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Caryl Communications, Inc.

CMMStrategic Communications R&J Strategic Communications

What type of Services do you specialize in? Public Relations, Social Media, Email Marketing, Awards Nominations and Event Speaking Opportunities.

What type of Services do you specialize in? CMM’s core competencies include journalism-quality news content cre- ation, media relations, website population and management, development and implementation of collateral print materials and electronic messaging, social media curation and promo- tion of special events. Value-add services include topic-, mar- ket- and industry-focused research and analysis. How does the Commercial RE field benefit from your ser- vices/products? CMM offers the benefit of 17+ years’ com- mercial real estate experience and a leadership philosophy that subscribes to adaptation. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, CMM offers unrivaled agility in providing out- sourced strategic communications services at a significantly lower cost than those associated with assembling a full-time in-house multi-disciplinary department. Creativity, quality and accessibility drive each CMM team. In addition to raising a client’s and/or a project/property’s profile in today’s highly competitive business environment, CMM levels the playing field by delivering the highest caliber of public relations, communications and marketing services in a cost- and time-efficient manner. All of CMM’s clients benefit from the same or better economies of scale larger companies enjoy – regardless of budget. CMM delivers results that elevate each client’s public pos- ture among once-formidable competitors, within their sector of specialization and beyond. Subscribing to a “wholistic” approach in terms of messaging across all platforms – from print and online news outlets to social media and e-marketing – each initiative is strategically planned and implemented to preserve and enhance the integrity, brand, market expertise and hard-earned reputation upon which each client has built their business.

What type of Services do you specialize in? Public rela- tions, marketing, traditional and digital advertising, graphic design, web development, event support and logistics.

How does the Commercial RE field benefit from your services/products? With an over 30-year history in com- mercial real estate public relations, R&J Strategic Communications’ experience- backed and forward-looking approach to commercial real estate public rela- tions allows the firm to work with a di- verse roster of clients to help them gain exposure, become thought leaders and increase their bottom lines. Driven by a commitment to moving real estate public

How does the Commercial RE field benefit from your services/products? Caryl Communications provides credible promotion of companies and their brands/ services and activities and supports the marketing of portfolios. We provide ac- knowledgement of their achievements and educate their prospects and referral sources.

Dan Johnson Senior Account Executive

Caryl Bixon- Gordon President

relations beyond the transactional, R&J’s unique approach enables the firm to quickly and effectively respond to break- ing industry news and larger trends within the marketplace to proactively secure prime placements by inserting clients into the larger conversation. Through this work, R&J Stra- tegic Communications is able to successfully position their clients as important participants in one of the most competi- tive markets in the nation and leaders among their peers. In what was previously an industry dominated by press re- leases detailing square footage and transaction details, R&J has developed an innovative approach to commercial real es- tate public relations built around the firm’s deep knowledge of each clients’ expertise and the broader market. Through developing a tailor-made integrated communications strat- egy focused on the differentiators of each of their clients, R&J is consistently able to position real estate companies, large and small, as trusted authorities and leaders in their fields in all communication avenues, ranging from print publications to social media and everything in between.

Caryl Communications (Caryl) has over three decades of experience, with a proven track record of successful, cre- ative and dedicated service. We represent real estate clients in all areas of business including owners and developers, investors, construction entities, architects, leasing and in- vestment brokers. Caryl has established a strong reputation with media covering the industry, and we have expanded our services to benefit real estate companies. Our clients’ industry prominence, brand recognition and expanding target audiences are evidence of Caryl’s public relations/ media relations expertise, particularly in this niche. Caryl’s clients consistently earn recognition and dominate venues within real estate and business events.

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