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H2M The Bristal at Englewood Assisted Living

Urbahn Architects BelovED Charter Middle School Jersey City, NJ

CREATE Architecture Planning & Design Gateway Shopping Center

Location: 412 South Van Brunt St., Englewood, NJ Type of project: Assisted Living Residence Size: 226,000 s/f, six-story building with a 133-car parking garage on the ground floor. The facility will house 288 total residents, 65 of which are part of a specialized memory care program for residents with dementia. The brick building with simulated limestone base/accents is traditional in appearance capped off on the top floor with a slate mansard roof and projecting dormers. The ground floor consists of the elevator, lobby, reception/administra- tion areas, while the second floor provides a secure, self- contained dementia program complete with wandering cir- cuit corridors surrounding two central outdoor courtyards. Abundant program space for resident dining/activities is a significant feature. Floors three through six house the balance of residents and have elegant dining rooms, rooms for different activities, private areas for relaxation, and an outdoor terrace to cre- ate the perfect environment for socialization and recreation. Why was this job your favorite/most unusual? Most as- sisted living buildings are typically seen in a more horizon- tal, spread out layout and developed on a larger suburban site. However, the circumstances of this project provided us with a unique opportunity to design a high-rise assisted liv- ing building on a constricted, irregularly shaped urban site which does not fit the typical mold.

Location: Wayne, PA Type of project: Neighborhood Retail Center Renovation Size: 221,050 SF GLA Highly visible along a well-traveled route, citing market studies and encroaching developments by others underway, the entire center was renovated to secure its position in the market. Removing large sections of the continuous cano- pies provided open air seating locations for clusters of food tenants. An all new facade was accomplished cost effective- ly by a creative reuse of existing substructure. Coupling an array of new building materials with existing, one can’t tell what remains from yesteryear. Pocket seating areas, new hardscape and landscape throughout, the entire center has been rebranded successfully. Why was this particular job your favorite/most unusual?: The Owner initially contemplated a simple paint job but after consideration and a little “design coaxing”(coaching), a refresh was not deemed appropriate for the project. With very well thought out design efforts and collaboration with the Owner’s in house construction evaluation team, jointly we were able to successfully transform a dated center into what the owner credits CREATE as ”fresh, warm, welcom- ing, unique, modern and timeless,” all while staying in bud- get by a creative use of new materials and reuse of existing substructure.

Type of project: Charter Middle School, developed by a non-profit organization Size: 4 stories, 53,000 SF The new $12.5 million middle school will serve 360 stu- dents in grades six to nine. It is situated on a half-acre site and will open in late 2019. The building will feature an open first floor with outdoor recreational facilities for students and a parking lot. 20 full-sized classrooms, four half-classrooms, a gymnasium, a multi-purpose room, and a large cafetorium will be located on higher floors. The new middle school will support Jersey City’s and the Jersey City Housing Authority’s balanced development effort to create quality affordable housing and neighbor- hoods, in addition to the many luxury multi-family proper- ties currently being developed in Jersey City. The school is named in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of the “Beloved Community.” The building will be highly energy efficient. The new school will meet stringent requirements of the State of New Jersey’s energy efficiency code by utilizing a high-efficiency HVAC system, LED lights, and increased thermal insulation.

Our congratulations & gratitude to Regency Centers on the success at Gateway Shopping Center and allowing us “to be your pencil.” Your friends at, SM

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