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8 WINTER TIPS FOR HEALTHY LIVING Who has time for taking care of ourselves? You do! Resolve to follow these eight diet, exercise, and lifestyle tips, and you can be good to yourself this winter and all year long. relaxation response. Research shows it may help lower blood pressure, boost immunity, reduce PMS symptoms, even aid in fertility and the delivery of a new mom’s milk.

1. Enjoy the Benefits of Yogurt. When buying think low-fat, make sure the yogurt contains active cultures and vitamin D, and keep tabs on sugar content. 2. Help Holiday Heartburn. Getting hit with heartburn? Try these hints and you can stop the burn before it starts: Nibble: Packing your stomach with food makes heartburn much more likely. Know Your Triggers: Certain foods feed heartburn’s flame. Reach for complex carbs like veggies and whole- wheat breads! Get Up: . Light exercise is a great way to prevent heartburn. 3. Kiss Holiday Cold Sores Good-bye. If you find you’re more prone to cold sores during the winter season, that’s because of lack of sleep, too much alcohol or sugar, stress, and close physical contact. 4. De-Stress With Meditation. The act of banishing thoughts, focusing on your breathing, and repeating a single word or phrase, fires up your body’s natural

5. Start a Winter Tradition: Family Workouts. Wondering where you’ll find time for a quick winter workout. Get everyone involved with simple workouts. 6. Eat Locally. Some nutritionists think eating locally may be even more important than eating organically because a vital factor in a food’s nutrient profile is how long it took to get from farm to table. 7. Try These Simple Diet & Exercise Tips. If you cut just 200 calories a day you’ll see slow and easy weight loss. Don’t feel like working out today? Chances are good that once you’re dressed, you’re also motivated and ready to go! 8. Invest in Your Health - Literally. If you have a high-deductible insurance plan, you’re probably eligible to deposit tax-free cash into a health savings account (HSA).

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