sensory Responses In Parkinson’s Disease

Source: iOS Beta News The iPhone Flip

Alzheimer’s Treatment Success In Mouse Models

Source: CNBC How Switzerland Well Manages Inflation (And Pandemics), And

Pill For Skin Disease Also Curbs Excessive Drinking

U.S. Does Not

Even Mild Covid Might Change Your Brain

… More 9:09

Ketamine Could Be Effective Treatment For Cocaine-Use Disorders

White House Gives Federal Agencies 30 Days To Ban TikTok

Why The War Should Remain About Ukraine’s Defense, Not Russia’s

Effect On CKD Of B-12 And Folic Acid Therapy

Source: City of Austin Primary Zilker Park Roads Walk & Bike Refocus Why The iPhone 14 Was A Giant Flop, Likely Not The iPhone 15 (2)

Source: Florence Lo Microsoft Backed OpenAI To Deliver User Customizable ChatGPT – 3AI™ YLabs™

Chinese Media Dings Elon On Wuhan Lab Tweet

U.S. Attaches Childcare Strings To Chip-Maker Subsidies

Google’s Massive Hurdle Adding Chat AI To Search: COST

Source: Peter Lodhal True Quantum Milestone – Controlled & Entangled Light Waves

Source: Screenshot Of Forensic Sketch Ai- rtist By Sasha Luccioni /vice AI Text To Image Police Sketches Andrej Karpathy On 10,000 Hours And Learning Machine Learning 5:47^ Small Data AI, Not Big Data, May Be Most Suitable For DoD & Defense - BJYFederal™ (2) …More On AI Transfer Learning Instead of Massive Dataset Training

The Case Alzheimer’s is Diet & Fructose Based

Source: Alexei Druzhinin U.S. Warns China Again – No Lethal Weapons To Russia

4 Cooking Methods That Can Be Deadly 7:58

Source: DigiTimes Apple Orders All iPhone 15 Pro & M3 3nm TSMC Chips

4-Day Workweek Study Supported By Employers, Happier Employees

Maryland’s Proposed 5 Year 4 Day Workweek Trial

Companies With A 4-Day Workweek

Cognitive Science, AI Education, and Military AI

Source: Reuters Moldova May Become Russia’s Next Target

How The Pentagon Keeps Small Dataset AI Moving Forward

Why Dendrites Make Biological Neurons So Powerful 25:27

Interdisciplinary Approach To Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture – AGRICULTURE – AI – BJYFederal AI & ML Overview In Pathology & Laboratory Medicine – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx – BJYFederal Preventing Business Failure With Organizational Culture And Engaging AI – BUSINESS – AI Artificial Intelligence Adoption In SMEs – BUSINESS – AI AI Improve Mental Health Care By Helping Doctors Analyze Patients – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Humanization Of Entrepreneurship In The Artificial Intelligence Economy – BUSINESS – AI Apple Leaf Disease Detection Using Artificial Intelligence – AGRICULTURE – AI

Source: WSJ EU Bans TikTok On Official Devices Used By Staff^

Source: Community Impact Katy, TX Master Plan

Meta Makes It Easier To Avoid Facebook Jail^

WhatsApp Working On New Private Newsletter Tool – SnApp™

Source: CSIS Warning: West Has Insufficient Weapons To Prosecute Ukrainian War

Source: Visit Ireland Visit Ireland

Why Women More Likely To Develop Alzheimer’s Disease

Austin Defunds Police Again, Already Down 1/3 – They’ll Retire

Long Covid Data Tracks Fatigue, Symptoms BY VARIANT

Source: Reuters Zuckerberg Launches Meta Verified

Tackling Skin Inflammation With Vitamin D

CIA: China Considering Arms & Ammo To Russia 10:48

Which iOS & iPadOS Apps Track You, And How

New Electrical Method To Observe The Tipping Point Toward Alzheimer’s

Goldman Sachs: Houses To Drop Double Digits In Austin, Seattle, Phoenix, San Francisco

Implications Of AI For Meaningful Work – BUSINESS – AI

ChatGPT Pro – Better, Faster, Available

Potential Cause Of ‘Long Covid’

Here’s What NSA Knows About You; Worth It For Americans

Is Microsoft’s Copilot Code Writer A Massive Code Copyright Violation?

