2017 Q1

Adding Employment Points to the new CDOA program

• You will then get a box with a zero and ok button. In the box put the number of months you worked in the past year. (ie. 12 months – 12), then click on OK.


• Login to your CDOA account

• Then you will enter your account. • You will see once you click on the previous year that your employment points have been added.

• Once in you will get the following screen – click on the gray circle.

Employment Months – just says how many months you worked in the selected year. Total Employment Credits – This is gives you the total employment credits you have received during the current recertification period.


G r o w t h T h r o u g h E d u c a t i o n - J a n u a r y / F e b r u a r y / M a r c h 2 0 1 7

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