Inside Cover A — July 12 -25, 2013 — Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal


VENDORS/FCF FOUNDATION COLLABORATE “Real Estate Managers for Families in Crisis Foundation recently made an Award of $10,000 to a local family,” announced FCF President Rita Vogt, “and although the Award is substantial, the family is in need of much more assistance. Their plight has to do with their house, which borders on the inhabitable. “ This single-parent family of four has been living without a functioning heater for the past six years and making do with a few space heaters. Just taking a shower is a big deal. Since the passing of the father in 2001, the mother has struggled to keep the family fed and clothed. However, she has a medical condition which prevents her from working outside the home, so there are no funds left at the end of each month with which to make house repairs or replacements. The family’s need was brought to the attention of FCF and after the family’s application was evaluated, FCF granted the Award. However, upon an inspection of the property, it was determined that more than the heating system was needed. A scope of work was formulated with an impressive list of repairs/replacements necessary to secure the property. A project team was formed and word went out to Friends of IREM and local vendors requesting they contribute some time, equipment and materials so the FCF Award could be stretched to cover more than the new heating system. Please see partial list of generous vendors who have made a commitment to date: ACADIAWindows & Doors American Furniture Rental Anthony Primolla, Tree Trimming AVCO Supply Inc. BP Environmental Services Inc. CIS Management Inc. CMQ Floor Covering Cohen and Willwerth, PC Lawn Connection Inc. Multi-Housing Depot by ARI PC Cooper Roofing Realty Landscaping Warrell Construction An impressive list to be sure and truly wonderful what these vendors are doing to help this family. But this project requires more. Still needed are gutters & downspouts, cabinetry, paint and painters, a plumber and electrician, and volunteer man-hours to “get it done.” Please consider what you can do to be a part of this great effort to help a family, who did not believe that anyone cared about them. Guaranteed there is nothing more rewarding in life than helping someone else, making their life a little better, or showing someone you care! Real Estate Managers for Families in Crisis Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer group of real estate professionals. There are no salaries and 99% of contributions go directly to families in need. To join our project team as a “contributor”, please contact any one of the following: Rita Vogt at rita.vogt@verizon.net, Heather Kamasa at hkamasa@acadiawindows.com or Harry Bagot at hbagot@gmail.com. Visit Families in Crisis Foundation at: www.familiesincrisisfoundation.org

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