901Attorney December 2019

Celebrating the End of 2019 And the Start of the New Year

This month, I’d like to introduce Russell Jordan, a fantastic attorney who recently joined my team. I’ve known Russell for a number of years, and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to be working with him. –David McLaughlin I’ve known David for quite a few years now. Before I joined the 901 Attorneys team, David and I were frequent adversaries and faced off against one another in different cases, but now we’ve teamed up to fight on the same side. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with David, where we can use our collective backgrounds together and give our all for the people who need our help most. While much of my previous work focused on defense, I also did some plaintiff personal injury work, which I really enjoyed. Now, here with 901 Attorneys, I have the chance to focus specifically on this area of work. This transition for me was extremely satisfying. Instead of helping corporations and companies, I get to help the people they have injured, who need the most help while they attempt to navigate the complex litigation process that lies ahead of them. With the end of the year approaching, I can’t help but feel grateful and happy to be embarking on this new adventure with David. I’m also very excited about the end of 2019 as the holiday season approaches. I can’t wait to close out the year with a few annual Christmas traditions.

My wife, Hillary, is very big on keeping Christmas traditions fresh and fun in our home. One of the things the kids love most is counting down the days to Christmas with a chocolate Advent calendar. The entire family also enjoys choosing a live Christmas tree and decorating it together before the big day so it can last throughout the holiday. On Christmas Eve, the kids, Hillary, and I have dinner with family, and then on Christmas Day, the whole family gets together for a family brunch and to share what Santa brought. Then we head over to my aunt and uncle’s place for Christmas dinner. It’s always so good to see everyone and celebrate Christmas together. One of the most satisfying things we do during the holiday season is help some of the families in the community who are less fortunate. A

group of friends and I put on an event every year called the Santa Claus Caravan, where we get together and gather gifts. In the first part of December, we advertise, donate, and encourage the community to donate toys, clothes, or any other gifts to help kids have the best Christmas experience. Then, we have a huge wrapping party and wrap all the donated gifts. The weekend before Dec. 25, we deliver the gifts to the kids or their parents. It’s always so amazing to see how much the community gives and how the kids’ eyes light up when they see their presents. I’m grateful for this year and for what lies ahead in 2020. With my wonderful family, fantastic coworkers, and a fulfilling role helping people find peace of mind, I’m looking forward to what the year brings. –Russell Jordan

“I can’t wait to close out the year with a few annual Christmas traditions.”

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