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The BEST TECHNOLOGY FIRM of 2018 Sax LLP Integrated Business Systems Go VR Today LLC

What type of Technology do you specialize in? Immersive Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality tours. How does the Commercial RE field benefit from your services/ products? Go VR Today’s offer-

What type of Technology do you specialize in? Property management/accounting and construction management/ac- counting software and support. How does the Commercial RE field benefit from your services/products? Well-integrated technology stacks help commercial real estate practitioners streamline routine busi- ness tasks and also greatly increase their ability to use infor- mation to improve planning. The “stack” is powered by the multi-cloud world. This means multiple business applications and services in the cloud effortlessly interact in a way that best serves the individual users. With the universal growth of platforms powering business functions, the importance of a technology stack is being recognized in all industries, old and new, small and large. IBS’s Imperium Powered by Acumatica property management/accounting system and the Acumatica Construction Edition construction management/accounting system respectively serve as the tech stack core for property operations and construction/development. Both are mission- critical sources for capturing and processing enterprise data – integrating with best-in-class applications across multiple real estate services categories. And because they are cloud solutions, both products address the requirements of an in- creasingly collaborative and mobile – anytime, any device, anyplace – business world. Since its launch in 1979, IBS’s legacy property management/ accounting software has been used by dozens of NY/NJ com- mercial and residential real estate owners and operators. To- day, IBS products and services reflect several generations of technological advancement. In addition to servicing and grow- ing its Imperium Powered by Acumatica and Acumatica Con- struction Edition client base, the firm supports the dozens of regional commercial and residential real estate owners and op- erators using its legacy property management/accounting soft- ware. Additionally, IBS’s Managed IT Services division offers consulting, design, installation and support services - with ex- pertise in the areas of business continuity and cybersecurity.

Sax Technology Advisors, technology arm of Sax LLP, offers customized technology solutions to businesses that include business continuity & disaster recovery, managed IT services, cybersecurity, cloud services and technology projects. How does the Commercial RE field benefit from your services/products? The real estate industry is one of great breadth and com- plexity, in addition to being a very competitive space. Real estate companies also handle sensitive data like Personally Identifiable Information (PII) so we need to take a thorough approach to providing technology expertise in a way that best conforms with the way they do business and protects their sensitive information. There are many SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions real estate professionals can leverage un- der monthly subscriptions which grants them access to cloud- based technology to improve capabilities and efficiencies (such as Office 365) without having to manage it. This in-turn allows real estate professionals to utilize technology that im- proves their business, while not be bogged down by its main- tenance or hiring a staff to oversee it. Also, augmented reality (AR) is an incredible, up and coming technology that will bring showing properties to prospective renters or buyers to a whole new level. In a world driven by technology and reliant on data, Sax Technology Advisors provides solutions and expertise to shield businesses from threats while ensuring they are fully functional and productive at all times. Whether serving as consultants or a full-service outsourced IT department, we help businesses establish a robust security posture, perform critical IT management functions, implement internal secu- rity awareness initiatives, and ensure a company is holisti- cally secure and properly managed from all angles through a team of highly-skilled technology professionals and by leveraging the industry’s most sophisticated tools available to protect our clients, their data and their customers.

ings have exciting benefits for Commercial Real Estate field. Our Virtual Reality (VR) tours allow buyers and renters to take an immersive, interactive tour of property (To be built or already built property) from comfort and convenience of their own home and office without scheduling/inconvenienc- ing sellers and owners. Our VR tours have voice and text in multiple languages which allows virtual showings across the globe. Our Augmented reality and mixed reality tours allow builders to showcase these projects as soon as the project plans and floorplans are approved. This opens up new avenues for the Commercial Real Estate field in terms of Planning Board pre- sentations, investor pitches and day-to-day sales activities. Go VR Today LLC is a technology leader in field of Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality tours, having already won awards and accolades. In addition to offering industry standard VR, AR and MR tours, Go VR Today has now partnered with Microsoft to offer enhanced guided virtual reality tours. These VR tours harness Artificial Intelligence and cognitive services to allow speech based immersive, interactive experi- ence of a property even before it is built. Users can actually talk to our VR system. Using the latest Contextual Language Understanding algorithms, our system then navigates them to appropriate parts of the property and describes the features in natural language, creating a real guid- ed tour experience. Imagine the possibilities of this technology in Commercial Real Estate Field!

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