U.S. – Germany – Poland “Joint Maneuvers”

Why Home Roof Solar Micro Inverters Are Best 25:41 – SUNz™

France, Germany, Britian To Kyiv: NATO Defense Deal For Peace Negotiations

Enphase Solar Micro Inverters

India Calls For G20 Ukraine War Dialog & Diplomacy

30,000 Online Avatars For Rent^

China Rolls Back Unconditional Russian Support

Learning From Peloton’s Rise, Fall And Comeback Attempt – SpeedO™

Leaking Chip Secrets To China Jails Ex-Samsung Employees

How Buzzfeed Is Incorporating ChatGPT^


Poland Cleared For $10 Billion M142 HIMARS, M57 ATACMS And More Precision Weapons

Magnis To Supply Tesla With AAM

Russia Threatens To Invade Moldova

U.S. Hard New Sanctions On 200 Russians & Entities

France’s 14 Country Empire In Africa 13:34

Source: CNBC How Ticketmaster Became So Hated By Live Music Fans – The GreenBean est. 1969™ (2)

Russia’s Ukraine War In Numbers


Putin Does Not Have Funds To Follow Through On His START Speech

How To Resolve Disinformation With Friends & Family

Saudi Arabia Signs $400M Agreement For Ukraine Aid

Alcohol Consumption Linked To Acceleration Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: Visual Capitalist AI In Fact, No Hype (AI’s Bigger Than The Internet & Phones – Ed.)

Humans Don’t Hibernate, But We Still Need More Winter Sleep

Potential Long Covid Racial Disparities

AI Dating App Takes A Different, Interesting Approach

Source: Gzero Scott Galloway: TikTok Is The Ultimate Propaganda Tool – GenZ Manipulated^

Drug Linked To Lower Risk Of Dementia In People With Diabetes

7 Major Problems With AI / ChatGPT – Bing – Bard Search

Source: AFP Mexicans Protest Highly Controversial Electoral Monitoring Reduction

Microsoft Introduction Of ChatGPT4 Bing & Edge Search


Columns™ Monthly – January 2023 Flipbook

ChatGPT Nightmare: Privacy, Personal Data, Right To Be Forgotten

Columns™ Monthly – December 2022 Flipbook

Source: HHU Stool Samples As An Indicator Of Early Form Of Parkinson’s

The Dangers Of ChatGPT, Bing, And Brad 2:51

Columns™ Monthly – November 2022 Flipbook

AI: The Future Of Sustainable Agriculture? – AGRICULTURE – AI

Covid Infection Increases Diabetes Risk

Source: Dutch Cycling Amsterdam Puts Bike Storage For

Columns™ 1 in 40 Putin will use nukes (re Xi)

Commuters Underwater, But SpeedO™ CarryOn™ Better

AI Supports Doctors Hard Decisions On Cardiac Arrest – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

United Airlines Plane Plunged To 800 Feet Of Pacific Ocean

Twitter To Charge Users To Secure Accounts

Health & Wellness When It Starts – In Childhood

Artificial Intelligence Influences Project Management – BUSINESS – AI Perks And Perils Of Artificial Intelligence Use In Lateral Exchange Markets – BUSINESS – Finance – AI AI-Driven Decision Making In Business Analytics – BUSINESS – AI Challenges For The Establishment Of Commercial Agricultural Robots – AGRICULTURE – AI

Instagram Creators Launch “TikTok For News”^

Get Your Sleep Study! REM Sleep Disorder & Parkinson’s

IBM’s New Austin Tech Hub To Open By 2027

Mayo: Exercise & Diet Delay Dementia and Aid Brain Health, Not OTCs


WhatsApp Claims Telegram Is Russian Spyware

Turkey-Syria Quake Deaths Pass 33,000

…Background On China’s Plan

Turkey Earthquakes Update – 50,000 Injured, 7,000+ Buildings Leveled, 20,000 More May Die From Freezing (2) How USDA-ARS Tracks Covid In Wild & Domestic Animals – BJYFederal™

Artificial Intelligence Relevance For

Dentomaxillofacial Imaging – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

Source: IKEA IKEA Introduces VINDSTYRKA Air Quality Sensor – HHVAC™

Changes In The Brain Responsible For Motor Skill Learning

How ChatGPT & LLMs Learn From Little, No Retraining

Source: AP Oman Opens Airspace To Israeli Flights – It’s Military – Ed.

(2) (3)

Neurosteroid Deficits Lead To Depressed Behavior

Why Men Are At Higher Risk From Covid

Extracts From Two Wild Plants Inhibit Covid Virus

Link Found Between Chronic Pain And Overactive Pyramidal Neurons During Sleep

Source: TechCrunch Mark Zuckerberg Uses $14 Million Allowance To Protect Himself

Source: Unsplash AI Finds Twisting Of Eye

A Rare Neurological Disease Involving Cellular Recycling

Vessels Could Cause High Blood Pressure And Heart Disease – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Implementation Of AI Technology For Workforce Management – BUSINESS – AI Business Process Improvement Ideas Through Generative Machine Learning – BUSINESS – AI How AI & ChatGPT Quickly Changes Healthcare, Finance & Manufacturing

Source: Visual Capitalist World 2023 GDP Growth By Country

Source: CNBC 85 Year Old Harvard Study – What’s #1 For Happiness & Longevity ERs Hiring Fewer Doctors To Save Money (And Less Experienced – Ed.)

