2017 Q1

Questions Anyone? Another Institute is coming to Texas! And a lucky group of analysts will be travelling to the Lost Pines of Texas for a few days of education, networking, sight-seeing and fun. I’m April Luedecke and I’m a chairperson for the Publications committee. I’ll be working on bringing Institute’s speaker presentations to the group in the best format possible. It’s not exactly a glamourous position, but I’m happy to give my best to assist the NADOA members.

Some of you may be new to NADOA, Division Orders or attending Institute. I’d like to share some tips and side- door information I’ve learned about Institute over the years. If you have any questions, no matter how silly you may think they are, I’d like to help answer them. Email your questions to me at april.luedecke@anadarko.com and I’ll do my best to include your questions in a NADOA article before Institute gets here. You may remain anonymous, if you choose. Odds are that someone else is wondering the very same thing!

Regional Seminars Heading Your Way Soon By Stephanie D. Moore, CDOA

The NADOA Education Committee has significant plans for 2017. Great discussion derived from the January NADOA board meeting will enable committee members to soon begin planning seminars in the Denver, Oklahoma City and Dallas-Fort Worth areas. Look for additional information in the upcoming weeks and months on dates, locations, topics and speakers. If you have any suggestions on topics and speakers you would like to hear, please email administrator@ nadoa.org or you can email any of the

Education committee members listed below.

As Education Co-Chairs, Donna King, CDOA and I would like to thank those who have volunteered to help with these events and we look forward to meeting many NADOA members at these seminars. NADOA Education Committee 2017: Stephanie D. Moore, CDOA, Donna King, CDOA, Sharon Siemer, CDOA, CPLTA, Julie Willis, Lewis Box, CDOA, Michele Lawton and Norma Dooley


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