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March, 2018

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Getting Started

• LO Creation of Partner Account

Realtor Actions

• Invitation • Account Creation Realtor Account and Dashboard • Updating Account Info

• View of App and Dashboard • What Information Does the Realtor Receive?

Getting Started

LO Creation of Account • This can be done from both the dashboard and the mobile app. The steps are the same for both.

Name Email Mobile Number Notification Settings

Personalize the App

Add Buttons

Text the App

Realtor Actions

Text Message


Download the App From the App Store or Google Play

Setting up the App

Make Sure to Enter the Email Address Used to Set up the App

Choose Get Started

Verification Code

Choose how to receive the code

Enter the code

Finalize the Setup

Enter your name and allow notifications DON’T FORGET TO CREATE A PASSWORD!!!

Realtor Account

Realtor Partners can be the Primary or Secondary contact in the app.

As the Primary Contact in the app, your logo will show at the top and your information will be above the Secondary Contact. Your buttons will also be listed first. As the Secondary Contact in the app, your information will show under the Primary Contact. Your logo will not show until someone clicks on your picture, and your buttons will show at the bottom of the list.

Digital Business Card

When a person clicks on your picture in the app, it will open your Digital Business Card with all of your own link buttons and contact information.

When they click on the CONTACT button, they will have the option to call, text, email, or visit your website.

Online Dashboard

Once you log into the dashboard, this is what you will see. Click on Edit Profile to update your information.

Update your digital business card, license info, bio, and web links here.

The Account tab allows you to change your password. That is the only function of this tab.

The App Users tab allows you to see each client that the Loan Officer chooses to co-brand with you. This includes anyone that you share the app with.

The Loans tab allows you to see similar information to the App Users tab. It also allows you to see all loan specific information. You can also see the specific milestones that the loan is in as it progresses.

The Doc Inbox tab allows you to see all document uploads from borrowers that are not already tied to a loan, or documents that you upload yourself.

The Share App tab allows you to text or email your co-branded app to prospective clients.

The Stats tab allows you to see information about who is using your app, what calculations they have run…

…and document uploads that have been submitted.

App Interface

Home Page

Home Page of the App

Next, we will talk about the tabs at the bottom of the app.

Calculator Tab

There are 3 different calculators that you and your clients can use. You can also save calculations to pull back up at a later time.

All loan types are available to choose from.

The calculator format is easy to use. You can use the scroll dot, or you can type in each field for more specific calculations.

From the results page, you can… Save the calculation. Email the PDF.

View the amortization. Even get pre-qualified!

You can view the amortization as…

A table.

And a chart!

Document Scanner

The document scanner makes sending in documents fast and easy. Plus, they are sent secure and encrypted to the Loan Officer.

First, you name the document and then you take the picture.

Then, you crop the image and edit for clarity.

You can send in multiple pages as the same document, or send just the one page and move on.

If the realtor or the loan officer are scanning the document for the client, they must choose where to send it. It can be connected with a contact, or sent directly to the document inbox where it can be downloaded or attached to a contact / loan from there.

Contacts Tab

In the Contacts tab you can see your LO and all of the borrowers that you are working together with. You will see the contact information for the LO, and the loan information and contact information for each borrower.

Here are the options seen when clicking on the borrower name.

Loans Tab

The Loans Tab is very similar to the Contacts Tab in that you can see the loan information and the borrower information in the same place.

Here is the view after clicking on the loan information.

Who to Contact? General Questions

Thank you! We hope that you enjoy this mobile app, and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Company NMLS: 227262 Additional terms and conditions apply. DAS Acquisition Company, LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by any government entity or agency, including USDA, HUD or VA. Headquarters: 12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive, Suite 150, St. Louis, Missouri 63141, Toll Free: (888) 250-6522. For complete licensing information visit

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