Source: Sonders Sonders Get eBike Almost Right, Planned IPO May Be At $4 – SpeedO™ eCyc™

GEN-Z Doesn’t Want To Drive – Smart! – GGo™

ChatGPT Will Skyrocket North American Productivity

Why Mastodon A Twitter-Like App Should Not Be Igrored – SnApp™

AU Scientist Discover Receptor That Blocks Covid

(2) (3)

25 Tweets Than Changed The World – SnApp™

Trigger For World’s Most Common Liver Disease Identified

Google Follows Microsoft With AI Search

Three Things People In The Most Happy Country Never Do – It’s Men Of Principle

150,000 Google Employees In Emergency Bing & ChatGPT Mode^

Source: Visual Capitalist World 2023 “Official” Unemployment By Country

Repeated Cocaine Use Increases Addictiveness

“60 % Chance Of AGI By 2030”

Update On Southwest’s Growing Water Shortage – LakeTX™

Antibody Properties In Plasma Can Predict Covid

Massive Wall St. SF Home Purchases Increases Sq. Ft.

Source: LA Mag

Diller: Movie Business & Oscars Are Over – Tech Won^

Rental Rates For A Decade^

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Deaths Pass 20,000 (nyt$1) [40,000 Injured, 7,000+ Buildings Leveled, 20,000 More May Die From Freezing – Ed.]

Ukraine Will Win By Taking Crimea (op)

DOE’s $2 Billion For Redwood Battery Recycling – BJYFederal™

New U.S. Treasury Sanctions Hit Russia Hard & Effectively

EU Bans Fossil Fuel New Car Sales Beginning 2035

Feb. 23: Germany To China: Intervene, Require Russia To Settle

WhatsApp Desktop Will Let You Send Images In Original Quality – SnApp™

Source: Charles Platiau Bill Gates: ChatGPT Will Change The World (2)

Intelligence On China’s Transfer Of Arms & Munitions To Russia

Tesla Makes More Money Than Ford And GM Combined

FCC Approves Amazon’s Satellite Broadband

Wayfair Drops Plans For $133M N. Houston Facility

Source: The Butcher Shop AB’s 10 Steakhouses That Hand Cut Steaks

AI Search Might Consume 5X Energy

How Well Has China Stood By Russia

Sustained, Vigorous, Regular Exercise Appears To Stall Alzheimer’s^ – 3P™

Why ChatGPT Is The Fastest Growing Platform Ever, TikTok Included

Have Autonomous Tech For The Army – White Papers Due March 8, 2023

Salt Cuts Off Energy Supply To Body’s Immune Regulators

Source: Unsplash ChatGPT Can Pass The U.S. Medical Licensing Exam (2nd) – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI AI Identifies Factors That Predict The Reproducibility Of Psychology Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Greenwashing, Sustainability Reporting, And Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS – AI Interdisciplinary Approach To Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture – AGRICULTURE – AI I Tried Microsoft’s AI Chat Bing Search – Search Will Never Be The Same

SpaceX Adjusts U.S. Residential Pricing – BJY MDD™

Source: Pnas Human MicroRNAs Linked To Type 2 Diabetes

Source: AP …More On The China – Russia Ties

Inhalable Powder Could Protect Lungs Against Covid


Inspector General: Pentagon Did Not Consider Cloud Service Risks

Artificial Intelligence For Mental Health Through Transparency And Interpretability – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Machine Learning-Based Model For Automated Crop Type Mapping – AGRICULTURE – AI Potential Benefits Of ChatGPT In Promoting Teaching And Learning – EDUCATION – AI Bias And Fairness Concerns Of “Artificial Intelligence As A Service” – BUSINESS – AI Using Deep Learning To Detect Depression From Speech – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Closed-System Precepts For Engineering General Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AGI AI Predicts The Effectiveness Of Breast Cancer Chemotherapy – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Solve Arithmetic Problems With A Virtual Abacus – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Weinstein Sentenced To 16 More Years

Putin’s Wartime Propaganda: Jail & Government Money

U.S. Home Sales Down 37% Jan To Jan, Prices Up 1.3%

Source: ACTN New Biomarker Of Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease (blue) We Still Don’t Know Which Factors Most Affect Cognitive Decline

… More – Russia’s Failed Satan II ICBM Failure “Around” Biden’s Kyiv Visit Time

Source: Visual Capitalist 2023 Tech, Medical & Health Trends – It’s All American Opportunity Traffic Congestion: Pricing (And Filling Seats) Works, Why Simply More Roads & Lanes Does Not 9:46 – GGo™

NYT Extensive Ukraine War Update (nyt$1)

Yahoo Laying Of 20% Of Workforce

Source: Sandrine Gerber-Lemaire New Microfluidic Device For Detecting Covid & Viruses

Insurers: Cyber Attacks War- Like, Not Covered!

