Excellence Program Closure

Government Affairs and Security Leadership Program2019

The Excellence Program Closure and Presentations

The GA and Security Leadership Program – The Journey

In April 2016, after a series of consultations with Mr Sulaiman Al Thunayan, the Leadership Team from GA and Security and the HR L&D Partner, the concept of the GA and Security Leadership Program was born.

The overall aim of the program was and still is to build internal people-management and leadership skills and capability across both departments. Since 2016, the program has provided a series of programs, workshops and development activities for colleagues in people leader roles. The whole program is underpinned by the philosophy of ‘Leading Customer and Performance Excellence’ Our theme for 2018/19 was ‘ Excellence ’ and this began with an evaluation exercise to gauge our progress since 2016. We engaged various leaders in both departments in a series of meetings and focus groups which helped us create a framework of Key Strengths for People Leaders. Using these key strengths the 2019 Excellence Program was designed and included the following development elements;

Communicating Excellence Workshop

TMSDI psychometric completion

Personal Development Plan Workshop

30-Minute Coaching Plan Sessions

Leadership Excellence Workshop

Development Center

Leading Customer and Performance Excellence

Leadership is at the core of GA and Security excellence

The People Leader at the Centre

GA and Security Mission and Vision

Leadership Key Strengths

Three Strategic Pillars

The leadership key strengths are the foundations of delivery for the Government Affairs and Security Mission, Vision and Strategic Pillars.

Your responsibility is to be a leader of Excellence!

Government Affairs and Security Our Key Strengths for People Leaders

Uses Judgement •You take a risk based approach to decision making – weighing up all the information and choosing the best way forward • You learn from mistakes • You stop and think –’what’s the right thing to do?’

Delivers Excellence •You set the team objectives to move towards the excellence vision •You make sure the processes are right and consistently followed •You are always looking for how to improve things and make them happen • You make great plans so great things can be delivered

Puts Customers First • You treat customers like you would your own family •You always ask, ‘How can I best help?’ •When you say no, you explain why and what you can do •You smile and are always respectful

Leads people •You give your team a clear sense of direction • You help everyone grow and learn • You set clear boundaries so your team know what is expected of them • You give great feedback, even when its difficult, and say thank you

Leading Customer and Performance Excellence

Excellence ProgramClosure Event – 9 th September On Monday 9 th September our HR Partner James Tulley opened and welcomed Mr Sulaiman and Mr Nabeel to the event. Ruth Bourne (senior consultant from t-three) presented on overview of the ‘Excellence’ program and then introduced three colleagues who presented their key insights and learning.

Mohammed Anwar

Emad Bakr

Tariq Al-Ghamdi

Excellence ProgramClosure Event – 9 th September

Each participant presented Mr Sulaiman with individually prepared Route Map for Excellence and development plan in exchange for the program certificate. The next steps will be putting our plans into action

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