2017 Q1



Sandi Rupprecht 2017 NADOA President

Greetings from Denver, Colorado. I am excited to start 2017 and to be able to serve as your NADOA president. So much is already happening in our industry that points to a brighter, more prosperous future. Companies are beginning to complete wells and increase drilling. Hiring is up and the commodity prices are going in the right direction…higher! My prayers are with those of you who found yourselves unemployed in 2016 that you will find better and more fulfilling industry positions in 2017. 2016 was a rough year for NADOA. The 2016 Board members had to deal with declining membership numbers, declining revenues and member layoffs along with rising expenses and lower attendance numbers for the 2016 Institute. I personally want to thank Brenda Pirozzolo for her leadership during 2016. Her Institute Co-Chairs, Lisa Buffaloe and Betty Davidson did a wonderful job leading the Institute Committee in hosting one of the best Institutes ever held. We had many new faces, a great program of speakers and fun activities. The 2017 NADOA Board met the last weekend in January to start on 2017 business. Thank you for taking the time to vote on updating your NADOA by-laws. The ballot measures passed overwhelmingly. The Board can now vote electronically, allow Board members who are unable to attend a meeting in person to be there via Go- To-Meeting and lastly, the Board may now change the association dues by a majority Board vote. Every Board member takes the responsibility of representing you, our members, very seriously. We have the future of the Association in mind for every decision we make and we stand for what is best for the Association. This includes keeping our dues at a reasonable rate by raising or lowering the dues based on the financial fitness we find ourselves in year by year. Preparation for the 2017 Institute on September 6-8, 2017 at the Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop, Texas has begun. Bastrop is just outside of Austin, Texas. We will once again host a Wednesday seminar free of cost for those of you who can extend your stay for a day of additional education. We will also be celebrating 30 years of our CDOA program. If you are a CDOA, you will want to be there for the special honors we are planning. Plans are being made for a couple of new activities; a skeet shooting competition and river rafting and of course, our yearly golf tournament is in the works. This year we are hosting a combined President’s reception and Welcome reception for Wednesday evening. You won’t want to miss the Wednesday or Thursday evening events. Institute Registration will open as soon as our list of speakers and topics are finalized. Check out the NADOA website regularly for details as we add them. We are offering an Early Bird Registration fee this year of $595 for members. The regular member registration price is $625. Both prices include the Wednesday education classes. Sign up early for the best deal. We will be updating our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts more often to keep you in the know. Be sure to join our pages and be the first to know what NADOA is doing. I hope you all find value in your NADOA membership. For a fee of only $75 per year, you have access to free webinars, a quarterly digital newsmagazine with timely articles and news regarding our jobs and industry, a member based tuition to attend our regional seminars and the annual Institute and an opportunity for peer networking. Our website lists open employment opportunities for members as they are given to us. Please remember to visit NADOA.org to begin your membership or to renew. If you are renewing, be sure to click on your profile and confirm that your contact information is up-to-date. I hope to meet many of you this year in Bastrop, Texas at the 44th NADOA Annual Institute: “Back to Our Roots…Deep in the Heart of Texas”.


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