Source: Gizmodo FDA Says Plant-Based Drinks Can Be Called Milk


Apple Cofounder Woz Claims Musk Wants To “Be Like A Cult Leader” But No Evidence

Ford Sells Nearly All Of Their Rivian Shares

Google Maps Immersive View Is Rolling Out

Source: Russian Mod Russia’s Satan II Missile Fails During Biden’s Ukraine Visit

Source: Owen Yin Microsoft Launches New Bing/Edge ChatGPT4 Search

Skip The Southern California Beaches This Week

Source: University Of Bristol

New Way To Reduce Progression Of Diabetic Kidney Disease


Biden’s New Immigration Rule Torques Dems

The Brain Works Like A Resonance Chamber

Russia A Paper Tiger & U.S. Munitions Production 6:48

…May Provide Clues To Sensory Brain Disorders (2)

In Austin Spring Has Sprung

GA Grand Jury Recommends Multiple Trump Indictments

Source: NASA NASA’s All-Electric X-57 Plane Is Preparing To Fly

Source: Emily Dreibelbis Google Reveals Bard, Its Answer To ChatGPT

Biden’s Kyiv Visit Help Both Taiwan And Ukraine

(2) (3)

Google Will Blur Explicit Images By Default

Cuban: Coffee Business Idea Worth More Than $7 Million

Mexico’s Past ”FBI Chief” Genaro Garcia Luna Sentenced For Cartel Bribes To 20 Years In U.S. Prison (2)

Source: AP 7.8 Earthquakes Level Buildings InTurkey,2,700+Dead(2)

South Korean Court Recognizes Gay Couple’s Rights

So Much For U.S. Warming … Minus 114 Degrees In NH (2)

Source: Peshkova Neuroscience & Brain Networks Inspire AI 1:05:48^


How To Use Bard & Examples, Google’s ChatGPT Competitor

OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Plus At $20/Mo.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Cheat Catcher

Source: The Texan Gov Abbott’s Property Tax Reduction Then Elimination, Homestead Deduction Increase From $40,000 To $70,000

OpenAI’s Codex That Writes Code

Texas Power Outages Surpass Feb 2021 Ice Storm

AI – Spatial Relationship Between Brain Arteriovenous Malformations – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Cognitive Neuroscience


Blue Light Therapy For PTSD Insomnia

Elon Found Not Liable For “Funding Secured” Tweets

Children Of Overprotective Parents Tend To Live (And Love) Less

Automated Brain Image Analysis In Dementia Using Artificial Intelligence – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx How The Human Brain Makes Sense Of Natural Scenes – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Cognitive Neuroscience

Tesla Reverses Model Y 20% Price Cut

Healthy Lifestyles May Reduce Risk Of Long Covid

DeGrasse’s 2050 Predictions

Link Between Blood Components And Brain Disorders

Apple Realizes Jon Ivy Is Irreplaceable, Like Jobs

Source: Kylie McLaughlin Great Austin Parks – 5 Of 500

Thematics In A Brain-Computer Interface – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Cognitive Neuroscience

Why The Big Banks Created Zelle – Fraud Is Your Loss 12:03 – CASHw™

Detection Of Brain Tumors Using Machine Learning Algorithms – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture And Food Industry – AGRICULTURE – AI Artificial Intelligence Companies In The Power Sector – ENGINEERING – EE – AI Additive Manufacturing Process Using Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – Manufacturing – AI

Be Careful, Bitcoin May Be Artificially High

Source: CSIRO First Benchmark Measures Brain Atrophy For Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

ChatGPT, A Fast MVP, Then Iterate, Iterate, Iterate – YLabs™

Association Between Sleep Med Use And Risk Of Dementia (2)

Source: Telegraph Putin Suspends Nuclear Arms Treaty With U.S.

Computer Model Predicts Who Will Recover From Covid

U.S. Treasury Requires Full Disclosure Of Entity Ownership, WY LLPs Also

U.S. Treasury Proposes How Banks Have Access To Entity Database

The Horse Race: Will Google Catch OpenAI?

Source: GIZChina Whatsapp Introduces Voice Status In Latest App Updates – SnApp™

The Singularity Won’t Be In 7 Years, But This Is Worth Understanding

Big Banks Ask Treasury To Withdraw Entity Ownership Database Rules

Source: UBC Sitting In Traffic Significantly Impairs Cognition – GGo™

How ChatGPT Changes Legal Services – BUSINESS – Law

India’s Outstanding Tradition Of Free Press Is Crumbling (nyt$1)

New Superbug Gonorrhea Beats Antibiotics

6 Issues With ChatGPT

How President Biden Slipped Into Kyiv

The 4 Categories Of Cancer Risk Factors, You Control 3 – 9:00

ChatGPT A Real Estate Agent’s Tool

Source: AP Alarmed By Chatbots & AI, Universities & High Schools

Should Teach AI – Teach Not Block

How The IRS Will Spend The $80B, Say They

Is The Amazon Becoming A Grassy Savannah?

UC Docks Pay Of 48,000 Research Workers Who Went On Strike

Why Mexico Is Such A Good Neighbor And Partner 15:05

Anti-Depression Drug May Also Be Useful In Treating Alcohol Use Disorder

Crop Yield Using Artificial Intelligence And Remote Sensing Technologies– AGRICULTURE – AI Diagnosis Of Brain Disorders Using Artificial Intelligence – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Managing Healthcare Supply Chain Through Artificial Intelligence – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Intelligence In Finance And Economics For Predicting Exchange Rates – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

…But This Should Really Worry The U.S.

