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one of the episodes. If you have, thanks for taking the time to do that.

This was one of the first goals I set for myself in my year of taking massive action. When I picked this goal, I had a lot of work to do because this was a new foray for me. So I worked with a team to get started, and I dove in. I didn’t have a study at home and needed somewhere quiet to record, so I called a contractor and converted a room for my office. I began recording episodes and connecting with awesome business owners and entrepreneurs for interviews. I’ve met some incredible people. These conversations not only got the word out, but I've also found that they continue to inspire me and fuel my love for what I do. My work has always been about relationships, both with my clients and with my team, which helps me strengthen and secure business-partner relationships for other small business owners. Talking to other entrepreneurs for the podcast has been illuminating. It’s brought home the power of relationships. When we go to one another for insight or bounce ideas off another person who’s been in the same boat, we can learn so much more than we would alone. It’s tempting sometimes as entrepreneurs to shut ourselves off from everyone and work alone. Granted, there are times when you need to do that to get things done. But I also encourage you to reach out and connect with other people in your industry and community. Heck — people who aren’t in your industry can provide so much insight too. Getting that outside perspective is invaluable. People who’ve had different experiences can bring a new solution to a challenge you’re facing or identify a gaping hole in your marketing plan that you wouldn’t have noticed on your own. We can’t do everything, but I know it’s tempting to try sometimes. Pick out something that only you can do, and do it well. Take massive action on it, and see where that gets you in the next six months. I’d love to hear about your journey. – Scott


I ’ve shared with you my belief in taking massive action. In fact, it’s been my theme this year. Reading Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule” (only about 10 years behind everyone else) was kind of life changing for me. My takeaway? Instead of baby steps, I need to take massive action. Looking back over the past several months, this shift has helped me be so much more productive. I’ve found that if I use an incremental-success formula, I fall off and don’t see my goals through. I get distracted. But when I pick two or three things I want to take action on, I can focus. More than three, and it’s overwhelming. Even if you just pick one thing, this approach is still effective, and you’ll still see amazing results. Think about it — if you pick one goal a month to focus on, that’s 12 major goals you’ll achieve that year! That’s more than you’ve ever done before, I’d bet. And seeing these goals through? That satisfaction is immeasurable.

One example of taking massive action this year for me has been starting a podcast. Maybe you’ve listened to

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