Every site that we build uses “best practice” site design, content architecture and methods to ensure that every piece of content that you want to get a search engine ranking can be found and indexed. This includes:-

Optimisation of Page Titles

 

Optimisation of Meta Data / Descriptions /H1, H2, H3 Tags Alt Tag (image naming and description) & hyperlink optimisation 301 redirects to make sure all traffic from your old site is correctly transferred to your new site Canonical domain management so you can use multiple domains correctly robots.txt creation to make sure the spiders know how to index the site content

 404 error pages so that there are no dead ends which spiders dislike  Google friendly site maps in their preferred XML format SEO should never be considered as a one-time event and even though we do an excellent job at the time of build and launch this is day one of the lifetime of the site and the competitive environment changes regularly. We recommend the services of our SEO partners Vertical Leap to work with you on an ongoing basis. Dozens of our clients have enjoyed success with the services provided by Vertical Leap. Their content supply systems are integrated into our database systems to speed up and simplify content provision and changes. We are also very happy to cooperate and work with your own personally preferred SEO partners as we understand that quite often local relationships already exist and we make the sites that we build available to them to work on either with the CMS or via FTP at their preference. Every site comes complete with our specially constructed CMS. We’ve built this systemwith Estate and Lettings agents in mind knowing that there is a wide range of technical abilities from company to company, as well as different appetites for making changes to the site as some companies prefer us to do that for them. Our CMS allows any client to make changes to any piece of content they want and we can lock that down or open it up from as small as a paragraph on a page to every page throughout the site. Crucially the title, description and other Meta Data is also made available so that SEO companies can make tweaks to boost rankings. You can upload images, position them attractively in the text and add Alt Tags for SEO purposes. The biggest advantage and most used feature of the CMS is the ability to add News articles which then appear on the site in date order as a growing archive. Content Management System (CMS)

You can do all this without recourse to us and at no additional cost.


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