7 Health Symptoms Directly Related To ‘Long Covid’

Red McCombs Dies

Brain’s ‘Wakeful Rest’ Network May Be A Key To Alzheimer’s Risk

U.S. Hypersonic Strike Weapon Moving To Navy Destroyer Deployment

Dopamine Drug Helps The Inflamed And Depressed Brain

Dutch Olympic Runner Femke Bol’s 49.26 Sec. Breaks 40 Year Women’s 400m Record

Effects Of Dietary Nutrients On Disease

Biden In Kyiv

The Many Manifestations Of Long Covid

Mid-Life Vigorous Exercise Linked To Brain Power

Your Healthy Lifestyle Slows Cognitive Decline

Source: UT UT Austin Launching Online Masters In Artificial Intelligence Via Harvard & MIT’s edX (2) Efficiently Leverage Machine Learning In Agriculture – AGRICULTURE – AI Digital Twins, AI And Reconfigurable Manufacturing – ENGINEERING – Industrial – Manufacturing – AI. GigaFlex™

What’s New In Parkinson’s Treatment 1:02:13

Source: Reuters EU Demand Window For U.S. Small Weapons Soars – BJYFederal™ Alan

Autism Diagnosis Rates Triple

Why Not To Rinse White Rice Before Cooking

Alzheimer’s Disease 3.5 Years Before Clinical Diagnosis

New Hope For Patients With Hereditary Metabolic Disease

Children’s Immune Response To Covid Is Fast But Doesn’t Last

Artificial Intelligence And Precision Medicine – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

Source: Johanna Geron/pool Italian Prime Minister Visits Kyiv

AI Predicts Reduced Blood Flow To The Heart – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

Putin’s Plan Underway To Take Over Belarus

Another Certain Case Of Top Russian Military In-Fighting

Google’s Code Red: ChatGPT, Bing, Apple Search,

Source: Unsplash U.S. Children Use Toxic Makeup Products

Scott Galloway On ChatGPT 6:41

Jordan Peterson On ChatGPT 6:16

Poor Literacy Linked To Worse Mental Health Worldwide

Successful Schools Will Embrace & Teach ChatGPT

Covid Vaccine Based On New Technology Tested In Clinical Study

ChatGPT Speech Read On House Floor

Source: CNBC PepsiCo’s First 100 Tesla Semis, Promised And Delivered

Clear Ways To Decrease ACM All Cause Mortality – You’ll Be Surprised 10:33

AI Predicts ICU Delirium Risk – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

Artificial Intelligence To Reach Zero-Defect Manufacturing – ENGINEERING – Manufacturing – AI

A New Cause Of Dementia Discovered – A Leak

The Link Between Hydration, Sodium, And Aging

AI And Robotics In Agriculture – AGRICULTURE – AI

Source: BETA Technologies Blade Air Mobility eVTOL Test Flight

A Comprehensive Review Of Parkinson’s Disease & Treatments 47:31

Incorporates Dendritic Properties Into Neural Network Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AGI AI Predicts Two Common Heart Conditions – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

Adani Equity Falls Below $100B Market Value

Head Injury & 2X Long Term Mortality

You Still Have Genes For Full Body Fur

Additive Manufacturing And Machine Learning – ENGINEERING – Manufacturing – AI

Prenatal Pollution Linked To Lower Cognitive Scores

Midlife Obesity Linked To Heightened Frailty Risk In

Artificial Intelligence Applications In The Agrifood

Source: AP

China Sanctions U.S. Defense Companies Over Taiwan Gun Sales

Older Age


Long Covid Study: Blood Values Indicate Reprogramming Of Immune Cells

AI And Clinical Teams Join To Change The Face Of Trial Monitoring – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Hypertension Drug Could Be Repurposed To Delay Aging

Source: TR Dreszer Even CA Pacific Cliff Properties Are Not Safe (2)

Source: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto Here It Is – Live Chats with ChatGPT – You May Not Believe It 13:17

Source: AP Extreme Cold Is Gripping East Asia

…And Other Dialogs With ChatGPT 18:27

How ChatGPT Can (Will) Change Real Estate – Berkshire Real Services™ This AGI Singularity Appears Only 7 Years Away In 2030 (2) AI Analysis Of Voice Data To Detect Parkinson’s Disease Earlier – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence For CNC Machine Tools – Speeds, Feeds, Tool Life – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Prediction Of Nano, Fine, And Medium Colloidal Phosphorus In Agricultural Soils – AGRICULTURE – AI

