Why Responsive Web Design?

As browsing habits have changed the way in which web developers have been required to support them has had to change too. At one stage it was common practice to build a fixed size desktop site and then build a second, companion, mobile site with some redirect code between the two sites. This allowed the visitor to be pushed to the size of site that was the best fit for the visitor’s screen. Unfortunately, whilst this immediately solved the device size problem it meant that the site owner had to both write and maintain two sets of content, two sets of images and two databases. This made life hard for site owners but also presented a problem for search engines because they now had to index two sites and determine which one to present in the search results list, depending on the device being used for the search. Responsive Web Design (RWD) solves all these problems by building websites using the latest coding techniques that allow websites to redesign and resize themselves based upon both the size and orientation of the device. So it now doesn’t matter if the visitor is on a pc, mac, laptop, tablet or phone, using it in landscape or portrait. The site will fit the screen perfectly and display the content in the order and manner that we have coded it for you. RWD gives you one site that fits all sizes - but behaves differently to create the perfect user experience on all devices.


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