Source: The Smithonian The Most Life-Like Portrait Of Lincoln

Source: Shutterstock Association Between Covid & Cardiovascular Disease

Source: AP Putin’s Future In Power Has Become Less Certain

Germany Wakes Up To World’s End As We Know It

Poland Is Front Line NATO, Biden To Arrive Warsaw

Welding Defects Classification Through A Convolutional Neural Network – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI To Triage Patients With Chest Pain – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Deep-Learning Model For Remote Driver Monitoring – ENGINEERING – CS – AV L1-L4

Finland: We Are Not Afraid Of Putin Russia – U.S. & West Knew Of Invasion Certain Dec 2021 – 12:51

Ola To Invest $920 Million In India For Electric Cars & EVs

Source: Zuckerman Institute Origins Of Pleasurable Touch Traced From Skin To Brain In Mice

Japan Pledges $5.5B In Additional Ukraine Aid

AI-Generated Content In Hospitality And Tourism Marketing – BUSINESS – Marketing – AI

‘Smart Patch’ Could Be Used To Detect Alzheimer’s

Weekly Oil & Gas Report – Prices Down

Emotional ‘Blunting’ Caused By Common Antidepressants

AI In Project & Team Organizing – BUSINESS – AI

Portugal Ends Golden Visas, Cuts AirBnB Rentals

Covid Pregnant Women Damage Placenta & Fetus

Effects Of Automated News Generation On News Organizations – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI AI Can Help People Be More Empathetic About Mental Health (2) – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Implications Of Automated & Autonomous Vehicles On Road Design – ENGINEERING – Civil & AV

Walmart Closing Austin, Portland and Carlsbad Tech Hubs

70,000 Man Study: Viagra Reduces Early Death By 25%

Tesla Faces Tough Competition In China

Reverse Aging Might Be Here In 5 Years

Hawaii Shuts Octopus Petting Farm

Source: WIHT The Internet In A Few Not 100 Years

Conservatives Making Real Progress With Balanced Education (2) Portugal To End Golden Visa Program And Urban AirBnB After Surge In Home Prices

26 Provisions To Consider In Your Will 16:35

AI Has Higher Accuracy For Estimating Gestational Age – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Steve Jobs: Focus Is About Saying No 3:05^

Instagram Founders Launch “TikTok” AI News Named Artifact – Columns™

Canada To Send Warships To Haiti Amid Ongoing Violence

OpenAI & AI Will Change White Collar Jobs & Universities Fast

Gates, Page And Brine All Unretire For The Colossus AI War With OpenAI And ChatGPT

PayPal Laying Off 2,000 Employees

Warren & Charlie On Social Security 9:13

Generative AI Is About To Run Out Of Data – It Stops Progress (free)

Mercedes Beats Tesla To L3 Self-Driving In U.S. (2)

Bug Brains Inspire AV Collision Avoidance

Artificial Intelligence And Management – BUSINESS – AI

Why You Can’t Find What You Want With Google Search – Coming Search Wars – Try Reddit 14:04

Source: Reuters China Calls For Iran Sanctions To Be Lifted During Raisi’s Visit

Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Chatbot Design – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Seniors Actually Love ADUs, And Numbers Work – 6101, SUNz™

Artificial Intelligence Adoption In A Competitive Market – BUSINESS – AI

Microsoft Officially Disabled Internet Explorer

USDA Invests $2.7B In Rural Power, $613M For Security & Reliability

Spain Approves Menstrual Leave, Teen Abortion And Trans Laws

Generative Artificial Intelligence For Journalism And Media Education – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI

Source: Glen Francis David Crosby, Of Crosby Stills Nash, Dies Of Covid (2)

EU Seeks New Russia Sanctions Package

We’re In The Pandemic’s Fourth Year

Hybrid Immunity Is The Best Protection Against Covid

Source: Electrek Toyota’s New Cargo eBike – ESG & InLineAI™ FREE LAND (BJYHS™) : Lincoln, KS (and 10y no tax); Osborne, KS (free buildings); Loop City, NE; – Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH (houses & farm land); Mankato, KS; Manila, IA; Tribune, KS; All WY; Federal USDA Grants Nationwide; and Yukon, CN (1Y Res.) 12:24

Role Of Lymphatic System In Bone Healing Revealed

Huntington’s Disease Affects Different Neurons

Source: Lee Lab New Field Of Neuroscience Aims To Map Connections In The Brain – ENGINEERING – CS – AGI (2) Plant Agriculture Artificial Intelligence Information Systems – AGRICULTURE – AI Reproducibility Issues That Haunt Health-Care AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Source: Bloomberg EU Inflation Begins to Drop After Gas Crisis Eases

Antiviral Compound Could Be Broadly Efficient In The Treatment Of Covid

Alzheimer’s Risk Factors Affect Men More Than Women (2)

10 Of Many U.S. Towns You Can Buy & Sweat, SD (Lan Bensten) 11:34

Personalized Parkinson’s Dopamine Cell Replacement

Free Land Worldwide 11:23

How Time Is Different For Everybody 8:57

Therapy 27:53

Artificial Intelligence & Cataracts – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Source: Insider What We Know So Far

Edge Computing With Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Microsoft’s Opening OpenAI & ChatGPT Tools To Developers

Source: Shireen Dooling Why Dietary Choline Is Essential – 90% Of Americans Don’t Get Enough

The Genius Strategy Of Sam Altman & OpenAI

Source: VCG Baidu Plans To Roll Out AI- Powered Chatbot – The Race Is On

Automation And Augmentation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

U.S. Stops Granting Export Licenses To Huawei

AI In Electrical Control Systems And Automation – ENGINEERING – CS & EE

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In Medical Infrastructure – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Clinical Explainable AI In Medical Image – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Source: Visual Capitalist What Large American Business Could Prosper In China, Or India?

Source: Pixabay World’s First Test To Detect Diabetics At Risk Of Kidney Disease New Therapeutic Approach To Prevent Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona NASA’s New Impact Asteroid Detection, A Big Deal Realtors Have Picked Up ChatGPT As A Tool For Writing Listings – BRS™

5 Powerful AI Uses Coming In 2023 11:28

Pollution Even Takeover Of The Web By AI Text, Images And “Ideas” – A Major Issue To Be Solved

Nitrite Additives & Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Twitter Ad Revenue Falls 71% In December

How ChatGPT Works & How To Use It Better 10:02^

Medicare Moves To Decrease Drug Costs, Counselors at State Health Insurance Assistance Programs Help (nyt$1)

Source: NYTimes Can China Reverse Its


Population Decline & Continue Its Labor Advantage? (nyt$1)

Harvard: Exxon Fully Knew Climate Change Rate & Effects

US: UFO’s Have Not Been Identified, Sets Up UFO Task Force


Strategic ChatGPT Markets & Opportunities – 3AI™ BJYai™ 16:43

Elon Warns: Adderall Is Low Grade Speed, Makes You An A***ole

Summary Of Air Vehicles in U.S. Air Space

Which Human Jobs Will Be Done By ChatBotS™ Teach ChatGPT In Schools, Don’t Ban It – YLabs HS (nyt$1)

CDC: Pfizer Covid Bi-Valent Booster Has Stroke Risk For 65+ 6:10

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Deaths Pass 35,000, 40,000 Injured, 7,000+ Buildings Leveled, 20,000 More May Die From Freezing

Source: TechCrunch Fidelity Cuts Twitter Valuation, Again

Risks Commercializing ChatGPT

What Nurses Say About Quitting & Strikes

Claim: Pubs Gunning For Big Tech

Parkinson’s Disease & Slowing It – It’s Complex 1:24:18^

Austin Cleanup To Take Months

Covid Long-Haulers Face Stigma

Why & How China Is Losing The (Exponential Tech) Chip War – You’ll Love It 9:58

Deep Meditation May Alter Gut Microbes For Better Health

Source: U-M Neural Networks Outperform More Complex Systems For Controlling Robotic Prosthetics – MEDICINE & ENGINEERING – CS Cognitive Therapy For Brain Diseases Using Artificial Intelligence Models – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Tx – AI Similarities In The Activity Patterns Of Artificial Agents And The Brain – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE + ENGINEERING – CS – AGI Artificial Intelligence On Trust And Human Behavior In A High-Risk Decision Task – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI Detects Rare Forms Of Dementia – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Nikki Haley Launches Presidential Run

$2.04 Billion San Diego Jackpot Winner Comes Forward

Source: University of Jyväskylä Muscle Mass Supports Women’s Arterial Health From Youth To Middle Age

Sources: Cannondale & Thomas World’s 2 Lightest & Best eBikes (2)

We’re Getting Close, Real Close, To Reversing Aging

Source: Amtrak Pacific SurfRider Rail Orange Cty To San Diego Resumes

Exxon’s Internal Climate Analyses Were Highly Accurate

NATO Warns Of Allies Ammunition Shortages

Mysteries & Leading Biomarker For Alzheimer’s

Old Antipsychotic Drugs May Offer New Option To Treat Type 2 Diabetes

CNET Has Been Quietly Publishing AI-Written Articles For Months

Source: Will Chase The Pickup Then And Now

Elon & Lennar Team On Bastrop Housing – SUNz™ BJYHS™

Transfer Learning For Neural Decoding – ENGINEERING – CS – AGI

How I’d Fix Twitter If I’m CEO – SnApp™

Source: PTI India Tax Officials Search BBC Offices Weeks After Modi Documentary

Predictive Soil Moisture Modeling & Applications – AGRICULTURE – AI

AI In Energy & Power Engineering – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Meta Reportedly Plans More Job Cuts

Source: Open Science Framework Corpus Callosum Switches Off Right Hemisphere During Speech

AI-Enabled & CRM For Healthcare – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Source: Concha Valley GM Is Considering A Small Electric Pickup Truck

Managing Emotions Prevents Pathological Aging

Artificial Intelligence In Pest Management – AGRICULTURE – AI

Austin House Values May See 25% More Decline

Simple Spray May Keep Covid Away

Artificial Intelligence In Breast Imaging – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Source: Reuters Israel Judicial Reform Plans Draw Mass Protests Outside Parliament Russia Suffering Highest Casualty Rate In Ukraine Since First Week

Harvard: Pick One Of These 4 Diets, Live Longer

Artificial Decision-Making And Human Trust In Autonomous Vehicles – ENGINEERING – CS – AV

Kidney Health, CKD And Over The Counter Meds

Text Generation In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI – NLP

A Cough Medicine Slows Parkinson’s Progression

Federal Court Says Politicians Have Constitutional Right To

Source: Formatoriginal Now Security Keys Are Best Way To Protect Your AppleID

Progress In Decoding Genetics Of Insomnia

Lie (2)

Zuck’s WeChat Is Even Worse Than TikTok^

SARS-CoV-2 Entry And Exit Ports Inside The Noses

Pub’s Montana Bill Would Ban Teaching Scientific Theories

Early Retirement Can Accelerate Cognitive Decline

Senate Seeks To End China’s “Developing Nation” Status

Source: Claysys Chat AI Apps – It’s The Dawn Of A New Era As Were PCs, Phones,

Wagner: Russia Could Take 2 Years To Capture East Ukraine


Microsoft’s New AI Does Any Voice From 3 Seconds Of Audio

The ChatGPT Scaleup & Startup Boom

Source: The Gamer Microsoft Is Shutting Down Its Metaverse

OpenAI Pilots ChatGPT Pro

Source: Wiki Inflammatory Trigger A New Clue In Alzheimer’s

ChatGPT And Future Search

Source: Reuters Moldova’s Prime Minister Announces Government Resignation

Stripe Hires Investment Banks To Explore IPO

Intelligent Decision Support Systems In Supply Chain Risk

3 Things Truly Happy People Never Do

Morgan Stanley Fines Bankers $1M Each Over WhatsApp


Pakistan IMF: Crucial Bailout Deal Eludes Negotiators

Meta-Analysis Of AI Research In Journalism – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI

Artificial Intelligence In Human Resource Management – BUSINESS – HR – AI

Source: AccuWeather Intense Western Weather (2)

The Business Of AI Startups – BUSINESS – AI

Source: Aptera Aptera Reveals Launch Edition EV

New U.S. Maps Of Serious Lung Fungal Infections

New Guidance For Drugs & Surgery For Early Obesity In Kids

Vaccine & Prior Covid Infection Confer Long-Lasting Protection Against BA.5


Source: AP …More: Google Lays Off 12,000 Staff

Source: Corey O’Connell 25 Year Old’s $860,000 Bookings First Year For 7 Cabins – Estes & Chapel Hill’s Westwood Lands™

UCSD: Reversing Parkinson’s With New Neuron Cells 59:05

Tesla’s New $3.5B Nevada Semi Plant

First Look At Muse, Google’s New Text To Image Tool 14:00

Dementia Caregiver’s Experiences And Preparedness

Google To Demo AI Chat Search As ChatGPT Response

Sugar’s Role In Common Kidney Disease

Robust AI Driving Strategy For Autonomous Vehicles – ENGINEERING – CS – AV

Elon & Jamie Dimon Agree – 50 Years For Transition To Green Energy If You Have An iPhone, You Really Need To Know ‘Advanced Data Protection’

AI & Smart Agricultural Technology – AGRICULTURE – AI

AI Accurately Reflects Risk Of Cognitive Decline And Alzheimer’s Disease (2) – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

…More On Giant GE Wind Turbines Collapsing

Bots In Newsrooms – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI

Warren: If You Plan To Be An Investor … 11:55

Deep Learning Algorithm Can Hear Alcohol In Voice – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI Potential Of Machine Learning In The FMCG Retail Industry – BUSINESS – AI AI-Guided Personalized Drug Combinations To Treat Relapsed Lymphoma – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Source: ARS Simon Liu Named USDA ARS Tech & Science Point Man

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company Is A Winner – YLabs™

Source: University Of Copenhagen Newly Discovered Anatomy Shields And Monitors Brain (2)

Amazing How Anatomy Is Encoded In Living Organisms – 15:30

Advancements In Agriculture Robots – AGRICULTURE – ML

Source: Cap Metro Austin CapMetro Board Names Dottie Watkins President & CEO – SpeedO™ GGo™

Source: Chris King All Internal Cable Routing By Chris King – SpeedO™

Opt By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Solving Fake & Inaccurate Online Reviews – SnApp™

PaLM By Google, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Source: SELMAN DESIGN Yes, Muscle Strength Keeps Your Brain Strong

Microsoft’s Layoff Is All VR, Hololens and Mixed Reality Employees Twitter Staff Can Tweet From Any Account In ‘Godmode’ – SnApp™

Sphere By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Bees Roll Wooden Balls To Play – We Continue To Underestimate

Bloom, Open Source, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Aerobic Exercise Reduces Depression In Teens

Galactica By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Source: Yahoo Finance

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